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  1. Was he ever punished for throwing the sock tape at fans?
  2. Barrie McKay looks like Percy from the green mile
  3. Wasn’t that when they cunts threw flares at our keeper😂
  4. He diveS to the left, he dives to the right, Robbie Mcrorie shags 12 birds a night
  5. Too early to be writing him off, don’t think we would have seen much of him if it wasn’t for injuries and suspensions. We are a well drilled unit, everyone knows their role and where to be. Any new player will take time to adapt. Especially in the middle of a bad run of results.
  6. Looked offside, but as usual all the replays are at angles and zoomed in😂
  7. The gold is nice IMO but the 32red should have been white. Too much gold
  8. Whopper rather than “chopper”
  9. Has the Bristol got disco lights now? haha
  10. They’re from ibrox, my son was at the Rangers soccer school a few years ago and while he was on the tour I was outside and seen people loading seats into a skip😵 I asked for a few and took as many I could that weren’t broken Gutted I was in my car and not my van!
  11. not memorabilia as such, but perfect for any bears back garden
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