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  1. anyone get the feeling that the second half is going to be nuts again
  2. This is the crux of it. Gerrard has managed to get to that sweat spot where we can deal with both. I think he has brought in a level of professionalism, expectation and atitude that is very unusual for Scottish football and we are now reaping the benefits of it.
  3. nerves shredded going to watch this for a bit to calm down.
  4. Only Scottish team in Europe = tim tears. Beat Antwerp and go through = time meltdown. Lovely Antwerp 0 Rangers 1
  5. They will be wondering how to fine Rangers or Alfie for his agent stating the truth.
  6. The top Euorpean League teams will not play in the domestic league as the Euorpean League will be full time. The league under that will be promotion and relegation back to the domestic league. Teams in the top league may play in the domestic cups.
  7. Over time this will morph in to European Leagues and domestic league winners will be in play offs to get into the bottom European league.
  8. I think Klopp will leave Liverpool the same way he did with Dortmund. He will announce it well in advance, as a way to say good bye to the fans as he did at Dortmund. I think he will leave in 2024 and if SG has made some kind of an impact on the Champions League then he will go to Liverpool in 2024.
  9. this is going to be a long slog. Killy set up to frustrate
  10. What are the facts here? Did Rangers sack this man? Did he work for another football team? Did Rangers (Souness or Smith) report this to the Police/Father who was a Police officer? Everything else is speculation to a point. We don't know if the child victim wanted their name publicised or if their parents wanted to stop any stigma that would have happened from this. We don't know if Rangers spoke with the parents and allowed them to decide the best course of action for their child. If the father was a Police man, then I am sure other Police would have known if it was not being processed t
  11. I think Europe acted as a catalyst as all players had to up the performace to get in the running for the team to play, I hope it does again.
  12. They imploded under pressure and that pressure came from us, no one else. The tims can not admit that but they know it's true.
  13. ZZed

    Hibs Tv

    More tears and bile from the green and shite mongs. Glasgow or Edinburgh the tarrier tears are flowing, lovely
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