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  1. More trouble with away fans

    Looked like someone other than the old boy pushed him from behind, there's definitely more to it. 
  2. More trouble with away fans

    Their fans have been bitter wee bastards since we came down to the lower leagues, not how I remember them from the SPL. When I say "wee bastards", they're just kids wearing Stone Island and Fred Perry, bark is worse than their bite. 
  3. More trouble with away fans

    Can't tell if you're being serious, there is one line of the Billy Boys that's seen as illegal, and I'm sure the United fans don't sing it
  4. The best one was just before Halliday's red they tried to get behind their team despite just going 2 down and we just ripped the cunt right out them
  5. Hibs Drum Chant

    Thought it was hilarious, they'd just gone 3-1 down, tried to get behind their team and we just ripped the cunt out them till they stopped doing it
  6. Hibs Drum Chant

    Anyone got a video of us joining in with Hibs shitey wee drum thing started just before Halliday's red card, I missed the red card because of it, near enough the whole stadium ended up doing it!
  7. Stan Collymore

    I'd rather he didn't like us in all honesty. A complete and utter cunt of a man.
  8. Ever Played Against A Rangers Player

    Guessing you were/are with Morton? Was that the game Hawke scored?
  9. Love These Videos.

    Did Tav put on a Scottish accent?
  10. Rest In Peace, Arnold Peralta.

    Searched his name when I heard the news to make sure it was true, saw the picture didn't I? Anyway, RIP Arnie, not such a great spell at our club but you've done something most of us can only dream of.
  11. Rangers Alarm Clock

    I had one, the sound quality was awful and the doors opening were louder than the music
  12. Our Goal Keeper

    Get a grip, obviously it wasn't Wes Foderingham's boyhood dream to sign for Rangers
  13. Greatest Debuts?

    Can think of a few from Hibs away this season!
  14. Could The Pitch Be Wider?

    That idea can fuck off, I sit in the Sandy Jardine Stand partly because I don't want to sit behind the goals! Otherwise a sound plan, can't see why not!
  15. ***official Livingston V Rangers Match Thread*** I'm using this but in full screen you can hardly make out fuck all