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  1. Do we have to sign up with Castore to get it? Haven’t read the thread really but seen it on there instagram saying sign up now
  2. No chance sponsors would want a version brought out with out it on it, what would be the point if there sponsorship deal then?
  3. Big Katic was horrific at times last season if Goldson goes we would need to bring in another starting CB.
  4. That joe black is as daft as some of the bloggers they’ve got on the other side. Riddy
  5. I will still be attending away games next season
  6. That Raman from STV was tweeting last night about the remaining SC games being played at start of next season
  7. 50% wage cut apparently
  8. Sell in the summer and be done with it. Carries far too much baggage
  9. Would be very surprised if he’s walked
  10. Seems to be the only one who gives a fuck
  11. https://twitter.com/dkl1979/status/1233105922454671360?s=21
  12. Seen them at Porto airport on the way back got a great reception.
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