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  1. Hold on a minute... for them, shite is a replacement for shampoo?
  2. Big bassey has been impressive every time we’ve seen him. Can move for a big man!
  3. Just seen the score! Was it a penalty? even Clancy wants Lennon out?
  4. There is a multi ball system running too which is saving minutes
  5. There is no doubt it has helped us to this point. If crowds where allowed in from next weekend it would benefit us too. We are performing, on top and there is a real buzz around us. Ibrox would have been bouncing today. The atmosphere at parkpead on the other hand would be poisonous! Protests, Infighting, miss spelt banners the lot!
  6. Can see an early red card today but it’ll take more than that to stop us
  7. Mines arrived today, money is still pending in my account😳
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