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  1. Probably scared of us smashing up the town center again
  2. This. Can't see it being changed cause we don't try new things.
  3. Gylfi Sigurdsson is going to MLS. Surely he would be perfect for us with his long range screamers and passing range. On loan.
  4. Hope Shagger and his partner/kids are all fine.
  5. Thats what every kid needs from his dad tbh
  6. I was in Pakistan. Watched the game by satellite and had to explain to my 80 year old granny why I was cheering on a black man. Good times
  7. I'd fucking love to see it. Some cunt who'd happily break his granny in half to stop us conceding
  8. Thats one the fucking funniest/true things ever I've ever read on here
  9. Suarez has been released from his contract early by Barca
  10. In 07/08 it was 451, then in 08/09 it was 541 against everyone but Bursaspor iirc.
  11. A right hard bastard like Souness or Butcher or Gattuso or Woodburn or Boli. I'm too young to have seen them play.
  12. This is beyond a must. A big hard tackling bastard who lays down the law
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