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  1. It all feels very Warburtonesque at the moment
  2. Think Kent being out is a massive factor tbh, our front 3 lacks any sort of pace at the moment which makes presses from the front a lot harder
  3. I think it’s very optimistic Helander will be back and stay fit in December
  4. We were linked with the Dutch cb from Vitesse before I’m hoping there’s something in that and a deal can be in January I’m sure his contract is up in the summer
  5. How long until he’s out again though
  6. Think we badly need a centre back, we really struggle when Helander is out and the less said about Simpson the better
  7. Rather keep Aribo, Hagi I like but his lack of pace is becoming a problem I’d let go for the right price
  8. I’d rather sign nobody than bring in more bargain basement tbh I doesn’t work, if we need to sell someone to bring a couple in then so be it, Barisic would be top of the list to move on for me
  9. What do we need, for me we need a dominant centre back and a pacy wide player hopefully the board can find some funds for this as right now this title is slipping away from us.
  10. 2 upfront with a number 10 in behind similar to how played against the tarriers in the 4-1 game
  11. Class as usual from Gerrard, hopefully seeing this man put the standards back into our club that was missing for way too long was a comfort to Walter
  12. That’s just set me off again, really feel for McGregor
  13. Still feel numb that he’s gone and devastated I can’t be there tonight due to covid, this man is the epitome of what our club stands for the class dignity and standards he has set in our club will be seen for generations to come, we really are lucky to have someone such as Gerrard at the helm just now that’s gets our club and will continue Walters work.
  14. Amazing man and even had an influence in one of the all time greats careers.
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