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  1. They are done in europe and more or less said so. They now need to get some kind of form going in the league, I am sure that lennon's man management skills will create peace and harmony in the dressing room. Sparta Prague, Lille and AC Milan will ensure their gloom remains in europe as they have 3 hidings to take. I would not be surprised If Hearts went for them in the final and they fall apart. In the league they are at home until Christmas (Hamiltion)then they meet us in Jan 21. I expect them to get some type of winning form in the league as they are playing teams they should beat easily. Th
  2. Looking forward to this. A good test for us and will show up where we need to improve to get to the next level, still thinkg we will win. 2-1 or 1-0 Rangers.
  3. If they get rid of lennon and are doing a back to the future act, John Barnes is the man they need.
  4. We have had the worst 10 years in our history, a 10 years that would kill most clubs but it made the bond between us and the club stronger. They crowed as they hoovered up all the domestic trophies and no one challenged them. They thought the title was a given to them this year. Every time they faced a quaility side in europe they got beat. They now have a Rangers team of Rangers quaility and they have fell apart. If what happened to us, happened to them they would not come back from it but we did. That tells you a lot about us as a club and a support and septic know that we don't die no matte
  5. I thnk one of the big problems for us in relation to refs being bias, is sorting out incompetence from bias. Unfortunately we have refs who are both.
  6. I get what you mean and agree. The ref often stops our momentum and does not give us an advantage; but blows for the foul and allows the other team to get back into position when the break is clearly on. Saying that, Collum had a good game, for Collum.
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