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  1. Balogun was looking good until Thursday then Patterson showed us who the better option is
  2. Bastard nearly got Molde but I’ll take that any day
  3. Live on BT Sport he actually said ‘Imagine Glasgow Rangers knocking out Manchester United in the next round, that would be lovely’ with a smile on his face The worlds gone mad
  4. Give us Molde please Easiest draw possible for a crack at more money and coefficient points There’s about 8 teams I’d be very happy with us pulling out the hat tomorrow but Molde would be the best
  5. That taig on BT Sport was in pain At one point it’s 3-2 on the night, Antwerp still needing a miracle and he’s saying things like ‘oh maybe some doubt in the Rangers players minds now’
  6. He was excellent tonight If the SFA are sensible they won’t ban him so he can get a run of games before the Euros A far better player than fucking Stephen O’Donnell for sure
  7. He was unplayable again tonight for the third game in a row This is the Morelos I want to see
  8. Easy work in the end Morelos 11/10 tonight absolutely unbelievable performance, unplayable Kamara awesome again What a difference Patterson made tonight, from the minute he came on pushed Lukaku back and kept them quiet down that side. What a goal as well
  9. Can’t get over how shite this mob are and yet they’re still in the game Every time Refaelov to touches the ball we’re all over the place
  10. Press totally disappeared after 25 minutes there, need to get them back under the cosh
  11. Barisic, Aribo, Helander as a defensive combination filling me with zero confidence This mob are shite I can’t believe we keep letting them back in
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