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  1. I treat them with the contempt they consistently show us
  2. “The status quo cannot continue, we will not be found wanting” ring any bells? The cunts were on the ropes and we never went after them, that’s unforgivable in my book, we were never getting an even playing field this season the board knew this and have done fuck all.
  3. Exactly mate, why we never followed it through I’ll never know, we were never getting a level playing field this season
  4. We had the chance to go after them and for some reason we backed off, this is only the start, if we get close to winning the league we’ll see shite like this every week, they’ll try every dirty trick in the book
  5. How many statements have they followed through? I’m expecting absolutely fuck all from the spineless bastards.
  6. Anybody who thinks this spineless self serving shower of shite of a board hasn’t brought this upon us is naive at best.
  7. I genuinely fucking hate our board
  8. Gerrard 100% in the right, let’s see if the board back him tho..... think we all know the answer
  9. Does it matter? Think his arse is superglued to the bench in league games anyway
  10. We had our chance to go after the bastards and shat the bed this is only the start, stick your strongly worded statements up your arse Rangers, we all know nothing will be followed through now the season ticket cash is in the bank, absolute fucking cowards
  11. The status quo cannot continue 🙄🙄🙄
  12. Ideally we want someone who can do all that but they don’t come cheap, we need someone who can come in and do the job McGregor does for the scum, he makes a massive difference to their midfield, maybe we’re being a bit harsh tho we need to remember that we have both Jack and Aribo missing just now
  13. Maybe sign one striker rather than two then? could agree with one coming in but we now have 4 strikers on the books when our midfield is pure and utter shite
  14. We’re are bullied in the middle of the park all too often we desperately need a winner in there someone who can control a game and push the team on, stick a Barry Ferguson in there and this team strolls this league
  15. A central midfielder should have been number one priority this window, instead we look to have brought in Morelos replacements before he’s even away
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