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  1. Scored 2 against Dumbarton in one game, not sure he scored after that?
  2. What I've taken from the first half. Aberdeen aren't as good as they seem to think they are. We need to take our chances. Garner needs to calm the fuck down
  3. When was the punch was that when Holt hit the shot that looked over? This prick forgot to record the game so I'm trying to recall through my adrenaline fuelled drunken memories
  4. Naw really?
  5. Are you genuinely asking who he is or...?
  6. When we were in League One a wee guy about 12 from the Blue Order or UB managed to go round the back and get in the Forfar end, nobody was any the wiser till he started conducting the Sash
  7. For all it was some laugh and added to the atmosphere, all it's really done is made the mediocre prick feel relevant
  8. St Mirren in the Petrofac? Looked like Holt was miles offside, just perfect timing
  9. Looked like someone other than the old boy pushed him from behind, there's definitely more to it.
  10. Their fans have been bitter wee bastards since we came down to the lower leagues, not how I remember them from the SPL. When I say "wee bastards", they're just kids wearing Stone Island and Fred Perry, bark is worse than their bite.
  11. Can't tell if you're being serious, there is one line of the Billy Boys that's seen as illegal, and I'm sure the United fans don't sing it
  12. The best one was just before Halliday's red they tried to get behind their team despite just going 2 down and we just ripped the cunt right out them
  13. Thought it was hilarious, they'd just gone 3-1 down, tried to get behind their team and we just ripped the cunt out them till they stopped doing it
  14. Anyone got a video of us joining in with Hibs shitey wee drum thing started just before Halliday's red card, I missed the red card because of it, near enough the whole stadium ended up doing it!
  15. I'd rather he didn't like us in all honesty. A complete and utter cunt of a man.