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  1. Greenock Loyal! Haha.

  2. Lost all my winnings in one hand of NL hold 'em, Had two pair Ace Queen, cunt got a flush on the river. I learned a lot from that hand haha

    Heading into town tommorow to pick up a copy of Doyle Brunson's Super System 2, will read that and hopefully learn a thing or two.

  3. How do boydave were a dying down here those cnts breeding like rabbits to dilute us, lol

  4. cheers dave, much appreciated, i was dropping hints in posts but nae joy

  5. Thanks Dave.

    Be cool.

  6. Nice to meet you man, we're an endangered species around here!

  7. Greenock Loyal On Tour! Aha

  8. Greenock loyal representing on Rangers media.

  9. Hello ! Seems there is quite a few off us after all !

  10. alright fellow greenock boy.no surrender

  11. Alright mate


  12. I used to post on BBC 606 but I have always read the articles on Rangers media and with 606 closing it makes sense to join here.

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