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  1. Jason Cummings

    I hope the reaction to Saturday's events is that we refuse to fund any Scottish clubs by signing players from them where any sort of fee or compensation would be paid. The only pressure we can bring to bear to ensure parity in the treatment of our club is to start hurting the other clubs and the SFA financially.
  2. Police were unprepared on Saturday.

    And yet, their own assessment of their performance on Saturday? They'll be asking to borrow that huge brush that South Yorkshire police used to do their sweeping.

    It's an SFA matter and neither UEFA nor FIFA will give a shit and nor should they. Hivs won the right to get gubbed in some European qualifying rounds and should be left to get on with it. It's none of our business. Rangers just need to continue to pressure the SFA and keep them on the hook for their failures and for the behaviour of the hivs fans. Anything beyond that is nonsense.
  4. Rangers FC statement

    Woah mate. Too far. Let's not over-react. Even in a world of brilliant board statements, there's surely still room for tits?
  5. Ryan Hardie Next Season?

    Hardie is going to succeed somewhere and I hope it is at Rangers but he needs to start showing it with us next year. I hope he stays and gets on from the bench and some cup starts to build up his experience. I know Warburton views loans differently to many other managers but I think if Hardie goes out next season he'll likely be done with us.
  6. So I was putting together some highlights from the Rangers YouTube channel for a friend of mine and was enjoying the goals so much, I just edited them all into a wee package of videos that I thought I would share. There is no high standard of editing or anything but hopefully they're good for some entertainment before the Cup Final. There are 6 videos and 127 goals in total.
  7. Frank McParland - Genius?

    I've changed O'Halloran's first names to George Edward Henry. Good Royal names G E H O'Halloran. By coincidence, it's also an anagram of Oh, Orange Hall.
  8. Did Zenit Cheat ?

    Sectarian spelling. Rumbled.