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  1. Regardless of your feelings on taking the knee (no idea why it offends people so much tbh) not one fucking person in Ibrox should be booing our players decision to do it particularly after what happened to Kamara just a matter of months ago If you’re planning on turning up to Ibrox to make the club look bad and generate negative headlines for the media on what’s a massive day for the club then please just stay at home
  2. Sorry but that’s hideous Like the home top but this is horrific
  3. He’s chronic, no even half the player Edmundson is
  4. First post, couldn’t even use paragraphs No chance I’m reading that though I’m assuming from the comments above it’s absolutely garbage content anyway
  5. Naive as fuck, what do you care about more your club or your political party? Because it’s quite clear what their thoughts on our club are and it has been for years
  6. Club need to take a very very strong stance on this once the police ‘investigation’ is done If you give them an inch......
  7. What’s that saying, it’s not paranoia if they’re really out to get you? They are doing anything and everything to try and harm the club on the back of Saturday
  8. In the past I wouldn’t have gone as far as saying that but in this day and age it’s clear as day even to a more casual fan that a vote for them is not in the best interests of the club. It’s Us vs Them and it’s only going to get worse
  9. The fact that there’s bears who vote for these cunts makes me sick
  10. Once we’re found innocent it’s time to go on the offensive Particularly against that cunt Yousaf, the directors have tried being his pal and that didn’t work so it’s time to say enough is enough. A justice minister spending more time talking about a football club who’s rivals he conveniently supports than he does doing his job is an absolute disgrace
  11. I knew they’d be greeting but trying to say our team made up of mostly foreigners and catholics were singing add ons to Sweet Caroline is a new low even for them
  12. 99.9% of these videos I’ve seen there’s not a Rangers top, scarf, flag or even colour to be seen. That pretty much sums up the type of person that’s getting involved in the bother, it’s because that’s what they’re there for and it has almost nothing to do with Rangers
  13. See everybody’s outraged this morning, we must’ve won the league or something The sad fact is no matter the team there will always be fanny’s that have had too much sun and too much drink there to spoil it for everyone else. Funny when you see the videos of these people they’re rarely wearing any colours, almost like they’re just there for a piss up and to cause bother. I was in George Square for most of yesterday and I’d say it was only when it got later these types started appearing, arriving there in the afternoon was like walking into a festival or something proper happy party at
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