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  1. Good PPV I thought, can't believe they fucked Ryback over again though. Can someone explain why the massive jizzfest at Dean Ambrose debuting? I',m genuinely baffled. Nice to see Ziggler go over cleanly, but what a fuck up the end of the WHC match was.
  2. Jericho in 99 for that argument actually. There were probably ones before that.
  3. It's been going on for years. Look at Survivor Series 10 years ago, Scott Steiner debuts and every cunt knew about it.
  4. Which time mate? He's come back so many times it's unreal.
  5. Nearly time to get the nerd on! Headin up to my mates with a bottle of vodka and 6 cans to watch Survivor Series. I hope theres more than 5 matches though.
  6. So what did we all learn from Raw? WWE are really pushing the tag division, Kane and Bryan are still the funniest thing going, I thought Daniel was quality last night. Ryback will be Champ one day, Maddox will probably be never seen again. The ambulance coming out as he was walking down the ring was fantastic though. Say what you want about Ryback but I think he's a breath of fresh air, fuck the Goldberg comparisons. CM Punk is finally getting the heat, cheap or not what he's doing is working, and Heyman is a perfect foil for him.
  7. I can see Titus o Neil getting a singles push because of his physique, Darren Young will amount to nothing if they split up in my opinion, which is a shame because they have bags of charisma. Question: If you were to show a non wrestling fan one match to make them appreciate wrestling, from any company, which match would you show them?
  8. Best weekend of the season so far. Started off with a Yes/No accy from Will Hill, 68 pound back off of £2. Then today 10 quid on Newcastle/Sunderland to draw bagged me 33 quid. Banked the 30 and put 3 quid on Sao Paolo, AS Roma and Elche to win, if that comes in ill be 40 quid richer.
  9. I would definately get McKay on, wee guy should be starting every week to give us that creative spark we need.
  10. A lot of promise shown, Coisty will give them a roasting at HT and they'll come out swinging.
  11. Passing the ball quite well tbh, I can definately see us getting a goal or 4.
  12. ulsterbear91

    FIFA 13

    Been playing it off and on since it came out, it looks very swish but some of the execution leaves a lot to be desired. It has to be said though the dynamics are very smooth and it can be realistic at times. It may well get bought.
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