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  1. https://youtu.be/CLu8Fl-Ju2w

  2. Welcome back.

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    2. Christchurch_Rangers


      absolutely gutted about Fernando passing away :(

    3. Christchurch_Rangers


      great result! Ive been smashing the mountains and staying out of trouble


    4. Christchurch_Rangers
  3. RM's Chief Brexit Trumpeter

  4. Hi mate, sorry, not been on for a while. Thanks for the links. Interesting reading.  Its clearly the old Cold War playing out in the Middle East but I think they've morphed into slightly different creatures now. The mass import of Islam into the UK and the Governments, Media and Loony Left godshites backing it, is what really confuses me. It scary, very dangerous and confusing but, they Marxist scum are behind at lot of whats going on..

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