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  1. Alves

    Alves has torn his calf and is not only out for tomorrow but for the next few weeks. John is 50/50.
  2. Morelos Article

    That's a second article he did today. The first is the one with all the drug references.
  3. Pena

    HAHAHAHAHA dearie me.
  4. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Rangers v Leicester is next Tuesday 7.15 - £5 at Ibrox.
  5. Windass offered 1 match ban

  6. Windass offered 1 match ban

    Tbf this is all speculation at this stage. Nothing has been confirmed.
  7. Ryan Jack?

  8. Doncaster in Trouble

    Would be good if Rangers were to come out publicly and state their position - possibly after the board meeting next week if there is no satisfactory resolution to what Doncaster did.
  9. Firhill Roll Call

  10. Doncaster in Trouble

    Somebody leaked the SFA response to Gollum at the BBC and from that moment onwards Lawwell was on the back foot as he didn't have all his ducks lined up. http://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/41194676 He's been on the backfoot ever since and it's superb to see.
  11. Dundee Utd v Linfield

    I'll find out tomorrow heading to Firhill & let you know mate
  12. Dundee Utd v Linfield

    I'm not going as wont give Dundee Utd a penny unless Rangers are there but as said in the thread already we are running a bus (Toryglen True Blues) so go with them if you are looking to go and help a bus out.
  13. U20's live V Brighton tomorrow night

    Was at the game tonight & yeah we didn't deserve to lose. Barjonas & McAdams the stand outs. Quite a few of the Brighton team regularly play for their U23's so good opposition. Playing this level can only benefit the players rather than playing in Scotland
  14. ***The Official Rangers in Canada Thread***

    That's the game been confirmed.
  15. Bheast FC: Statement

    From the Guardian today; Rangers’ current fury is towards the SPFL’s chief executive, Neil Doncaster, who penned a letter to the SFA under the title: “Independent review of use of tax avoidance schemes at Rangers FC and actions of Scottish football authorities.” The Ibrox club are adamant the SPFL board, upon which their managing director Stewart Robertson sits, agreed to undertake no such thing. A process of how circumstances even remotely similar to 2012 would be handled in future, yes, but not essentially another investigation into the EBT years. Semantics, perhaps, but important ones.
  16. Bheast FC: Statement

    Heard a rumour earlier that King flew into Glasgow yesterday and there will be a statement later on today. Trying to find out if it is the case though.
  17. Bheast FC: Statement

    That hibs statement is a game changer IMO. If I was Rangers I would sit back and let a few more clubs do the same (they will) then go all guns blazing and make reference to all the statements from member clubs. Job done.
  18. Bheast FC: Statement

    I have no idea if one is coming, just meant I'd be amazed if one didn't come - they have an open goal here on a number of issues.
  19. That utter cunt @alextomo

  20. ***Rangers Development Fixtures***

    Good news they've moved it to 7.15 - means I can go now.
  21. Bheast FC: Statement

    It's no coincidence that Jackson's article comes just a number of days after Lawwell lifted his ban.
  22. Wes and his 100th game for Rangers Yesterday

    I really like Wes but can't agree enough with that. Hate when he does it.
  23. Pena

    Hahaha that's a shocker of a take that.
  24. Pena

    Peña is of a calibre we haven't had for a number of years at Ibrox. You could see his game intelligence yesterday with his runs into the box, finding space and playing between the lines. He's also powerful and direct which we have lacked badly. He's still really rusty though and that was shown through his first touch at times. Only way that'll improve though is through game time