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  1. Why would we sing a song about them achieving 10 in a row 😂
  2. Leaving at the end of the season. Was tipped for first team not so long ago was he not? Can mind him making a few sub appearances not much else
  3. The boy who done it was sentenced through the courts wasn’t a member of any organisation so that should be the end of the matter. The Catholic Church and republicans know exactly what there upto with this. Why should so many who have peacefully walked that route hundreds of times have to be re routed because of one idiot?
  4. My guess would be there playing music off a tarriers phone and it’s came on
  5. We should knock back tickets for this game.
  6. Also me just seeing his middle names William 😂 class
  7. Still can’t get my head round it 😂😂
  8. We have pulled out the race for him according to evening times
  9. We are not accepting it according to STV
  10. As a said on the previous post am a selfish cunt no point in me trying to make up any other reason
  11. No because then a would have a ticket for today’s game. Am a selfish cunt
  12. We shouldn’t have cut the allocation
  13. Got added to it on Facebook fair play to them, I however have no time for going to support tarriers playing so you won’t see me at any games
  14. For me SG had a very poor January transfer window. 2 big name players who haven’t really been able to do anything as they haven’t been put into a system they are used to. A do hiwever rate Defoe highly so would keep him till January at least
  15. Gutted a don’t have a ticket for Sunday
  16. Saw him in TGIs in silverburn yesteday so its no him 😂
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