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  1. Its the most frustrating part of our game at the moment Minstral, we make the simple things look difficult. I have said before that I think the lack of movement from our team drastically cuts down the options our players on the ball have and our passing is suffering. It was great to get through last night but hopefully we will improve. I genuinely think we are better than what we have shown recently.
  2. Why should we, we have seen our team deteriorate rapidly, our performances have been awful and despite repeated warnings it appears that the management team are either not seeing the problems or, and this is more worrying should McCoist be the boss next year, are unable to change it.
  3. 4-5-1 is fine if you have the players and tactics to use it properly. We don't at the moment because our midfield can't make simple passes and hold onto the ball.
  4. I don't think it's as simple as missing a hard tackling midfielder. Our midfield in general lacks basic ball retention skills, passing and movement. Edu is a nightmare at the moment, I actually think he is getting worse. Davis has been terrible bar the odd brief glimpse of what he can do. Our left and right back are offering no support at all to the midfield either which is limiting what we are doing to hopeful punts up the middle. I actually don't blame the forwards that much as they have to feed off nothing. I'd love to see what gets worked on in training. It's a joke
  5. davyh27


    Im not sure I agree with that mate. Player for player in the middle of the park we are still ahead of all other teams, yet we continue to give up posession and happily let teams control the tempo of games. Its more than just them that have outplayed us in that area. We have managed to dig in with wins but we have played pretty poorly.
  6. davyh27


    Yeah , I know , its always easy to say the players "have no fight" or "dont know what it means to play for the Rangers" etc but the manager should not be immune to criticism or questioning when we are playing badly just because of past achievements. I've never really bought the argument that players dont work or try hard enough, Smith is at the top in charge of what these guys do. The buck stops with him.
  7. Thats true mate, but the way we are currently playing means that list may dwindle fast.
  8. davyh27


    We shot ourselves in the foot big time, but for all the success Smith has had since he came back it has always baffled me the way we play. His tactics in Europe are understandable to a certain degree. With our squad it is hard to imagine us outplaying a lot of the Champions league teams but to play the way we do in the SPL is not acceptable. Game after game this season ( despite wins ) we have given up posession to lesser teams. Regardless of squad size we have the players in my opinion to outplay everyone in this league but we seem so drilled into this sitting off and trying to break routine
  9. Yeah, one of many these days sadly, For me its the midfield that has really struggled this season. Worse teams than them have outplayed us in the middle. Poor
  10. There is no excuse for that second half, rotten, absolutely rotten. Why take off Jelavic and Diouf!! Best 2 players we had. Midfield is horrible at holding onto the ball and making passes. Naismith was just stupid. Edu has not had a decent game in ages. I hope most of the players are getting a hammering just now from the manager but he should get one himself. Pathetic. Only plus points were the Ness goal and Diouf's performance , Jelavic also did well apart from his ball into Davis.
  11. Fleck really pushed his case there eh?! A win is a win but there are massive issues with our play at the moment
  12. Why take Jelavic off, if Motherwell had scored that we would have struggled!!
  13. Still think we should put Weiss on now. Especially as they push on
  14. Thank fuck Naismith wasn't hooked, good play Jelavic ha ha
  15. Naismith is shattered by the looks of it, get him off and Weiss on
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