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  1. His loan to Sunderland should’ve done that, hate the sight of him in a Rangers jersey now 😂
  2. Get Jones to fuck, pointless giving this wasted minutes should be nowhere near the squad
  3. Are Maribor upto much these days, I know they were seen as a bit of a scalp for us not so long ago but I’d be amazed if we didn’t beat them home and away now, our squad has improved a lot since then, I’ve no doubt that Malmö being the champions will be a better side but then we’re a far better side than Aberdeen, confident we’ll be comfortably through into play off round
  4. If that’s standard of Swedish fitba we should be pumping Malmö
  5. Aberdeen 2-0 up at half time, kinda shows up the standard of the Swedish league and “how far into their season they are”
  6. 2 in 2 for USA and apparently a couple Belgian teams after him, looks a great signing for Hibs on paper
  7. Malmö conceded 16 in 12 in a pretty piss poor Swedish league, keep it tight at back and we should be comfortable.
  8. Their defence and goalkeeper are an absolute shambles and the tarriers are lapping it up because they’ve signed 2 wingers 😂 neither of which will be as good as Elyonoussi
  9. Lurch doesn’t exactly suit this sweeper keeper style that Flange apparently wants, looks like it would be an expensive Desmond signing and doubtful it would work in their system Duffy markII
  10. Only a friendly but Simpson was a joke at Arsenals 2nd, he’s utter shite
  11. You’d have thought they’d be prioritising a goalkeeper and defence, they’ve now spunked the Ajer cash and are currently low on centre backs, Bain as a no 1 at least until Barkas is back, no right backs of note and Gregg Taylor fighting it out with Boilingoli at left back 😂
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