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  1. At the start of the season, I hoped for the best but feared another New Year drop in form and it going wrong for us. The team have more than lived up to my hopes and this season feels so special.
  2. Like the lad and hope he has a good career but I don't think it will be with us, it would be nice to be wrong on this one.
  3. Strange question here mate. But is it difficult to get to Namibia from Britain? I am thinking of taking the wife out there in a couple of years from now. What is it like living there, as i am seriously thinking about some where to retire to. 

    1. NamibianBear


      Hi Mate,

      I love living here, have been here over 11 years now and never looked back.  Get a decent internet connection and you can stream all the games live too :)

      Moving here does entail a bit of process and it is Africa and the mentality of the people here takes some getting used to.

      If you want to go personal messaging, my email address is mcgowan.simon@seaace.com.na.  I am on FB (Simon McGowan) and am more than happy for you to add me, chat to me etc.  Always like to chat with fellow Bears.



  4. brought up in a Rangers house. Fav players- Jaws and DJ(first spell with us).

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