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  1. With stories like that? Not in any numbers that its damaging to them. Tbh, that point should've come with the sun a long time ago but as long as we have a country obsessed with reading the sort of celeb-obsessed shite the sun churns out (and soap spoilers, they fucking love those) theyll keep getting the hits.
  2. In terms of the journalistic quality of it? No, not in the slightest. In terms of doing what it was designed to do and drive traffic to their website, they won a watch with it. Ultimately, its a bit of a puff piece that most people will have forgotten by this time next week and won't hinder them in any meaningful way. Given a LOT of the Sun's content is placed there by advertisers/reps/PR it's largely par for the course in what they do.
  3. Cheers. Aye, thats what the last couple had been more like and I think it flows a wee bit more naturally that way. That and I'm very much still getting used to this 'host' role rather than just being a snidey wee dick of a 'guest' chucking comments in like before
  4. I kinda felt the same tbh but just kinda finding our feet with doing these so will learn for future.
  5. Hollicom barely had anything to do with them in the first place.
  6. It's someone taking a leap based on nothing more than sturgeon being due to announce new restrictions. I've no idea why folk think Hollicom are half as influential as they are. A two-bit PR firm. They arent the omnipotent force folk seem to want them to be.
  7. That'll be next season. It's not getting postponed.
  8. Well, the boy at the Sun done his job well. There was no concern over the being played but it made for a good story and got plenty of clicks.
  9. 😂 Haha aye, Jim's not been shy on the Hibs game. Was at his presser yesterday and he wasn't happy at all.
  10. Dunno, I've not seen it tbh but it's against them so it's a stonewaller.
  11. Two stonewallers missed, a clear red card not given and a goal punched in against them in two games as well as having to sign a keeper who met his new teammates two hours before his debut. Some week for St. Mirren
  12. Does that include the ones that Castore said weren't Turkish?
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