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  1. Without an extremely favourable set of draws there's no chance we will reach the group stages.
  2. With 2 decent centre halves and a proper holding midfielder Tav would be a hugely influential player for us. He gets caught out a lot due to his attacking runs and there been no coverage from midfield and a centre half (Kiernan) who is hopeless. It's no coincidence that he has been involved in our 3 goals against celtic this season.
  3. Aye it's horrendous to follow and the bits that I am able to follow are an embarrassment. In fact, just seen the text message about Brown you posted 😱
  4. For parity, Stan has also said he spent over £1k out his own pocket on stuff for the event and that was him being reimbursed which is certainly different than being paid a fee. Although I gave up trying to follow the twitter exchange as it was just a rabble
  5. Rangers fan eh - best in the world but fuck me there are some rockets... Can't organise a charity match for a fantastic cause without it descending into chaos
  6. Hardly anybody in Dublin cares about Scottish football or them. If there is an English game on at the same time they'll probably be showing that. I was there last year and walked about in a Rangers top without anybody batting an eyelid.
  7. Pretty clear somebody has tried to put a halt to this event for one reason or another - I'd be amazed if there was a legitimate reason for this and like everyone else, I wouldn't be surprised if it turned out to be Bomber. However, the cryptic messages etc help nobody and in today's world of social media leaves a vacuum to be filled by nonsense rumours. Hopefully, it's laid out clearly by the games organisers.
  8. This.
  9. Can't stress enough how important it is that Bears ignore that account. It's been set up for a reason to try & impact the court case that starts tomorrow & it's been set up by the law firm who have defended him in the past & are also ǝpɐbıɹq uǝǝɹb ǝɥʇ's lawyers.
  10. The first thing be did when he didn't get the job was stab Pedro in the back by running to Jackson who then wrote an article trying to discredit him.
  11. That's an excellent post.
  12. Maybe the person who planted a story in the Daily Record that Leipzig wanted to spend £6m on him, just a few days before his performance appraisal, will spend that on him at his new club 😀
  13. For those that missed 'the speech' last Thursday......
  14. It's fake. Both Greg & the club have tweeted to say so.
  15. I've no real reason for saying this other than a gut feeling but I suspect the advertising on the Sandy Jardine stand wont be there come the first game of next season.
  16. Miller vs Sheep for me
  17. I would imagine so. I think from memory when the RST sponsored Halliday it was around £1,500.
  18. Because they sponsor the players.
  19. Yes it was all announced at the time. It's great thing for C1872 to do and gets money into the club
  20. Apart from the bit about Christine which isn't what she said at all, that's a fair summary of the night.
  21. Doesn't matter who they are tbh. It's the principle of it, not the personnel.
  22. So the latest experience from Club 1872 is as follows: You can now opt in to win an Experience for the opportunity to meet and greet with Pedro and Andy at Murray Park on Wednesday 12th April 2017 at 12.30 pm along with a Club 1872 Board Director. Experience consists of meeting with Pedro and Andy, being presented with a signed shirt, tour of the training ground and the opportunity to take photgraphs. Please log in to your Club 1872 account to opt in. Club 1872 Now, that's a great 'prize' for a member and is offered because Club 1872 sponsor the 2 individuals using members money. Why would there be any need for a Club 1872 Director to attend in place of a member. Once again, it goes to show how out of touch/incompetent the remaining 4 are. Absolutely no regard to the perception of how these things look. Also, why would I, as a member, want to attend alongside a Director rather than my Dad, brother, mate etc. Ridiculous.
  23. I doubt he'll reply now he has the gig but I can confirm that isn't true.
  24. The pyro was also in the home end. They let it off when we scored the 1st for some reason. Also, the level of security & searches we had to go through up there was an absolutely disgrace. Genuinely less security going through an airport. Folk smashing seats up is pointless & serves no purpose but quite a few were broken during the celebrations. Perhaps if their stadium wasn't falling to bits these things wouldn't happen.
  25. Hahaha good bunch of lads 😀