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  1. What's on your mind?

  2. Matt Tubbs signed him for 400K from crawley and absolutely banging the goals in.
  3. 9m , i reckon one more bid will come in tonight ....... worried loyal
  4. for once , I believe Keith Jackson can't believe I have just said that , I think we will make another bid this afternoon and I think we will agree a fee :broadfoot:
  5. this is pish why can't we just pay the fucking money and get the man in the light blue of rangers not see him on match of the day on a Saturday night making an arse of himself down there
  6. I reckon we made a 2m bid and them bastards have still rejected it
  7. had a laughing fit at that , have a rep
  8. just wondering if you would take him and if the transfer would be payable ? I would definetley take him seems a good player. Very fast while running with the ball but maybe to similar to wylde
  9. when it says he has got the price down to 25 -28 million and agreeing to take on a 4million round loan. what will happen with Lloyd with 4m still in debt will they still be in our club
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