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  1. Signing Lewis Ferguson would’ve offered us far more than Lundstram and Bacuna.
  2. It’s starting to feel like Pedro/Warburton where I expected every single game to be a life and death struggle regardless of how bad whoever we were playing was
  3. Wouldn’t be against giving him a chance, maybe the fearless attitude of some youth is what we need
  4. He’s not even as good as Broadfoot and we did nothing against him
  5. The difference is Walters teams played some turgid stuff that made you tear your hair out at times but when we had the ball we played with purpose and at least looked like we were trying to create and we were desperate to win Even in his second spell always at least had a Mendes, Cousin, Jelavic even Novo etc that were capable of a bit of match winning magic. I don’t see anyone in this team that I think can pull something special out the bag when things aren’t going out way
  6. I’m not saying Bassey will ever be good enough for us but I for one am sick of watching Barisic play this season. Bassey will at least give you effort and dig and actually go at a man rather than killing the ball dead and going backwards 99% of the time he has the ball. Barisic deserved to lose his place for a while just for that fucking back pass against Brondby alone
  7. He actually went past a man a a couple of times tonight and made some tackles Not saying he was great but when’s the last time you saw Barisic going past someone
  8. It’s all about opinions but genuinely in those games I thought he was a 6/7 out of ten at best and praise was getting lavished on him because of how gash he was at the start
  9. Mental that talks about movement and unpredictability when he coaches the most static, predictable midfield I’ve seen We also don’t have one midfielder I’d class in any of those categories, certainly not an engineer or a fucking magician
  10. There’s umpteen things he can do but he doesn’t want to or he doesn’t know how We could easily set up like a normal football team and bin this ‘inside 10’ pish which usually just leads to me wondering where the fuck our supposed ‘two number 10’s’ are for the full game. We could play a 4-2-3-1 with Davis and Kamara sitting, Hagi or Aribo at 10 with Sakala and Wright out wide. You could even make Patterson one of the wide players if you don’t want to drop Tav. That would certainly get the best out of Hagi and give us pace in the wide areas along with giving Tav and Bassey someone to link with, draw men and create space for them. We could bin a central midfielder against dross like Aberdeen and play a 4-4-2 with 2 wide players with any combination of Morelos, Sakala, Roofe and Defoe if he’s fit through the middle If he wants to stay 4-3-3 which is kind of what we play we could do that with some natural width/pace as well to mix it up If he won’t change system then a key change would be a shift in mentality from this safe passing to playing with a bit more purpose and getting back to pressing teams like we have done in the past. We look like a soft touch just now in every department
  11. Got man of the match for 4 games because he wasn’t as bad as he’d been in his first few, but that goal aside he’s still offered the square root of fuck all
  12. If Shagger can’t play every week, McCrorie’s 2 performances when he was thrown in at the deep end were well above anything McLaughlin has offered by the way
  13. Then we’ll stop crossing the ball into the box Like we did every time Itten came on last season
  14. It’s all we can score from because we’re fucking rotten when the balls in play
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