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Anyone think we should start a SOTM ... i know there used to be one and now that they have sigblocks fot TOTW and POTW in Bears' Den and The Off-Topic , i think we should have a similar thing for sigs in the D&G (tu)

Thoughts ?

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Done these ... i think they're quite smart (tu)

Changed the colour system slightly :

1-2 :


3-4 :


5-6 :


7-8 :


9-10 :


10 +


So , what do you all think ... can i start this up ? :D

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Really shockingly bad at doing sigbars :lol:

Jama , could you do some in the same colour scheme as the sigblocks ( make the bg that colour)

I quite like the look of your sigbar so that style would be good :D

Cheers if you can do it (tu)

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Can i start this up then ? :unsure:

Heres what (if it goes ahead) basically would happen :

Every month me and possibly a couple of others will choose a certain number of sigs to be nominated (round about 5).

I would create a poll with a number for each of the options , in the post below i would show each sig and its corresponding number.

After 1 week , the poll would be closed and the winner would be awarded the sigblock :D

so ... Should i start it this month or what :unsure:

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I've selected 7 nominations ... obviously that could change over the week but just to give you a rough idea of how many options there will be (tu)

I'll run it by The Design Team first ... in the interest of fairness ;)

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