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  1. It seems amazing that Warburton doesn't just sign players with a lazy-journalist, one-dimensional talent but seems to find players who can do more than one thing. Who would of thunk it? When did these players become a thing in Scottish football? Defenders who can attack and attackers who can harrass and tackle the opposition? It'll never catch on. Watching Rossiter, Barton and Krancjar last night was like watching another mini-revolution in Scottish football. Two DMs with great vision and passing and an AM who can look after himself. This could end up as entertainment again.
  2. Big Trophies.
  3. Even Lewis Hamilton worships wee Barrie:
  4. Matchday threads in here are a killer. Best avoided most of the time. It's a pre-season training game and the team are in cruise control. The crowd are getting to see new players and some good play so not sure why anyone is moaning. We're going to be a good side this season.
  5. I've decided not to even fight it any more. I'm officially going 100% gay for wee Barrie and I don't care who knows it. Superb player.
  6. Would honestly have rather watched a 30 minute training game between 2 Rangers elevens. Pointless games in this group stage for our level. After winning the murderwell game, they should have just given us a bye to the next round.
  7. Haha. Actually, I'm watching on Bet365, so the free-kick had already been and gone when I posted.
  8. This is monumentally dull and, with Hill in there , we're not even having any exciting wee panics at the back to relieve the boredom.
  9. He occasionally suffers flashbacks where he thinks he's playing for hivs again. Has a terrible effect on his finishing.
  10. Thought that one might catch some attention. Got to have added at least 2 or 3 pages: "Needs to be bigger" "No it disnae, just needs a lick of paint" "Your mother needs a lick of paint" "Meccano-dome" "Taig!" "Gogzy, get in here" That should save some time. Now, Gogzy, get in here...............
  11. What the fuck has Ashley got to do with the club kit? We get the strips direct from Puma, we don't buy them from the fucking club shop. Pile of shite OP, poor effort. 1/10.
  12. Good news. Having some competition this season, and a more creative midfield, should give us an indication whether he has it in him to be a more stable right-back as well as the gung-ho one we saw last season. I actually reckon there's a decent defender in there somewhere too. He appears to be weak tactically rather in nuts and bolts defending.
  13. Sorry to jinx it fellas but this thread has finally turned good after a hundred odd pages. A whole series of interesting and informative posts. Now, where's all the RVP/Ings pish at? Need a tabloid fix............