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  1. I would hate to see this squad without Davis, or a Davis type player.
  2. Got a few Motherwell and smelltic fans at work and they smell blood. Let's fucking destroy Well tomorrow Let's fucking break their spirits LET'S FUCKING GET 55!!!!
  3. Learnt a new word today. Supercilious.
  4. Think he might be my neighbour. I'll make sure to wind him the fuck up before he goes on air.
  5. I'm sure the match is a dent in their confidence but if we had sneaked a goal that would have blew a hole in their confidence and team spirit. That would have been a fantastic way to kick off the New Year.
  6. Sir Alex did once beat an excellent Arsenal side playing three midfielders and a striker as his back four. I'm sure half of our current team would melt like chocolate in front of Fergies hairdryer
  7. Maybe he can get us Barry on the right wing, Wally on the left and Grodd in defence
  8. This is from the Evening Standard. Sport › Football Fergie praises 'big game' star Darren Fletcher as he makes return ANDREW HODGSON Tuesday 3 November 2009 10:37 Click to follow ES Sport Hats off to you: Darren Fletcher has developed into one of Manchester United’s key performers Sir Alex Ferguson welcomes the return of Darren Fletcher to Manchester United's starting line-up against CSKA Moscow tonight and is delighted the fellow Scot is finally recognised as a 'big game player'. The 25-year-old midfielder had largely been regarded as a squa
  9. It is widely known that Fergies United team would not have been as successful if it was not for Fletcher and his break up play but Scotland wise he has been a dismal failure
  10. Dunno how someone who has won the premier league and champions league is a serial failure...
  11. Seeing Sir Walter celebrate always cheers me up
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