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  1. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Yip. Tried to grass a Bear up for an off colourerd joke about the wee lad whilst having his header photo a photoshop of him.
  2. Ibrox Maintenance

  3. I’m the Leader of the Gang, I Am!

    Currently on Twitter, someobody who has absolutely nothing to do with the alleged abuse is being accused of targetting Rangers fans employers - which is completely untrue, whilst at the same time, having pictures of him, his employer, his wife and his house posted online. Suppose that was the purpose of the blog, wasn't it?
  4. Legends match - 24th March at Ibrox

    Booked a holiday as it was international weekend which is a pain in the arse. Should be a decent day.
  5. Depends what we do with the money.
  6. Ian Ferguson interview/article - good read.

    That's an absolutely superb story mate - had no idea that was the case.
  7. Jackson is banned from Ibrox ffs.
  8. Ian Ferguson interview/article - good read.

    Fergie at training with his Rangers chain. Fucking love him.
  9. Hmmm. Worse that Spiers, Spence, Gordon & that ilk, no chance.
  10. He is the ex editor and presumably supports them as well but always found him to be one of the very few fair & balanced journos up here to be honest. More than happy to dish out praise & criticism to both us & them when deserved.
  11. Windass

    There's a link in that story to us attempting to sign Devante Cole on the last day of the window which simply ins't true.
  12. Couldn't hit a barn door = 5 goals in his last 8. 7 in 10 if you want to include the 2 games in Florida.
  13. Given the money guys like Niko, Pena (before he left), Alves & Herrera are picking up it#'s hardly a surprise he wants a new deal - and he fully deserves it. Whilst on the whole we have had an excellent window the squad is far too heavy, reckon we have around 30 first team players, we realistically need maybe 8 or so out the door, which if lets say on an average of £8k p/w would be an extra £64k a week to play with which could could towards new deals for Morelos & Tav and any new additions. Still a lot of money being wasted unfortunately.
  14. Fraserborough lockout?

    He’s talking shite. There was plenty people who didn’t get in with genuine tickets.
  15. Busses getting pulled.

    People aren;t been charged under the OBFA but they are trying to get football related convictions as high as possible to show this legislation is needed.
  16. Busses getting pulled.

    All 13 Killie buses going to ABerdeen on Saturday were pulled. They are trying to get as many convictions as possible so they can use as evidence to keep the OBFA
  17. Busses getting pulled.

    An allocation of 350 in a game versus Fraserburgh and they are pulling buses. An absolute disgrace.
  18. King at BBC today

    You’ve given no facts to face. Still waiting on this breakdown ?
  19. King at BBC today

    On the flip side, where would we be if they hadn’t put that money in? I don’t think any of them will see a return on their money either tbf. I’ve given Club 1872 a 4 figure sum so I’m standing up what I think. People can make their own decisions regardless of what I say. I would give my last penny to Rangers.
  20. King at BBC today

    That’s the exact same for every business though. That’s an absolutely mental way to look at it. Can you give an example of any football club, or business, not funded using debt or equity?
  21. King at BBC today

    Eh? How do you expect them to fund the club outwith either debt or equity?
  22. King at BBC today

    No, i asked you to split them all out, which you seem reluctant to do.
  23. King at BBC today

    Will be converted to equity, as you know...
  24. King at BBC today

    Can you split out 'projects' financed by fans group and then those financed by other sources. Thanks.