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  1. Dundee United away in 2011, 1 nil. Lafferty header. Being born and living in Australia makes it difficult to get to games, but a cousin got me on his supporters bus and sorted me a ticket to get in
  2. McGregor Whittaker Goian Bartley Bocanegra Davis Edu McKay Wylde Aluko Jelavic
  3. McGregor Whittaker Goian Perry/Boca Papac Ness (if fit) Davis Edu McKay Jelavic Hemmings
  4. McGregor McMillan Goian Bocanegra Wallace Whittaker Davis Edu McKay/Wylde Jelavic Lafferty This is just what i'd like to see, whittaker would be able to attack all he likes, we'd be able to see more of McMillan and it would leave Davis in the middle still, where i feel he plays better than he does when he's out on the right.
  5. he's decent at championship level, scored around 18 goals per season for the last three, couple of clubs from the championship and mid table prem clubs have gone in for him, but priced out i think. i'd take him, pace would be an asset up top
  6. glaza

    Matt Mckay

    McKay was the Roars heartbeat last season, has played well for the socceroos for his last few games, he deserves a chance to play for a team of our calibre.
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