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  1. Seems to like to hit the ball early and with little back-lift, which is usually a good sign.
  2. Barton fair likes a challenge. Never knew he was so fucking good at it though.
  3. Miller did a great job for us in the second half of last season but I haven't seen anything from him in the League Cup games to justify him keeping the jersey in the League and it's been more of the same today. O'Halloran has shown considerable potential in the run-outs he has had and I think it's time to trust him with a jersey. I'm hoping Kranjcar is still short of fitness because he looks 2 or 3 yards off the pace.
  4. We're too pedestrian in the middle. Krancjar, Halliday and Miller are facing the wrong way too often.
  5. Kiernan thought he was Big Amo for a moment there.
  6. I'm going to make a DVD called "The First Touches of Barrie McKay." It's going to be the sexiest fucking DVD ever seen.
  7. To be fair to hivs, looking at their normal crowd numbers, it's clear that about 12,000 of their "fans" that day had never been to a game before so they probably had no idea that the big green rectangle thing was the pitch and not the exit. Poor wee junkies were just a bit confused and like confused mongs everywhere, just lashed out in frustration.
  8. Why do so many people seem to care what fans of other teams think about opinions expressed about Rangers by Ranger's fans on a Ranger's forum? If we want to revel in an atmosphere of "arrogance", optimism or downright paranoia and misery, it's none of their fucking business and they're a sorry shower if shite if they're even on here reading it. If I was sad enough to waste my time reading their forums, I would fully expect them to be bigging themselves up, talking up their chances of winning league titles or cups, depending on the level of the club. It's what you do when you're among your own. For those who prefer realism over optimism; great, give us your honest assessment but don't berate the optimistic amongst us because you're worried about how it will be perceived amongst those we already know hate us with a passion. Their opinion of us means fuck all. And if you're one of these sad-sacks who believes we're "tempting fate" or "jinxing it" just go and throw yourself in the river and don't bother coming up for air.
  9. Nothing has changed with Robertson. The SFA has 3 boards: The Board of Directors, the Professional Game Board and the non-Professional Game Board. Liewell was on the first 2 boards but has now resigned from them to become a director on the SPFL board. The Alloa chump is replacing him on The Board of Directors. Robertson is replacing him on The Professional Game Board.
  10. Why do they think Puma would consult with fan's groups? Afraid sos will turn up in Bavaria with a bed-sheet and some crayons?
  11. That statement should put this to bed but unfortunately it won't. Too many people too wound-up to let this go now.
  12. Me too. She's 8 years old and quite likes the name she's got but fuck it. Name changed. Favourite rumour since Le Guen and Schweinstiger. Just about as likely too.
  13. It seems amazing that Warburton doesn't just sign players with a lazy-journalist, one-dimensional talent but seems to find players who can do more than one thing. Who would of thunk it? When did these players become a thing in Scottish football? Defenders who can attack and attackers who can harrass and tackle the opposition? It'll never catch on. Watching Rossiter, Barton and Krancjar last night was like watching another mini-revolution in Scottish football. Two DMs with great vision and passing and an AM who can look after himself. This could end up as entertainment again.
  14. Big Trophies.