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  1. Nope.
  2. Like Scott Allan? Far too simplistic an outlook on it.
  3. Would be happy with this. Not convinced it'll happen given he's on big money apparently but you never know.
  4. Naismith is still under contract at Norwich but that has had no influence on the decision.
  5. His medical is in the next couple of days.
  6. Naismith wont be signing. All the interest is from his side. We don't want him.
  7. You must be a rare laugh on a night out btw.
  8. Welcome to the forum
  9. There is a 0% chance Weiss will be a Rangers player next season.
  10. You have to factor in the fact that for the last few months, they had a board who were completely uninterested in doing anything for the organisation until the recent re-appointments.
  11. I'm not sure guarantor is the correct terminology but he is the sole 'member' of the CIC. However, a special resolution was passed that any amendments to the articles, any AGM/EGM votes regarding RIFC & and key decisions must be taken by members - defined as life members and those who are donating to it. That's what happened regarding Joanne & Laura.
  12. 100% it shouldn't be down to them but they have to have the ability to do so when their is a vacuum created by the club being silent - which on recent viewing will be a regular occurrence
  13. Well there is no evidence that he does have a veto so until somebody presents evidence I'd have to say no.
  14. If he had a veto and was so empowered - why did the statement not go out weeks ago when the media started their pish and it only happened to go out 3 days after 2 Directors were re-appointed alongside members wishes. Also, nothing had happened in the organisation for the past few months yet within 3 days, the Erskine ST have been renewed as per the thread in the B&F, this has gone out and 2 of the Directors have been holding various meetings this week to actually get the organisation moving again. Also, if James is so empowered surely he could removed and/or appoint Directors as he wished, therefore why did their re-appointment go to a members vote? As all key decisions should.
  15. I've got no idea why you seem to keep trotting this line out. All Directors of Club 1872 are Directors of SVL. If you think this was driven by the club you are very much mistaken.
  16. His agent was saying last night at the writers awards that the deal is unlikely to happen due to Naismith's wage demands.
  17. I wouldn't worry about the story not being true. He'll be a Rangers player next season. 2 year deal.
  18. Suggestion seemed to be at least £1m. Didn't realise he was out of contract next summer. Strengthens our hand anyway.
  19. Do you really think McLean would be worth the premium we would need to pay the sheep to get him? The price probably gone up since we're taking their captain for free.
  20. Haha. You're unhinged mate.
  21. It's a 2 year deal.
  22. You'll have to remind me what you're on about regarding SD & 1872? i never back the wrong horse, I only back Rangers 👍
  23. First team wages are £10.3m this year - from the accounts.
  24. This year the ST money was £13m (ish). Our wage bill is £10m and we spent £3m on players.
  25. As expected. Have the convinction to stand by your posts :)