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  1. Ibrox Closed if No Albion Carpark

    Upper Kids Back Alley
  2. David Robertson

    on another note, will never forget the night he got sent packing for halving Joe Miller and we beat them 1-0 in 1992, it was pissing down that night.
  3. David Robertson

    had sticky fingers in the dressing room due to an outrageous gambling habit, stealing from players and the like. once he was found out he barely got mention at Ibrox again. The Gaffer made sure he didn't kick another ball for rangers when he tried to deny the help the club where offering.
  4. Tims dressing in Rangers tops as zombies

    Is there a part you didn't understand ??
  5. Tims dressing in Rangers tops as zombies

    i'm getting sick of this "I so offended" nature that is creeping into our support, its pathetic. OP if it bothered you that much, did you take it up with your line manager? or did you wait till you came home to post how "offended you where" and "if it was them it would be different" on RM? we have a no football tops in work and I own the place, and this rule applies even when we are fund raising, why would your bank bend this rule for this one day? I highly doubt this even happened now, 15 kiddy snatchers came up with the same idea? and as said if they all bought new tops (or even if 1 bought a new one (1we wouldnt normally have sold) Win Win) then fuck it....
  6. Thread for Scotland game tonight

    you seem to know alot about it, even how to spell where it is
  7. Thread for Scotland game tonight

    really how many where at the gay fest, a good head count?
  8. Thread for Scotland game tonight

    Just flicked this on the interweb when i came in to see the pen go in..... and then realized what a backwards fucking commentator we have. "he was all ready well on the move when the ball was first hit, but we wont say to much about that" why mention it then?? what team are you supporting?? i'm all for impartial commentating, but FFS. Runt on a cunt he is!! well done scotland, a few more results like that and we might have fucking made the play offs at least!! Good to see the Boo's go out for the yella fella, but was that tic fans or angry rangers fans, did Naismith / MacGregor etc gets the same?? should have!
  9. list of shareholders needing a proxy

    i dont think McCoist is saying that these players cant play, I'm sure he's using the rule that is there for a reason, to enable him to choose from his FULL squad and not be limited by international call ups, even if it is only 4 possible players missing. On another note i didnt say Dunf would win, i said IF they won, which unfortunate to say is coming my friend, we wont go the whole season unbeaten (although i do have a £5 on we do, but i seriously doubt it, and so does my bookie hence the large odds) A night like tonight (weather) and a performance like forfar and all bets are off IMO, whos to say it cant happen, smaller teams have had bigger results at ibrox in the not so distant past. I'm in no way saying that I'll go to this game expecting to loose, i fully expect us to win like i do at the start of every other game, but its naive to think its a fore gone conclusion before a ball is kicked.
  10. rangers v dunfermline postponed

    can just imagine if we did play this game and lost... I'm sure there would be more people asking the question why wasnt it postponed. I'd rather rangers piss off a few fans and face dunf. with a full squad than play the game and piss off everyone if we got beat.
  11. list of shareholders needing a proxy

    can anyone be your proxy or does it have to be someone attending ie another shareholder? and what to guarantee they will vote the way you tell them? just wondering, I am going but my mate isnt, can I be his proxy (we are of the same opinion anyway, on most things) or can a non shareholder go in his place?
  12. rangers v dunfermline postponed

    didn't now we were playing tonight?? oops for STV
  13. P.S Investigating Armed Forces...

    we should invite this guy next time also!!
  14. Ibrox tv camera gantry

    My brother in law (a spurs fan from Bristol) had watched a few games on TV with me when i'm down there and caught the odd old firm game over time. But the first time I took him to Ibrox his first words when he seen the main stand from inside was "Wholly Fuck!! they dont show that on the TV!!" He had no idea the main stand was so big and had 3 levels, said it was the most impressive stand he's seen when full. Next game he asked if we could go sit in the CD, he loved every minute of being up there