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  1. Arfield hopefully has a good 20 mins. Been off it since he came back
  2. Clancy will do his best to give a red card with the next round draw
  3. That track was more suited to Mercedes so guess we will see next race if RB have what it takes. I think Perez v Bottas could be interesting too. Good to see McLaren continuing to improve too, hopefully be right up there in next couple of seasons.
  4. It's honestly unbelievable how self entitled they are. Not only are we seeing a reaction and distaste to the footballing side (after winning 11.75 trophies in a row), but they are immediately back to playing the cheated & victim cards. It wasn't that when they were hanging effigies and getting awarded titles in boardrooms. We knew it would be bad, but the pain we have inflicted on them this year fills me with joy
  5. what an end. wales loss such a missed opportunity
  6. Rest of season with potential cup rounds. If we get through a few rounds can see St Johnstone away being a second string team. Cup - 3rd April League - 11th April - hivs (H) Cup - 17th/18th April League - 21st April - St Johnstone (A) Cup - 24/25th April League - 2nd May - runners up (H) Cup - 8/9th May League - 12th May - Livingston (A) League - 15/16th May - sheep (H) Cup - 22nd May
  7. He's a luxury player that is useful in and around the box. Wright when he came on he looked far better receiving the ball in midfield and turning and getting at them. Don't think our improvement in the last 10 was a coincidence.
  8. Really need to be better in our next scottish cup pre season games
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