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  1. Gallagher have done more at championship level than all those players, apart from Murdoch. Hopefully Gallagher gets his chance.
  2. Gotta be big jig. He was playing in the prem when he came to us. Story goes that he got caught speeding driving himself up to glasgow for his medical. His dads a proper bluenose as well. Goes to a lot of lodge does
  3. I know of 2 players that have left in the last 2 months that have put coupons on and first goal scorers on their selfs when on loan at other clubs.
  4. Toolongawake he's on £400 a week at beef plus they get a win bonus if they win obviously. Don't know what falkirk offered him though.
  5. I know for a fact that hemmings doesn't like ally Infact I know he wants him sacked. Glad he's away if I'm honest.
  6. I'm a season ticket holder but can't seem to find where to buy them on the official site. I tried phoning the ticket office but no one is answering.
  7. Yeah father Mullen was a bheast priest from fife.
  8. N'guessan is a good player we should of kept a hold of him.
  9. Don't forget Crawford he looks very promising. Hopefully Chris hegarty gets a game aswell. I'm really excited by our youths. Good times ahead
  10. Kingdom of fife ken?
  11. I'm sure he made his dad very proud. R.I.P
  12. Shiels was my motm.
  13. Not the greatest player to ever grace the jersey but always got 100 percent. Good luck to him
  14. Didn't mean to neg rep you there
  15. Happy days we haven't had a pre season so good result :McCulloch: