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  1. Don't know what happened there. Didn't intend to quote anything. Anyway, while I'm here, Andy Walker's a cunt.
  2. We're totally dominating this as usual. The goal will come. Miller, Wallace and Kiernan have looked good to me. Midfield are stuttering a bit but it will come good. We are much, much better than Kilmarnock. No doubt about it.
  3. Fixed that for you. Matchday threads are the worst though.
  4. Wallace playing through balls for himself. What a captain
  5. We're not showing enough urgency in winning the ball back. We're just about OK when we've got it but we're showing them too much respect. They're mince: we need to remind them of that.
  6. Kiernan turns up the turbo.
  7. I'm quite surprised at the number of people expecting killie to score in this game. I just can't see it. I also don't see them coming out and having a go. 3-0 Rangers. Same starting line-up as Tuesday except Holt in for Zelalem.
  8. As most have said, it's too early. He needs to get match-fit before we can judge. The good thing is, he does seem to have been getting a little sharper game by game and he appears to have plenty of confidence.
  9. Kiernan and Wilson have been practicing their slow-motion replay running so they don't have to stop and wait for him.
  10. Aye, the difference being Warbs uses it as an excuse after we win for not winning with more style. Others may have used it before the game in expectation of everything going tits up.
  11. Strong enough to win the league?

    And are you suggesting that we give up easier chances than Killie, Ross County, Dundee Hivs, etc.? The top Premiership sides are showing that they are no more effective in front of goal than the teams we are playing this season, in most cases, they are actually worse. Using the one decent striker in that league as a reference point is nonsense.
  12. Strong enough to win the league?

    I don't know how you would back up that claim. Even Falkirk have a better conversion rate of goals per attempt than any Premiership club except Hertz.
  13. I think Wilson is fine playing in a solid back four. He showed it first time around with us and also last season with Hearts. He seems to be getting exposed this season because we almost play 2-5-3 in a lot of games and his lack of speed both on and off the ball gets shown up. I think he'll be fine even at Premiership level for a season or two but he might be a liability in Europe.
  14. Nicky Clark

    Souness kept those players because of the UEFA rules that we could only have 3 non-Scots in the squad for European games. A couple of them were good, solid pros and did give everything they had on match-day (your quoted examples of Nisbet and Munro were two of the best examples of that) but we also had our fair share of lazy-arsed Scottish mercenaries and fully committed non-Scots (Hurlock, Roberts, Hateley, etc.). I think the big difference now is the assessment criteria for our signings. Looking for young, talented, ambitious players, motivated by winning trophies and building a career rather than the quick buck, combined with the older pros who want to finish their playing careers with a few medals and maybe carry on in the game when they stop playing. Too often in the past, we signed someone on the fact that they were a "name" and would keep the fans happy in our game of one-upmanship with the beasts. Unfortunately, I think Clark fits into the first group but just doesn't have the talent.