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  1. Does the tartan rug come with the scarf as part of the deal?
  2. Just watched the 2 of them, very good tbh, looking forward to no.3 👍
  3. Good article, hard to believe the boy is only 24 years old, I suppose that would explain his petulance at times. Hopefully we can hold on to home for CL duty.
  4. Without checking I’m not sure how much we paid for him tbh, but the recruitment team have an eye for a player. Both him and Kamara played against us and were promptly signed, both have turned out to be excellent acquisitions. The boy would cost dearly to replace for sure.
  5. What I do like about SG is he always tells it as it was, he’ll defend players when required, but he’ll also not try and bluff us after a poor performance. We move on collectively, this time next week I’m confident we’ll all be in a better frame of mind. Have a good week bears 🇬🇧
  6. Is the Red Arrows thread not to your liking?
  7. Gents, I very much doubt it will happen, for the following reasons off the top of my head: 1. They are not a private company and are funded by the Tax payers money, how could they justify that? 2. The personnel in the RAF are as effected by Covid measures as the rest of the globe. 3. They are booked up well in advance, and if still operating at present are usually warm weather training early spring. I love the spin on it, and the charity bit, sorry to be a spoiler. And before anybody gets in a tizz about my reply, I’m a serving member and have been for 30+ years.
  8. Where are you hearing that mate?
  9. Bullying at all levels is completely wrong, there are many differing ways to inflict this on people. There was a culture of bullying where I once worked, I challenged this at a high level. Strangely enough my life was then made very uncomfortable, in an attempt to move me (not the problem) away. Anybody that has been in this situation, will rightly know what KT has felt like. The only blessing I can see, is he has a great insight into it, and will make sure it doesn’t happen at the training ground.
  10. Whoever sanctioned the move to Rangers, clearly knows SFA about us/him. He should never have been anywhere near the club, his actions tonight tell you everything you need to know about him.
  11. All games on Weds night are 6pm kick offs iirc, clubs requested it since no fans are at games and eases travel during the festive period I heard it’s so the players can get to their beds at a sensible time 😉
  12. Can I just confirm something here? Is this thread about Stephen Kelly or the definition of click bait?
  13. We’ve been guilty of bad game management in recent euro games, great to see the management and players are remedying this. It’s an essential part of the game 😉🇬🇧Long may it continue
  14. If you are prepared to travel early on a Saturday you can get quite a competitive price with Avanti, especially if you have a railcard. We travel with a couple of lads from Stoke that get on at Crewe, tbh after a while you see a lot of the same boys that travel up from around the area.
  15. I still think they are punching above their weight with regards to professionalism, better suited to a stall at the barras.
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