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  1. Giving Roofe game time ahead of next week, I’d have Wright in personally tho
  2. Do like Roofe as a player but every time he’s out even short term he needs a good 4/5 games to get back upto speed, if we can’t keep him fit don’t see as more than a squad player tbh as good as he can be, hopefully he stays fit as he’s a class act when on it
  3. Textbook Davis tbf, he’s had a great season but that still annoys me 😂 Kamara equally as quilts of it
  4. That midfield is soft as shite we badly need a centre mid with a bit of dig
  5. Some disgusting and very taig like comments from some, no doubt new age SNP voting “fans” feel no affiliation with these cunts.
  6. Some shocking comments here, disrespectful cunts !! game should 100% be moved if you can’t see that you support the wrong club.
  7. Looks great in that video but Jordan Jones and Brandon Barker are standouts in the division above
  8. Should’ve been Hagi, Roofe takes weeks to get back upto speed when he’s been out
  9. Balogun was terrible tonight as he was against Antwerp, lucky not to give a penalty and could’ve been off earlier for a rash tackle over the right back position, baffling that we didn’t take him off as he was a red card waiting to happen, I wouldn’t be taking up his other year contract extension he’s not the level we require now Helander is by far the better defender
  10. Surely any newly formed leagues will start at the bottom of the co efficient, means the Dutch and Belgian co efficient will plummet when all their top sides leave to form a new league.
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