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  2. Aye it's a shambles. No idea why they didn't tell us this in advance and would have saved us all now being in limbo about tickets
  3. The initial allocation that has sold out was 4,000. Rangers have requested more.
  4. Friday night before the first OF game for anybody who is prone to a 3 day bender for them 😎🇬🇧
  5. We also won the treble after Zizkov and the double after Kaunas.
  6. With his budget he should have been comfortably second in the league. There's absolutely no doubt that Pedro has been backed to much greater extent than Warburton ever was but it doesn't change the fact he's a loser. He made defeats and draws become acceptable. I sat in a Q&A at Ibrox with him where he tried to justify the various defeats we suffered under him (Hibs, Aberdeen & celtic) and tried to make them seem unacceptable. FWIW I've said for a while now Pedro wont be here by the time celtic come to Ibrox at the end of September. Our problems go much deeper than just the manager.
  7. Not comparing him to Pedro with this but Warburton was a complete fucking loser who will never win anything of note as a manager because he is a loser. Just like the various losers he signed.
  8. Nope. Mostly a second string side.
  9. Must have changed his start date as it was supposed to be earlier than that, the club website said as much at the time.
  10. Absolutely superb
  11. There was element of that and also an element of people just standing wherever they wanted made parts of the stand look like unsold seats.
  12. They just sold out really quickly.
  13. Sold out in under a day last time mate. They'll go quickly again this time. 6,000 allocation isn't enough for the demand.
  14. We are £50 but that's bus & ticket.
  15. You'd be better going to the Edinburgh Union Jack bus.
  16. Looks as if this is a goer.
  17. Played a 4-4-2...... Dorrans played a part as well but that's all I know
  18. Derby didn't scratch the surface of Sheffield.
  19. No. He starts on Friday.
  20. They aren't in any way similar.
  21. 1 goal from 5 on target from 16 shots so that would suggest poor finishing.
  22. Who the fuck is attacking us What you'll find is that the various statements before the game by the Club & King will ensure a minimal fine, if any. One of the Manchester clubs was fined last season because there game kicked off 2 minutes late. Being cited for the paper throwing is laughable, everybody knows that. The Club 1872 statement just reinforces that there is absolutely zero tolerence when it comes to UEFA.
  23. That article does exactly what you ask.... target FARE and the real lack of transparency behind that organisation and their tie up with UEFA.
  24. What time does the flight get into Birmingham bro?