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  1. Some players may play through injury or other adversity by "manning up" and their performance may not suffer too much.If a player can do this thats great but if the try and fail or cannot we support them.I totally get the argument that players are well paid professionals but they are also human.We support players who get recurring injuries like Rossiter who does not choose to be injured.Unless we have a player who has lots of self inflicted off field issues harming their worth to the team we help them out anything else seems very harsh and shortsighted to me.
  2. I like the article so good job there The Dude.It is great when we actually get two different viewpoints in the press rather than the current pro celtic vs weak defence of Rangers/ almost neutral stances.When you used facts and examples like you do here this is when you can change perceptions or at least make the other side look at it without being blinkered.Keep writing these types of articles when you can because partizan reporting alienates but balanced news informs.
  3. I am sure we will help and support Niko as best as we can.It can be difficult for people to adapt to new experiences and adding the worry for his family can hamper you doing your job to normal standard.Katic will likely turn out to be a good asset to us and you have to protect your assets. It now makes sense that we have taken him out of team for the good of the team,kind of like how you may try playing a player who is recovering from injury but you then realise it was too soon.I think it was the game at Hamilton that we won 4-1 and Katic did not look the same player he had previously.Lassana Coulibally started off like Niko at Rangers and looked higher standard than currently .I guess if things are going well for you in your life it keeps your form better as you stay focused.Having now heard this info I want the players to get through this and if we can have them play how they began season with us we will have two important players who will improve us.
  4. Not sure this is mental illness but perhaps being stubborn or stuck in your ways or not being adaptable .I think the effort is there but perhaps not the high intensity to force errors late on in games.We need our main players to play well and they can help spark some of the other players in to life.Earlier in season more players were playing and contributing to a higher degree.The past results have worried me as goals and creativity has dried up.
  5. We have to play our best players more often than not if we are to be successful. I like McCrorie as a player although he is still a work in progress.My hope is that we can use our current back up players when we have injury,suspension,loss of form or heavy schedule. With how we are shaping up at present I feel comfortable that what our coaching staff decide for McCrorie to develop will be correct option.If loaned out in January I wonder what clubs would be good fit Spfl or English championship srugglers perhaps?
  6. It is fine to feel aggrieved with offside goal not being chalked off.The Hearts players could have done their job properly and tried having more shots and create more chances and the same goes for us after 1 nil loss to celtic earlier in the season(despite being reduced to 9men against Ufa).I wonder what all these decisions are that went against Hearts that Levein is referring to?
  7. It can be nice for our players and staff to get recognition outwith our fans and staff.I doubt anyone at Rangers will care that they are not getting these awards although the exposure could help with international caps or more clubs interested in signing the player/manager.We already hold Gerrard,Morelos and most of our players in high regard and we are the people whose opinions matter most.Give us trophies and success and it would hard to be denied the accolades when the season is done.
  8. One of his best press conferences yet. I think if Gerrard keeps owning the press they may actually start asking decent questions after all he has improved the players perhaps he can improve the media.
  9. Class as always.I missed most of first half yesterday so was good to see some of the footage not shown in other highlight videos.
  10. Fair play to The Dude in this article for bringing up points that the mainstream media may omit or downplay.It feels kind of rare seeing this kind of article amongst the usual somebody did something bad and they like Rangers type of biased bitter reporting.Would love to see the sort of stuff D'Artagnan wrote getting published for the Rangers fans who read newspapers and our enemies too.
  11. Win the league one journey will end and a new one begins winning leagues,cups and getting European football year after year.Still very early days but positive signs.
  12. You will have a very long wait I feel or a feeble argument not based on facts but feelings GOAT.
  13. Damn you have caught me in a lie should have made-up a shop name em it was B&Q yeah thats it.
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