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  1. Jesus wept. That defence is giving me nightmares already.
  2. Jack gets better with every passing day he's out. It's going to take a LOT more than a defensive midfielder and inconsistent winger to turn this around.
  3. Veerman was never a serious target. We were NEVER spending the sort of money they wanted for him, CL or otherwise.
  4. After three and a half years in charge, there's only one place the blame for that lies.
  5. That was something Goodwin mentioned earlier in the St M presser (I've not clipped the video yet) “I had a wee thought for Sir Alex Ferguson this morning when I heard the news because I know they were very close. “I had the pleasure of meeting Sir Alex a couple of seasons ago as well and he was talking about Mr Smith so my heart goes out to him" He also added "Mr Smith" wasn't at the event which made it stand out even more that Ferguson was talking about him.
  6. He was. That's why Gerrard seemed so emotional about it rather than him 'just' being a legendary figure of the club's past.
  7. Without doubt. There's VERY few people you can say this about it any club but Rangers owe part of what we are as a club to Walter Smith rather than the other way around.
  8. Even more so, the fact he's had a fairly big hand in it too.
  9. Some really nice words from Jim Goodwin there in St. Mirren's presser. goodwin_Trim.mp4
  10. That's me bawling my eyes out now.
  11. The day we lose Ally I genuinely don't know how I'll cope.
  12. Without doubt. Walter is as much Mr Rangers to 'my' generation as Greig is to older bears. I'm generally against statues at grounds but he is absolutely one there's a very good case for. Opposite end to JG and the disaster memorial would be ideal and woulld be fitting to have Walter and Greig flanking the Bill Struth main stand.
  13. This is absolutely gutting. I'm sure most of us on here grew up with Walter as manager and it probably makes it hit home that wee bit harder than some of the older legends who have passed. Quite simply one of THE most important people in our club's history.
  14. I dont know all the specifics, just the main bits.
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