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  1. I’m sure this is the case, I don’t reside in Scotland any longer. I shall still be renewing for my son and I.
  2. Just seen your post, prior to COVID my lad and I travel on the train. Do you live in Stafford?
  3. I was at pittodrie for the game when big jock came back to Rangers. I recount very little about the game itself, other than boys getting flung out the ground for putting scarves on the centre spot prior to ko, and being offered the princely sum of £15 ( 3x face value) for my ticket prior to the game. Fond memories, right enough.
  4. Usually SG is very self assured when talking to reporters, he was different yesterday whilst WS & GS were present. 2/3 times he told us that nothing had been won till May, he was like a boy in the company of his father.
  5. James Tavernier “ you know” your a very humble young man, I sincerely hope we get to see you lift a trophy this season. You’re growing into this captain’s role .
  6. During the current climate, they are not allowed to use make-up girls prior to doing interviews 😉
  7. Crowd noise is like a public swimming pool, how strange 🤔
  8. In my experience, this never ends well.
  9. I agree completely, but felt if he did actually miss it then subsequently see the damage he may have issued a yellow to diffuse the situation.
  10. In a strange twist of fate, the fact that Clancy failed to see the tackle may work in our favour. At the very least this incident can be viewed by the compliance officer.
  11. Sad as it is, they won’t be getting another penny off me until they sort out the fiasco with my pre ordered top. I’m still waiting on either a refund or another top, and I was supposed to get priority with my Gers
  12. Same conversation takes place, inevitably when the big two’s stock rises ( usually in Europe) then dies. Many arguments for and against, but for me turkey’s don’t vote for Christmas.
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