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  1. Just skimmed the thread but it looks like 55 has broken their heads, Rangers not dying has broken their heads, Rangers being champions in the year we go into our 150th year has broken their heads and looking at the state of septic, knowing Rangers are going to make it 56 has broken their heads. Lovely
  2. Maybe at long last we will see some justice for these people.
  3. Fat Angie must stay and lead them into years of mid-table domination.
  4. Best I can hope for is a draw but I think we will lose, maybe badly.
  5. I think we made Lyon look better than what they are. Our passing was woeful, they just needed to wait on us passing it to them or short to one of our own and then they steped in and1 or 2 touch passing and it was in our half again with us on the back foot.
  6. Davis, Mr sideways/backward pass, slows everything down. Gets lots of praise for the occasional forward pass, but he is done.
  7. Davis was poor tonight and slowed everything down. Lundstram looks like a midfield Duffy, carthorse of a player.
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