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  1. The prices sky charge should be illegal 😂 and that’s before needing bt sports and premier sports on top, total rip off I was 150 quid a month before I got rid.
  2. Surely knows he’s on the way out with this rant, think he’ll be gone by end of the week
  3. Don’t think he’s that bad, he’s just frustrating as fuck you know he has ability but doesn’t do it anywhere near enough, we to at the very least get somebody in to challenge Kent for his jersey.
  4. We should be trying to get either Lundstram or Johnson tied up on pre contracts now then try get them in early
  5. Think there’s a player in Aribo tbh but needs to be used further forward, Kent tho I’m sure we could easily replace, he can be good even unplayable some games but doesn’t do it anywhere near enough
  6. If we need to sell a first team player to balance the books then Kent has to be top of the list, can’t question his work rate tbf but the end product/quality just isn’t there on a consistent basis.
  7. You need honour in the first place to do that surely.
  8. Don’t really see anything here where he says league might be stopped? all he is saying is we have we have to be cautious, we already know that ffs, a lot of panty wetting for no reason.
  9. Of course it’s Lawwell puppets you only need to look at who wrote the article, Doncaster’s quotes are actually strongly against null and void but no surprise his words have been twisted
  10. Nothing more than Jackson shit stirring and whipping the fenian hordes into a frenzy imo, there’s too many clubs close to the brink as it is to even contemplate this, he said member clubs would have to decide there no way this gets voted through.
  11. If you read the article he’s actually desperate for the season to be completed, been twisted by Jackson into sensationalist clickbait shite.
  12. Hopefully they get the fenian dream team O Neill and Keane in 😂
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