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  1. Schmeichel was hugely over-rated because he played for United.
  2. It has as much place as any of the other gifts in there.
  3. Its not from a fan. It's a gift from the company itself. They send them to various champions in different sports as a PR move. Its generally worked really well for them and had WWEs logo in the middle of celebrations at the Super Bowl, NBA finals and World Series. WWE usually have an accompanying PR piece going out to an audience of millions.
  4. This any use? https://www.fitbastats.com/rangers/index.php
  5. AFAIK, the change to allow 12k/25% into Hampden will apply to every ground in Scotland.
  6. Only lasted a matter of weeks i think before it was changed. Remember reading something about it before.
  7. Getting very close to the point where its time to get rid tbh.
  8. Tbf, he was more than doubling what he would've got here! And all to sit on his hole for a couple of years playing COD & FIFA.
  9. I think his being skint plays a bit more into him moving to Celtic than people want to credit. The second they were interested (and were adding a 0 on the back of what we were offering him), there was only ever one place he could go given his financial obligations.
  10. Clubs wont play players earning 000's a week without it.
  11. Scott Allan had ruined Scott Allan's career long before then.
  12. Is he still paying off his £6million debt to that guy he left a vegetable?
  13. Reading Marshall getting bodied on FF has been quite enjoyable.
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