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  1. "I didn't say that, Goat, though, did I. If I do want to say it I will." It's certainly what people are entitled to think reading your post. It's a sad stance to take though. I would guess that most people would rather come on here to discuss rangers rather than to hear the same old shit and accusations. It is after all a forum to discuss RFC. ally's performance as manager is surely worthy of discussion, is it not?
  2. I've been in the US for a long time now. Used to make every effort to listen to games or watch on internet. Before that I would even phone home and have them sit the radio next to the phone so I could hear the games. Now I can't be arsed with any of it. My love is still strong but the football just got so shit and has shown no signs of improvement. Actually it's got worse. Nothing to do with standard of player, just the way we play. No clue whatsoever and no sense that we have any direction. No doubt about it, Ally as manager is holding us back. I honestly feel that it could really, really hurt us longer term. Frightening just thinking about it, but I believe he's contributing to a massive decline at Rangers with effects that could last for years. Football has changed and you need tactics and the ability to possess the ball with purpose to succeed. At best ally has no clue how to implement either, at worst he doesn't believe in either. We don't have the finance to fling about but that's all he talks about. Money won't change anything though, not with him in charge. That's obvious. Only thing he'll do is waste what precious pounds we have and the rebuilding when he's gone (cos he will be gone, of that there is no doubt. Even his supporters know he's got till SPL at most) will be costly and could be beyond us. Why keep him past this year? Let's get someone in who can coach and start the building. The really worrying thing is that those dirty bastards on the other side are eyeing 10. No way they'd get it with a good manager but if ally is in charge until we get to SPL, which is what some are saying, I'm one worried bear.
  3. really like what I'm seeing here. Much better, ball on the deck. still lack a little creativity in final 3rd but hey, hopefully it will come
  4. not really pleased with the line up but it was predictable from ally. Not really looking forward to this but I have a feeling we'll at least get to see McKay at some point. One thing I've been reading that surprises me - the feeeling that because of a tax case no one would want the job. Nonsense, we would get hundreds of applications and a lot would be quality with way more experience than ally. just saying.
  5. cheers m8 for the info. With Ortiz it's just that i think : broadfoot : stands for everything that I dont like in a footballer and the way rangers play at times. I'd rather play : ortiz : there. damn - didnt work?
  6. Yep, this is what I'd go with also. Have heard that Mcmillan is injured so I'd play Ortiz there. He has played there in spain and it would be good to have a player who can distribute pushing on from full back. With 3CM it's important we get full backs forward. I'm new to this board, how do you get the player pics?
  7. broadfoot running away and letting forrest attack him. Bad news if that happens. Broadfoot is just not good enough.
  8. really worrying this is that we'll probably go out and sign boyd now. Cue more punts up the park, no combinations and static forward play. sad.
  9. 1st post so ill probably be accused of being a tim... biggest thing wrong is the style of play. We have none. Describe how we play? No tactics or style just win because we have more money than the rest of a shitty league and we can buy some decent players. There is no thought for the future or trying to install a "rangers way". tbh its been that way for as long as I can remember. The game is changing and we should be leading the style of play in scotland, not getting taught a lesson on possession every week. Simple is we need a manager who can "coach" a style of play that suits the way the game is changing and should be played. Fuck winning for a season if thats what it means. Lets concentrate on building a style of play the fans and scottish football can be proud off. Oh and whittaker and mcculloch are both not good enough. And Mcgregor is a good keeper but his distribution is terrible (his throw to jelavic for 2nd goal was poor - why a long throw if player cant go forward?) The decision to keep them/offer new contracts shows me that mccoist will NEVER understand what it takes. He's had his chance, now thanks and goodbye. Finally, a couple of predictions... we tie today, just cos we're fitter and mirren will tire and we win against the ceptic. Doesnt really change the fact that we are still not good enough.
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