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  1. My stream ended right at the final whistle, so I had no idea this had even happened.
  2. True. Could not believe what I was seeing in the stands. First fans I had seen at any match in months. Then allied to the fact that Belgium is in a pandemic surge as bad as anywhere puts this in a dodgy position. Watching the match, I just wondered if the players were going straight back to the airport and straight on the plane without mixing with anyone else. Doubt that was even possible though.
  3. Cases in Belgium had risen to levels that were almost out of control, so requiring us to play there in those circumstances was dodgy as fuck in the first place.
  4. He'll fit right in there then
  5. Listen Fez, we once had a manager by the name of The Magnificent Bastard, who also managed Gala after leaving His Beloved Rangers, so we are in fact well familiar with your club.
  6. Actually.that.makes.perfect.sense.
  7. It has become a movement. More annoying regular than the standard bowel movement. And equally as unpleasant from the outside.
  8. Utterly pathetic shite it is. Fuck knows how they'll react once the bullets start flying over there.
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