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  1. We are going through some refurb works at our stadium. We always had a players lounge. They see their new lounge as the answer to bringing the team together. Big difference.
  2. The OG was unfortunate. In the first half they wasted at least three really good shots into Row Z - all of which could have had a different outcome any other day. In my opinion it was a 50-50 game and a fair result, but a bastard to blow away a 2 goal lead like that. Great game for a neutral.
  3. What tickets? You honestly think we'll get into an away ground any time at all this season? I don't.
  4. Let's hope it's all season long :-) Big dilema for Stevie Clarke if they approach him with loadsamoney?
  5. And...... What happens next year if we are another £20m down the hole, or £30m or £40m .............?
  6. Am self employed and went seven months without a penny of income. No assistance because my home address is also my business address. During that time, I paid this years ticket knowing full well there was a very high chance of getting fuck all in return. RTV could be purchased for a fraction of what my ticket cost. In that time, our team has progressed well. But.........the club has had reduced income from hospitality and matchday sales. They have continued to spend outwith their income. Punters are not responsible for that shortfall. Meanwhile - every single player is still getting p
  7. Headline aside, it's a very well balanced article. 2012 was bad - but this is in the past. 2014 is different altogether though. This division is the direct result of the SNP splitting our country. The division is so deep, I cannot say I think I'll see Scottish unity in my life. Thank you Salmond. Thank you Sturgeon. This is your doing. Pair of cunts.
  8. Enjoying this thread. A few things I have, not in any order: • My grandfather's autograph book from the 1920's and 30s - Alan Morton, Meiklejohn, Woodburn, McPhail etc. Has Sam English and John Thomson on adjacent pages. Thomson only ever played twice at Ibrox and died in the second game. Same book also has Oliver Hardy and boxer Jack London's signatures. • Playing for Rangers book from the 70's signed by the full team in 1976. Ally Dawson's dad was our BB leader. I kept pestering him to get it signed for me and he came up trumps. The only signature missing was DJ, so got h
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