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  1. 4 games before Lyon away at least. Is Damarcus Beasley a free agent?
  2. he wont find much to give us any credit. but at least he wont be blatantly cheering lyon on
  3. The teams been bad, the refs been bad, the atmosphere isnt great, but the worst by far, has been the commentary team.
  4. this could get bad if we arent careful. or dont take kent off.
  5. Cant think of a bigger uprising in british sport if she goes all the way... heres hoping.
  6. I don't know whats worse, a skint Madrid trying to pay 200m for a player with 1 year on his contract or PSG rejecting it
  7. Seen the design drawings via a tender for my work and I don't remember there being a ticket office.
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