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  1. See the thing that fucking gets me. Is the self entitlement they've got from winning leagues and trophies when we've not been there. They still just expect to win just for taking part and when they don't they throw the toys out the pram. 11 trophies and 30 odd cup wins in a row and they actually riot outside their own stadium when they get out put of one - during a pandemic to boot. It was always going to end sometime and that was a catalyst for the events that unfolded after. Spoiled fucking brats and they deserve every fucking ounce of pain they are getting this season. Get it right fuc
  2. This went over my head 😂 Had a quick check. Seems they are both an accident waiting to happen
  3. get him on the half pints
  4. the sunny warm weather training done them good 😂
  5. does usain bolt play for livvy?
  6. whats the pitch situation. heard its getting bad
  7. probably do a better job of john gotti than travolta
  8. no it was money laundering
  9. duffy playing like he took a full one pregame
  10. No wonder livvy won 8 games in a row.
  11. 😂😂 too early methinks
  12. could delete my own shite posts. sorted
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