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  1. Very lucky boy Romain I have never seen an accident like that, no doubt the halo and structural safety of the drivers area of the car saved his life today
  2. Massive fan of Hagi but he’s trying to hard and looks like his confidence is on the floor Trying to run about the park 100mph like he’s Scott Arfield but it’s not his game and not why we signed him
  3. GA1972


    100% looks like he’s forcing it a bit the now because people keep talking about how he’s not scored much He’s also barely played in his actual position so far
  4. I was impressed with him, worth some sub appearances when we’ve got games won
  5. What they’re doing with their sense of overbearing entitlement will only be turning any decent managers off of that job Who has time for taking that level of abuse? Missiles thrown at the players as if that’ll motivate them to play for the jersey I’ll be stunned if what they’ve done tonight makes anything better for them in the long run
  6. Wonder if they’ll get slaughtered in the media for the lack of social distancing there.... Not that I’m bothered but that’s totally what would happen to us
  7. God I hope it’s Strachan that comes in
  8. Even if they get a new manager their players are finally being exposed for the shite most of them are Would not put a single member of their starting 11 into ours
  9. Other teams now have the belief they can get at them with their recent form, this is exactly what we needed We’re the team that other teams fear taking a hiding from now, not them and we need to make sure that continues to be the case
  10. Only 1 month for them to somehow go from losing to Czech electricians and Ross County to competing with us Cannot see them laying a glove on us now
  11. I’m all for playing out from the back and being confident on the ball but the goal kicks were clearly not working and when we went long more often than not we were winning the first if not getting onto the second ball. Fair play to McGregor for trying but he’s never going to be a keeper that you can rely on to play out from the back, demonstrated by when he tried the dink out to Borna and it went straight to a Benfica player. Quite often we put Borna in a corner where the best he could do was win a throw in or play a silly lob down the line. Once you got past Benfica’s initial press
  12. Spot on, teams now just can’t sit back because we’ll score eventually but if they try to play they can get done like Hamilton did
  13. Fair enough mate I’ve took a fair few sore ones on that Falkirk pitch due to horrendously slow passes coming at me so I’m probably a bit biased Hadnt thought about the pitch being watered, hopefully they don’t try to fuck us about by not watering it as much as they usually would
  14. Hopefully we can somehow hang onto him for another couple of seasons
  15. Personal opinion obviously but I’ve played on both plenty and I much prefer playing at Stenny, ball runs slow on the Falkirk pitch
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