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  1. I literally sit beside the away fans, "we" was our fans as a collective. Just saying what I saw.
  2. I wouldn't hit anyone over football unless hit first to be honest, but that's just me. Also, not wanting anyone lifted just highlighting the double standards, we don't even have to do anything and we're accused of all sorts.
  3. When we scored our second we went to the segregation, as you would to a set of fans that have been winding ye up for the last 15 minutes or so, a guy about 35ish in their end threw a good few punches at a 20 or so year old Rangers fan. Regardless of age (it's irrelevant) this was in plain view of a policeman. Bet this comment is the last you'll hear of it though.
  4. I'm sure there's a 16 year age limit, not up to him that parents can't keep their kids off twitter. Don't necessarily agree with players swearing though, not very professional.
  5. Nah he made his debut in the 3rd Division near the end of the season
  6. Templeton scored 2 on his debut against Elgin too, first one had outstanding composure in the box, whole stadium singing his name and that. Honestly feel sorry for him, injuries totally fucked him.
  7. Vlad only set up one of the goals that game, the second one, first was Beattie (hahaha) third was Davis
  8. What about the wee cunt pretending he was injured then springing up to his feet like a whippet as soon as the ball came to him? Surely that's feigning injury?
  9. There was a cunt that was ages with my dad trying to get me outside hahaha I was like fucking grow up every time he got angry and started on me I laughed at him and he didn't like it at all
  10. Aye that was some laugh in SJ1 with the Watt song haha everytime they fucked up, regardless of if it was him or not "Tony, Tony Waaaaaaatt, Tony, Tony WAAAATT"
  11. I canny hear the commentators for Partick fans singing "there's only two Glasgow Rangers" ad nauseum
  12. Sang about us for 90 minutes then tried to fight with us outside. Aye brilliant support. I thought Dundee United were bitter cunts. They outdone them yesterday.
  13. Scored 2 against Dumbarton in one game, not sure he scored after that?
  14. What I've taken from the first half. Aberdeen aren't as good as they seem to think they are. We need to take our chances. Garner needs to calm the fuck down
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