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  1. Think you could have one of him or Kamara alongside somebody who wants to play positively but when you have both or throw Davis in there you’re never going to get past halfway
  2. They had lads on the bench linked to top premier league clubs
  3. I love Morelos But he’s a complete waste of a shirt atm
  4. Borna can’t even get the ball out of his feet before being closed down
  5. Good news is that we can put the rumour to bed that Barker is class but just doesn’t have confidence. We’re out of the game, half the team are mailing it and he’s still shite
  6. Jela was what came to mind for me with that. In terms of players who were decent in the air but not as hold up strikers, that doesn’t sound too far from Boyd
  7. Why not give it to whoever was man of the match in the previous game?
  8. Looked good. Could be a great signing
  9. Morelos trying to warn Lille off by doing fuck all. I like it
  10. For all we say about Borna’s delivery he doesn’t half over hit them a lot
  11. Awful, awful disease. RIP and thoughts with his family
  12. Sounds perfect for us. We never get outplayed in games. We concede stupid goals. Got 8 other outfield players who can attack - let’s have two centre backs who focus on defending
  13. Hopefully like Weir, Andrews, etc
  14. You’re not losing out if you don’t do it. If you want to keep your tenner then do so. I won’t be doing it but don’t see the issue with it
  15. Milner happy to play for 20% of his current wages is he?
  16. Gutted for him. Wouldn’t be surprised to see a veteran come in like we did with Weir or Hill
  17. Certainly no harm in bringing the lad in. Good luck to him
  18. He needs to sort out whatever the fuck keeps happening as soon as we hit the new year because that’s twice in a row now. Generally speaking I like the squad, the style of play and the way that he has represented himself and the club. I like the direction that we’re moving in. But we’re not a club who should be going trophyless so unless something changes then it’s going to be very difficult to defend him
  19. If we can get Kamberi for £250k or whatever figure people are quoting then I’d absolutely do it. Would much rather he was coming on when we needed somebody to change a game than the likes of Jordan Jones. Showed some genuine moments of class and think if he’d been on loan from Marseille or somebody rather than Hibs then people would be all-in
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