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  1. Seems a bit contradictory there. Unless you don't actually mean discussing football...
  2. Rangers have partnered with the Daily Record while the majority of fans are boycotting it.
  3. Sorry mate, I'll be sure to get your approval next time I'm asked to do something by my boss. Can't have random fuckwits on the internet disapproving.
  4. Watch out mate. Such positivity might bite us in the arse and give them extra motivation
  5. You're right. Wanting a thread chopped to stop something getting hits because you don't like it is pretty fucking embarrassing.
  6. No rule change, I've written stuff taking the piss out of them for years. Making up 'rules' that you think someone else abides by based on your failure to understand a simple statement outstrips the lot.
  7. So in what way would something done by rangers fans ripping the piss out ofthem not be related to Rangers and only be relevant to them?
  8. i think you're conflating folks desperation for me to write something that isn't even remotely linked to Rangers to something that is.
  9. There wasn't one. It was a tweet. You don't even know what it is you're fucking angry about man 😂
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