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  1. Agreed, can’t be fucked with anything outside Rangers now
  2. Ross McCrorie winner next week to send they cunts into full blown meltdown
  3. Wonder what kind of refereeing we’ll have to overcome in next few weeks? the refereeing after we beat them at the piggery last year was the worst I’ve ever seen, hope the club will be keeping an eye on it and are prepared to confront it if we see the same over next few weeks
  4. Their average wage for a first team player was around 900k a year which is around 17k a week, so their top earners must be on a fair bit more than that.
  5. I’m not saying he should be in the team or even making the bench but surely a better option in the squad than Stewart if we’re keeping players solely on homegrown status
  6. Thankfully it was a wind up 😀 hope he signs a 5 year deal 😂
  7. McLoughlin Tav Goldson Balogun Bassey Jack Arfield Hagi Aribo Kent Itten feel we need to freshen things up a bit, Helander and Barisic rested after injuries, Jack Aribo and Itten need minutes and Davis needs a rest.
  8. Aye, if we can shift they 4 then pretty much everyone else in the squad can contribute and we’ve finally got rid of the dross, worried we’ll keep Stewart for homegrown quota though, you’d have thought keeping McCrorie or Docherty would’ve been better for that rather than Stewart who contributes absolutely fuck all.
  9. Canny wait till Thursday, what a buzz this season is, I want a treble and quarter finals of EL(I’m a greedy bastard) 😂
  10. Really hope we can get rid of both Jones and Barker in January and sign a pacy wide player with ability, neither Jones or Barker are good enough
  11. Think their wage bill will be much more than that tbh, Forrest is supposedly on 40k a week for a start
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