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  1. there is some amount of spam on the site since the fix.
  2. Sandy Clark was shite
  3. http://www.rangerspedia.org/index.php/The_Treble_Years
  4. I think its to do with the memory on the page.can admin increase the memory?
  5. is there any way of getting the list of players from m to z?
  6. the amount of spam is unbelievable. can you remove it? if not good luck with the site.
  7. ok i'll split pages. can you remove spam again please?
  8. tried to put Ian Black onto page A to L page however would not let me save it as it was a "fatal error". probably not enough memory for the page. can this be fixed or are we looking at splitting the pages from 2 (A to L and M to Z) into 3/4 pages?
  9. fog, quite a few spammers on now,they seem to register then fill in their user details. can you remove them?
  10. still more spammers DfdGgd620
  11. more spammers Xvmqxfgtri
  12. Jasmine 7 Fog, think this user is a spammer.can you remove.
  13. two Tom/Tam Forsyth pages. which one do we keep? Tom Forsyth or Tam Forsyth in A to L it's Tam.
  14. Fog can you fix this page? Players M TO Z Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 33554432 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 436009 bytes) in /opt/home/rangersm/public_html/wiki/includes/parser/Parser.php on line 404
  15. Fog, some spam on site.can you remove?