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  1. We need a midfielder that will take the game to them and drive the team forward. Some one who will fight for us and chew out others in our team.
  2. I think this game will take care of it's self- 2-0 Rangers, my only fear is injuries caused by the hibs scum and a ref looking the other way. Motherwell away is the real banana skin waiting to happen.
  3. palace beating man u at man united 1-0
  4. Lets get over Hibs first as they will try and kick us off the park as they usually do.
  5. While we are waiting on the game some of us could pop a few bob in to the Erskine fund. 14 slots to join the hot 100, it's Saturday so the price of 3 pints is a good wee donation and you will feel good about yourself for helping out fellow older bears.
  6. He's a busted flush with the football against us but can shout his team on when he is on the park. I would rather he played and we made a fool of him
  7. I thnk one of the big problems for us in relation to refs being bias, is sorting out incompetence from bias. Unfortunately we have refs who are both.
  8. To address the question. I think football will resist a season closure as some clubs will die. Some clubs are now reliant on handouts from their supporters, if people start getting laid off and money becomes tight for everyone then the clubs will be one of the first to be taken out of peoples budget. Rangers are lucky that they have a base broad enough to possibly withstand this but most clubs in the UK don't. Governments will not baleout football, clubs will wither and die.
  9. Gregor Stevens under rated and seen as only a stopper but he could pass the ball, would go and close down the attacker and not back off. He added bite and fight into our team. We had a good team under John Greig and should have won more, I never under stood how we did not win more when you look at that team. And we had Chesterfield, the 80/81 season was very strange.
  10. This has become a PR disaster for Castore and could become one for the club if they are not to be seen to be doing something about it. The board are not covering themselves in glory on this issuse. It needs fixed or people will just stop ordering the kit and only buy from the shop that in turn will reduce the amount of money made for the club.
  11. Loathed to criticise Kamara or Jack as I think both have been instructed to play the way they have and we have not seen the best of them because of it. After the Livingston game Jack has moved slightly forward in position and will now move forward in possession and passing. We have yet to really see Kamara since the Livingson game but watching that clip, he appears comfortable going forward from box to box. I think both a good players but in our league you need a slugger and a creator together in midfield and both of them have not proved to be one or the other, yet.
  12. One of our best players ever and he was home grown.We need another like him.
  13. Ironic that the people who hate us would dearly love to have fans like us.
  14. Hollicom must have earned a good few quid from septic and are now walking away. It makes you wonder the reasons for abandoning a good earner.
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