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  1. McCall said: "We only told Ryan at lunchtime that he was playing, we showed him the areas of the park we wanted him to get into and that's where his first goal came from. From Sky News
  2. Hope the wee guys next sh**e is a hedgehog.
  3. One Hibs supporter in particular should have been ejected from the stadium for this: Our fans were brilliant!
  4. Stop getting your family to post on here Billy.
  5. Dave King: "The club must also take this opportunity to rebuild relationships with the football community in Scotland. This will be to the benefit of the club and Scottish football as a whole." Dave King: "For Rangers to become the second-top club in Scotland should be achieved at fairly short notice. But there is a very substantial gap between Rangers and Celtic at the moment". Paul Murray:" I'd like to thank the Daily Record for its courageous journalism over the past four years". SACK THE BOARD !!!
  6. What about something that will get the fans involved right from the start. Try this.
  7. I think after watching this video, wee Davies would be my first choice. The wee guy works a 75 hour week and is probably the most dedicated hard working manager around.
  8. With Bonnie Tyler in charge, the only song that mhob will be singing this season is, It's a heartache.
  9. P45 for Broxi.
  10. Well said Gillete, my sentiments exactly. Look carefully at my profile logo. I've been saying the same thing since day one. All Rangers fans should never forget the shameful treatment of our club. Although I back the current board, I wish they would stand up for us and themselves a bit more.
  11. Prso, Jelavic.
  12. Flabbergasted The Rhebel would print this.
  13. Will they go back to playing with a brown baw?
  14. Out of all the stadiums in the UK they pick Ibrox. After the Ibrox aerial shot they cut to a team playing in blue with a banner behind them that says disrespectful on it. Can you imagine an aerial shot of the piggery and then a shot of a team playing in green with a guy holding a banner that says disrespectful on it? The mhob would have lawyers onto it in a flash. A cheap shot at Rangers to try and tarnish their reputation even further.