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  1. Which two games? I personally watch the Spanish football every weekend, and can tell you that he is one of the best (not the best) but one of the best strikers in the world. Strong, powerful, a total bully and knows how to find the back of the net. Great player.
  2. Our club is a fucking shambles. Let go a young(ish) guy, life long Rangers fan and gives 100% every time he plays, had proved that he is a good goalscorer, but always got played out of position. Watch him join a Championship team next season and bang them in against us. Always been a huge fan of Andy and sad to see him leave. All the best for the future Andy, you deserve to play for a team who plays you in your natural position anyway, and doesn't fuck your career up by playing you out of position or on the bench.
  3. Get Ramires out the door for a start. Pish.
  4. Pep Guardiola's tactics are fucking crap. Pass, pass, pass. Don't shoot, don't run with the ball, don't ever punt it, don't cross the ball in to the box. Just pass. Forbids his players to hit shots, Robben hit a shot tonight which went just past the post and was one of Bayern's closest chances in the game, and you saw Pep on the bench cracking up with him. His philosophy - go and pass the ball around the other team, and walk the ball in to the net. If the opposition let you do this, you win. If they don't, you're fucked. Raging having watched that game as a complete neutral that Bayern didn't make more of a game of it, fuck knows what I'd feel like if that were my team that gave that pathetic performance
  5. Having loyalist bands and orange halls in the city doesn't make the football team a loyalist team. And I lived in Liverpool for a short while for work.
  6. Ce**ic loving manager, stands full of ce**ic scarves, tops and flags. Divers, cheats, beggars, offended. Sing YNWA... Still disagree?
  7. Fuck them all, fuck them all, United, West Ham, Liverpool....
  8. Are you really that concerned about them that you feel the need to start a thread about them? Everytime I hear their name mentioned it makes me feel a wee bit sick.
  9. Great game. Great result. Hammer them at the bridge with Hazard and Eto'o fit, and Ivanovic back from suspension. Gutting that Cech and JT appear to have bad injuries, but it's still do-able. Mon the Chelsea!
  10. If you want to discuss him/them then you are on the wrong forum. Please, fuck off. And admin, please delete this fucking thread
  11. The fans have given the club 100% backing over our last few difficult years. Unfortunately, the management, and the team, have given us fuck all in return
  12. I know that football is all about opinions, but saying that Daly was MOTM today is just wrong, no question, no doubts. You are wrong, Daly wasn't the best player today. FACT.
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