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  1. Also if any of our fans stepped in and protected any of your fellow fans from getting hurt then hats off to you.I hope that the police get the scum that started this and used weapons not folk protecting themselves or others.
  2. The people who did the stabbings need to be caught and brought to account.Regardless if it was our or theirs that were stabbed this is scummy behavior and i hope nobody is seriously injured.I love Rangers and the Croats love their team too but I see no reason to go to football match and start fights and attack people with weapons. The secondry issue is the policing and if they have had a stand off approach that has emboldened trouble makers to do this.I don't mind people who start trouble getting a doing but not stabbed ffs.
  3. No red for me.I see this as a variation of a 50/50 60/40 etc. A bit of context also is that Ryan is perceived to be a dirty player despite having red cards rescinded the opposite of Scott Brown who can foul all day long without punishment. Ryan Jack is committed and gets to ball first. When assessing the situation Jack can try to control ball and risk losing possession or play the ball. Jack chooses to play the ball likely also knowing that if the ball is played and tackle comes in after he has played the ball he will likely get freekick and safe possession of the ball.
  4. Feel bad For Condit he should have won I like both fighters but can only give rounds 2 and 5 to Robbie at best.
  5. Holly Holm YASSSSSSSSS.Hype train well and truly derailed.
  6. Hope you win would prefer Dodson to take this one he showed he is capable of troubling Dj in first fight should be good scrap.
  7. You seem to know a bit about horror movies so I will need to watch some of the films you have mentioned too.
  8. I am doing good no complaints from me,how are things going for you?hope all is well.I will try watch some of these films you mentioned as some I have not seen.It seems you have quite good taste in films.
  9. Fair play to you for having the Saw themed avatar after Devlin saying you looked like the puppet from the Saw movies.There is a good movie with Denzel Washinton called fallen it is also a bit like identity .
  10. I have seen Identity if thats the film you mean? seen it in the cinema and also got it on dvd.I changed my mind a few times on who was the bad guy. I liked the film and I did figure it but not till fairly late on.
  11. I love horror films but the films like paranormal activity series for me are not scary.When I watch that type of horror film I usually am busy focusing on solving the mystery and looking for patterns(eg this happened at this time and the following night 30 mins later). Perhaps me trying to be a detecive when watching these types of horror movie(the ring,the grudge and paranormal activity )is spoiling what friends and family tell me are good and scary films.
  12. Watched the movie Shutter island last night.It is a decent film worth a watch.Love my cheap Tesco dvds.
  13. Watched the taking of Pelham 123(not the original) starring Denzel Washington and John Travolta.Was a decent film(3 quid out of tesco) and John Travolta is rather good playing the villain.Also watched another cheap tesco dvd called the Animal factory(Edward Furlong Willem Dafoe).On the box Jonny Vaughan says "riveting..great performances" and uncut says "uncompromising ,truly chilling a far more powerful and realistic work than the shawshank redemption".Well Jonny Vaughan and uncut both lied it is shit so do not watch or better still recommend it to someone you don't like.
  14. Watched the Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg film The other guys.A wee 3 quid tesco cheap Dvd.Was not to shabby a movie but nothing special either.Steve Coogans character(a crooked investor)did rather remind me of Craig Whyte.Eva Mendes is also in the movie but not enough and with too many clothes on.
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