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  1. Jodz I believe both groups may need someone from within to vouch for you.
  2. I call bullshit! No way would a flying businessman would need a taxi
  3. I think I know who yer talking about, he was dubbed the IBS hero at like the 2nd game this season
  4. Some one should email you soon(ish)
  5. if anyone is interested in joining the new section we advise you to contact us at http://www.theblueorder.co.uk and click on the Contact Us link. We need you to provide us with the following details:- Name Address (including postcode) Rangers Number Email Address Telephone Number
  6. Broadfoot nearly with an OG there, obviously meant it, lynch him!
  7. its normally the Main stand and sit where ye can.
  8. I saw 4 or 5 photo taking video on there phones, no idea who they were but hopefully will surface.
  9. Bit ashamed to say it but yesterday was the first home game this season (damn work!) I managed to get to but it was certainly great and way better than sitting in the silence of my old seat in the Govan. Can see what a few folk have been taking with the leading of the singing, there was times were songs were out of time or a couple of times different songs were being sung at the front and back.
  10. Are you suggesting we haven't? Well I know I haven't since I been caught out moving house then work stopped me from the two competitive games : /.
  11. Is it hard to understand we can't give him the benefit of the doubt? He has had too many poor performances so therefore when he does mess up its obviously met with anger by a large proportion of the support.
  12. I still find it hard to be positive about Hutton, don't want to get the guy down but I don't see any special skill or amazing passing going on. Seems more like an Edu style but without the constant fuck ups. Ness on the other hand I admit I am a total fanboy and want to see him get a run out, same with Hemmings Bendikson and Perry.
  13. Of course I agree what you said about that twat of a so called referee, but seriously moaning about their crowd trouble? it was at a home game, we have been judged at European games, there is a bit of a difference mate.
  14. I just cant stand these defensive lineup's, this whole respecting yer opponents I just dont buy, the run in last season we gave no respect and went out to destroy and dominated games. Hemmings pre seasons performances seemed to be very good and seeing the highlights one of his goals he showed the sort of ball control you would see top players do, its not like we are looking for Ally to take a chance on a load of the younger ones, just get one of them a game now and then.
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