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  1. Still not heard their album, although have seen them support Frightened Rabbit a good while back. Need to give it a blast. Think I'm going to see them at the Fruitmarket in June or July. A lot of good stuff coming out of Scotland again.
  2. As a wee aside, Scottish Album of The Year Nominees have been announced. You can listen to tracks from artists on the SAY Award site, and they stream a full album every day. www.sayawards.com Good way to check out some of the best stuff going about outwith the mainstream in Scotland. Longlist is: Admiral Fallow – ‘Tree Bursts In Snow’ Auntie Flo – ‘Future Rhythm Machine’ Calvin Harris – ’18 Months’ Dam Mantle – ‘Brothers Fowl’ Django Django – ‘Django Django’ Duncan Chisholm -’Affric’ Emeli Sandé – ‘Our Version of Events’ Errors – ‘Have Some Faith In Magic’ Human Don’t Be Angry – ‘Human Don’t B
  3. And the rest of its pish, it was a crap album. Complete crap. Go Let it Out, Who Feels Love, Little James, Roll it Over, Money Where Your Mouth Is, See a Liar. Shite, shite, shite, shite, and shite. So anyway, films are good, eh?
  4. Standing on the Shoulders of Giants was pish. And Go Let it Out was a piss poor rip off of Beta Bands “Dry The Rain” (as Noel happily admitted). 1999 had some amazing music, thankfully commercial radio friendly sub-Oasis indie shite had disappeared though. He says veering wildly off topic.
  5. Yeah, can out on vinyl. Domino Records released his stuff in UK, so should be able to pick it up.
  6. Same person as the one previous, has recorded as Smog, (Smog), and Bill Callahan
  7. I live by the rule that if I don’t like it then it must be shite. Most folk I know live by the rule that if I like it then it must be shite. Fuck them all though. I’m right. And The Delgados are the most under-rated and overlooked band of all time.
  8. Yeah, its hers. Twice. Close up of her running a finger of her shaved lips.
  9. Saw Trance last week, not overly impressed, tried to be too clever for its own good I thought. It has a close up of a shaved fanny though.
  10. And anyone who disagrees is a racist.
  11. Talking Heads. Loads and loads of Talking Heads. Talking Heads are fucking great.
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