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  1. I thought i would make a return to the betting section. Been on a shit run lately so maybe this will change my luck Overs in all the Jupilier league games tonight Both to score in 5 of them and Overs in 4 of them.
  2. Baw bag with a permanent runny nose!
  3. Put his boots on
  4. Blacks consistently pish. One goal doesn't make a season. Hated him at hearts and my opinion hasn't changed much since he joined us.
  5. The audio keeps repeating on my stream!
  6. Need a goal in the Lyon game! Could really be doing with the money.
  7. Need two goals in the 1st half of the Bayern game! Not confident.
  8. Just Barnsley and Bristol Rovers
  9. Need Carlisle, Barnsley and Bristol Rovers to score for £900 Please, please, please !!
  10. Waiting on Real Socedaid! Can see a red card coming in the game.
  11. Can't believe Marseille didn't score last night! Need a goal in the Eindhoven/Almere game
  12. Schalke are ruining my bet! Shortest odds as well!