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  1. I'm anything but disappointed, if we had brought in another 5 or 6 players on top of what we had I feel we would have missed the best opportunity our great club has had in years to give some youth a chance. What we have should be more than good enough to get back to the top. Good youth mixed with good experience has to be the way forward. Whether Ally planned it that way is neither here nor there. It's what we have and in my opinion is the best way forward.
  2. I might be wrong but I think they were hoping to keep our top players because of their value. If we just get rid of them we lose a lot of our value. Worrying times
  3. I'm saying ruptured again, I can't even remember if that was what he had before. Anybody know?
  4. Really hope it isn't his ACL that's gone. That's what it looked like. Was it not Naismith who got stamped in the cup a couple of years back and when he carried on a few minutes later his knee went? This seemed exactly the same. You would really fear for the lad if it's ruptured again. Hopefully we get good news on this. He has been fantastic for us this season.
  5. While I'm not 100 percent sure if McCoist was his preferred manager I can't believe that he will want him to fail. However, from what I have seen so far I don't think he would be shy in sacking McCoist if and that's a big if , results and performances are poor come Christmas time. As long as it looks like we are heading the right way I'm sure Ally will get a fair go at it.
  6. I thought the 1-0 defeat away to Hearts we played really well and if we had our shooting boots on would have hammered them. The other performances I agree. While I dont think its completely their fault you have to remember that Ness was realtively new into the team and still finding his way. The point is that if the midfield is poor, static, unable to hold onto the ball , find space , Pick out a good pass etc it just encourages or central defenders or left and right back to pump it up the field. Central midfield has been a problem for a few years now and needs sorting.
  7. You can start by giving us a good performance for the first time this season Steven. A strange player Whittaker, he goes from awful to brilliant and back to awful more times than any player I can remember at Rangers. Obviously confidence is a huge part of his game.
  8. I dont think Jeffries would add anything to our club other than another wage.
  9. Whittaker will know he has screwed up. Given that he is what I would call a confidence player booing him would be a complete waste of time and only make the game we are playing in more difficult. So, I hope not.
  10. The manager deserves time - like all new managers do. The only thing that concerns me is that he is trying to do exactly as Walter Smith did. Now, I realise that Walter was extremely successful for us but I dont believe Ally is good enough yet to get out of the players what Walter Smith did. I believe, as was said in an earlier post that Ally will need new ideas to carry on the success of the previous manager. He could start by realising that McCulloch and Edu together in the middle dont work. Neither are good enough to control a midfield. In all honesty would anyone on here pick those 2 as our best centre midfield partnership? He needs time but I would think if we are playing poorly in 6 months time with the above 2 in the centre of the park questions will have to be asked. It is now up to Ally McCoist to try and bring in the players he wants with the hopeful support of Craig Whyte and be the manager he wants to be. A successful one for the Rangers. Its what we all want.
  11. http://www.rangers.co.uk/articles/20110804/craig-whyte-statement_2254024_2410309 Close if already posted, just logged in and never seen it.
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