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  1. Shame the youngsters lost I however hope they can learn from this and with the new coaching set up work to develop.I have faith the results will come with time and patience and there are no quick fixes.The proof as others say will be years down the line when we see makes the step up to establish themselves in the first team.
  2. My favourite Rangers player growing up because of his will to win and he is Rangers through and through.Ian Ferguson had decent ability but his work rate and determination made him way better than his ability alone.I hope Joey Barton brings this sort of desire to our team as it is needed and if he is getting stuck in the other players will follow suit.
  3. Not that you had too but thanks for explaining.I do read a good amount of posts on here although I do not always sign in to post.Totally makes sense if you did not see all of game.I honestly think if shoe was on the other foot and our fans attacked Hibs players our players would condemn the fans who did it and enquiry about wellbeing of the assaulted.
  4. I agree with what you are saying 100% very quiet when the big bad Rangers are the wronged party.In a topic you yourself posted in you were condemning the Rangers fans that went on the pitch and granted not as much info was available at the time.I may be wrongly projecting this on to you and its nothing personal you are a sensible and decent poster on here but you had the Rangers fans guilty as charged and I think partly the constant negative media portrayal can even give Rangers fans this mindset to a degree never mind the neutrals.Not an attack on you just my observation.
  5. Just Juan Guy again he is always to blame.Pretty sad behaviour but not surpising,Hibs may try to pass the buck here.
  6. Despite the disappointment of losing the game(and I am over it now) certain things have helped such as our club statements, guys like Andy Walker Chris Sutton and Tam Cowan condemning what happened and also the bravery of the referee and his officials.If we had won I doubt there would be the same trouble as likely not as many Scummy Hibs fans would have went on to the pitch.The match officials deserve to be commended good guys.
  7. Great statement and also likely to be very in touch with the thoughts and feelings of the vast majority of our fans.I am glad we are speaking out and not allowing this to be swept under the carpet.
  8. I am sure William Hill(sponsors of the cup) would not have been pleased if trophy was not presented however if they chose to break or end their sponsorship contract due to this we may see some serious action as money talks.Will probably be soft punishment and sweep sweep for Hibs move along nothing to see.
  9. Probably like most Rangers fans I find him biased in his commentary and it is not exactly hidden however when somebody who I suspect is a Rangers hater takes off the blinkers and tells the truth it goes to show how bad the scenes were."We are Rangers super Rangers no one likes us" seems to be massive understatement certainly in Scottish football.
  10. We were far from our best today but at 2-1 should have seen it out we didn't and set pieces(and the ability to not defend them) were our undoing.A stronger bench certainly would have helped.I still have faith and we will see what players we sign and how we play come the new season.
  11. I am not happy that we got promoted with ease.Winning the Petrofac was decent also.The attacking play and scoring in all but 2 games(Killie and Livingston) is pleasing.There is work to be done and we do need to strengthen.If players are injured,suspended or cup tied our bench is weak and when we use substitutions they can weaken us also.Before a ball was kicked I would have been delighted with what we have achieved.Today was a big opportunity missed and I am annoyed but I will not dwell on it too long.We have no divine right to win games.At 2-1 we should see it out.It is a shame missing out on
  12. Hibs won the game and the actions did not affect the outcome.The behaviour of the Hibs fans is rather scummy and should result in fines,bans for pitch invaders and likely jail time for any that assaulted players staff and rival fans.Trying to put myself in the Hibs fans shoes if had not won the trophy for 114 years would celebrate but pitch invasion is ott and assaulting people ffs you won I do not understand why they would react that way.
  13. To answer the op yes there may be a need to pay big transfer fees although that may not be at the present.Paying the fee may be the difference between getting the players who make you succeed and those who do not.Although the fee does not guarantee a player will succeed it usually is a good indication of a players ability(although some markets are overpriced).If we get our model right if we are shrewd with our signings it may help us push the boat out on the players that give us that extra quality and help us get to a higher level.If we plateau we may need to pay more.The flip side is true als
  14. Jason Cummings would strengthen our squad with Nicky Clark likely for the off and Kenny Miller despite doing well for us may not play as many minutes next season.In some ways I am not bothered if we sign him as I have faith in the decisions regarding player recruitment we seem to make and we may sign better.The price is rather important though as we should not pay inflated transfer fees unless we are getting the finished article or a player with very high potential.With some good professional players around to be a positive influence to Cummings he could thrive, however he may have a tough fig
  15. So many good signings I voted Tav as he has had a great impact and does not get subbed off to rest and has stayed injury free.We have had great production from Holt and Waghorn but Tav has exceeded my expectations the most.
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