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  1. Posted before i knew he was okay mate. Still surprised the games resuming, but if its at the players request fair enough.
  2. Pretty overwhelming to watch that and now find out that he is okay. There is no way the coverage should have got to the point where we had to see someone getting CPR to then have to sit and hope he was alive. That was like Grosjean at the F1 until he came out the fire and they cut straight away.
  3. absolutely bubbling as they walked the trophy out. didnt have enough left for when tav lifted it. THIS IS OUR FUCKING DAY
  4. I'm almost greeting about how im gonna greet when tav lifts that trophy above his head. half an hour!! half a fucking hour after 9 fucking years!!! i fucking love Rangers
  5. It's honestly unbelievable how self entitled they are. Not only are we seeing a reaction and distaste to the footballing side (after winning 11.75 trophies in a row), but they are immediately back to playing the cheated & victim cards. It wasn't that when they were hanging effigies and getting awarded titles in boardrooms. We knew it would be bad, but the pain we have inflicted on them this year fills me with joy
  6. It's difficult but I've gone for McGregor. I think hes had a hand in the improvement of our organisation at the back, which has brought/helped others into the equation. It's just good to know that the list for the SPL POTY will be much the same as the one noted. Not even a doubt one of our players is getting it.
  7. TBF half the stuff that happened at George Square would be classed as improvements at that shitehole
  8. 85 mins Tim: "look Rangers are drawing with livvy, 10 might be back on" 90 mins
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