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  1. Kacper Chorazka

    No disrespect to the OP but it might be nice to hijack this thread to replace that superb thread we had last summer where people can post the names of European players we will not be signing after we have not signed them. I miss that thread. I learned a lot of foreign names.
  2. May The Fourth Be With You

    Kenny still looks in good shape. Glad he's sticking around next season.
  3. Alan Hutton

    Think of it as a cry of anguish "why?" to cover all the "why?" possibilities. Like why would we be signing an overweight 31 year old on EPL wages whose contract has over a year to run? Why are we always linked with ex-players? Why has silly season started so early this year? Why would a player at the end of his career in the EPL want to be a bench-warmer in the SPL? Why do people post this silly Rangers-Rumours nonsense that has absolutely nothing to support it?
  4. Summer bids for our players

    I wouldn't expect Holt or Halliday next year to be at the same level as Holt and Halliday this year. They'll be better and the team will be better. You seem to be approaching this as though we don't develop or improve players. I'd argue that nearly all of the young guys brought in over the last 12 months are better now than they were when they joined. Most will continue to improve so it seems a bit hasty to be writing them off already.
  5. Alan Hutton

  6. Suggestions.

    Yep. PLG tried to get him on loan but his daddy wouldn't let him come to our poxy league, convinced he was the next Ibrahimovic. We really don't want a player whose name became a verb years before Hibs did.
  7. Ryan Gauld (Suggestion)

    I don't know if it was Sherwood but those two arseholes would deserve each other. Both more interested in their own egos than their teams or fans. But you're right, He is a complete knob. All the Benfica fans I know (which is actually quite a lot as my wife is from Lisbon) were glad to see the back of him.
  8. Doncaster at Ibrox

    That's worth the price of a season ticket on it's own, right there.
  9. Keech Jackson in talking shite shocker

    This x10. Keech is just stirring again. King is a shameless manipulator, and I'm not a fan of his, but as long as he supports Warburton to a level that Warburton is happy with then fine, as long as our reasonable ambitions are being met. If Warburton can do that efficiently through great scouting and coaching, on a fraction of past budgets, so much the better.
  10. Ryan Gauld (Suggestion)

    Gauld will have to leave Sporting with Jorge Jesus as manager. Jesus is from the Walter school of youth development. I honestly haven't seen him play enough to say whether we would want him ahead of Holt orHalliday, as I guess that is the standard he has to surpass to add quality.
  11. Looking for a retro shirt 1994/96

    I think you're dreaming to expect to get a reasonable one for that money. You'll struggle to get one for 3 or 4 times that much.
  12. Windass and Crooks goal stats

    There's so much Whooooooosh in this thread I'm getting a sore neck just watching everyone lean back. @Sket: put the rod away mate. It's almost cruelty now.
  13. Summer bids for our players

    This. A couple of English Championship clubs might have a sniff at McKay or Tavernier but that will be the limit of it until they perform in the Premiership.
  14. We hate them but respect must be shown to Hibs

    I'm confused by people who can't tell the difference between fans on a forum and the staff and players at the club, or even the fans at agame. If you can't big up your team, and take the piss out of the opposition, on a dedicated Rangers forum why be here? You might as well fuck off to Pie and Bovril or Scotzine and try and make pals with the lowlifes on there, attempting a fair and balanced discussion. It's like the numpties who go to a Hibs forum expecting to read polite praise for how good our team is. I expect them to be ripping into us. Oh, and Fuck Hibs.