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  1. I am kept awake at night wondering why you have not been headhunted by the Oxford English Dictionary as their next Chief Executive? You seem to know so many words that nobody else has ever heard of 😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀😀
  2. That was on a par with the video of the tim saying he was Roman catholic, "but I don't go to chapel, so I suppose I'm not Roman any more?". Fucking halfwits.
  3. Cumming was on a jolly - so outwith the control of his employer - just like our players. Ferrier was travelling for work after contracting covid, so different scenario and not like our case at all.
  4. Apparently Nicky Law wore a Rangers top, but he's been missing longer than Madeline Mccann so nobody can confirm either way.
  5. Had to take the dog for a decent walk tonight to calm down after that :-) Antwerp had 8 first team players out through injury or suspension. They lost at least another three tonight. We changed five players, suspended another 3 of the 1st team squad (justifiably) and found out late on that 2 of our very best (Kent and Jack) were on the bench with small niggles. Fuck knows how many will be out injured v Dundee Utd at the weekend? We picked up four yellow cards. They got one and a red. We lost our captain. They lost their keeper. VAR benefited both sides at different times. 23 shots in tota
  6. Kamara been our best player so far IMO? Would have been my last choice to come off. Can see a full youth team playing Dundee Utd with all the injuries picked up tonight! Very different tackling to what we are used to at home.
  7. Getting back on topic.... 1) I know a guy who buried one in the concrete when the new piggery was being built. 2) I got given 2 free tickets for a midweek of game a few years ago from a supplier - but they were for their end. I still went (oh the stench!), but had my Rangers top under my jacket.
  8. Would need to get her sprayed down at the dry dock with a couple of 10,000 litre paint tankers :-)
  9. Plenty good hard tackles from both sides, but Aribo getting bundled off the ball too easily. Just know Kent would have been the opposite in the same situation.
  10. Nicky Walker - shortbread king Goram - fleecing bears for appearance money then not showing Baxter, Novo, Kai Johansen and many others - running pubs Ian Black - still a cunt Ally Dawson - street soccer for the homeless Peter McLoy - starter at Turnberry golf course
  11. What gives you the right to dictate to anyone else what they should do? That's how Hitler started - a wee bit of power and it went straight to his head. Think on!
  12. Private charter flight left Glasgow yesterday lunchtime for Brussels. Presumed this was us?
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