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  1. http://www.soldiersoffthestreet.org/ Walter Hamilton, Regional Organiser for Soldiers off the Streets is going to be a guest on the show (Rangerschat call in) on Wednesday. 16 Sept. at approx 21:30 hrs. We hope to use this interview to help boost the profile of this very worthwhile cause. Please try and help to spread the word by getting this out on social media http://www.rangerschat.com/index.php
  2. Kris did a great interview last night. If you did not manage to catch him live, here are links to the archives. The interview starts at approx. 30 mins Part 1 - http://mixlr.com/ran...esday-01092015/ Part 2 - http://mixlr.com/ran...art-2-01092015/ Kris and the whole idea of the PUL Community Hub was extremely well received last night, and the general consensus was that we would appreciate regular updates. To that end, we have approached Kris to have a regular slot on the show, to keep our members informed for future events and reports on previous demonstrations etc. Watch this space.
  3. Kris McGurk from the regimental Blues shall be coming on to the Rangerschat call in show show -http://www.rangerschat.com/ on Tues 1st. September to speak about the new PUL Community Hub which is going to be opening it's doors shortly in Hillfoot Street G31 2LD. Kris has given me the following information which shall be the basis of the discussion The standard hours of opening will be from 10am-6pm Monday-Saturday. 1pm-5pm on Sundays. Although this will be head campaign office for Regimental Blues it is open for the community to use as they please. There is a 24/7 contact phone line in there which will always be answered. There are also several groups being created as we speak, they will be ready for launching within the next 2 weeks and will be allocated a schedule on which they will run. Some of the programmes we will have running will be: Self Help Group Working Links Group Community Social Club(weekends) Welfare advice group(Benefits, Social Housing, Community Issues) Local Councillor drop in sessions. Youth Group (From ages 5-12 and 13-18) Loyalist History Groups Protestant History Groups. We are all of the same mindset - wanting our voice as a PUL community to be heard - especially in the West of Scotland where we are being treated unfairly in favour of certain minorities. Please listen to the show and call in if you have a particular point you wish to raise - most of all give your support to Kris and the rest of the Regimental Blues who are prepared to stand up and speak out for us the silent majority
  4. Thanks for keeping our numbers up BMR - we couldn't be successful without curmudgeons like you - listening just to log on here and complain. No such a thing as bad publicity according to Phineas T. Barnum.
  5. Voting on advert design is now open -http://www.rangerschat.com/forum/forum/Off-Topic-0.htm#topic/Advert-Design-Voting.htm
  6. WE are fully cognizant of the copyright issues GB.
  7. Willis, here's the thread for the ad campaign - voting will be at the start of the week http://www.rangerschat.com/forum/topic/Design.htm We got these pics sent from a member in NI http://www.rangerschat.com/forum/topic/Bonfires-in-preparation-for-The-12th-.htm
  8. A reference to a dig from Chris Graham's statement about Kheevins' apology. Ironic in the extreme - he receives an apology for not slagging Rangers fans, only to include a snipe at a Rangers forum in said statement. You couldn't make it up. We did reply with our own statement - Fox does enjoy a good statement
  9. It's definitely the callers that make the show. It is going to be hard during the close season, so if you have a Rangers related topic that is close to your heart call in and we can discuss it
  10. Let's all laugh at C*****c special tonight at 21:00 hrs Call in with your favourite joke or story http://www.rangerschat.com/
  11. To say that I am disappointed with this bout of dirty laundry airing would be an understatement. On the show/site we are always at pains to point out that arguments and disputes on other forums should be sorted out at the place of origin not to spill over on to Rangerschat. I wish that had been the case here.
  12. Due to the above function tomorrow, Hunter's political show is tonight (Saturday) at 20:00 hrs
  13. All members of Rangerschat and their guests are cordially invited to this function (apologies for my late posting) Where: Tradeston Ex-Serviceman's Club, 6 Beech Ave., G41 5BY - http://www.tradestonesc.co.uk/ Directions: - Link to Google Maps - https://www.google.c...6b89d0966308089 When: - Sunday Nov 30Th. from 14:30 - 20:00 Catering: - The club's in house caterer (a good bear and plays in the accordion band) will provide food to be purchased from15:00 - 17:00 Entertainment: 3 live singers Karaoke Raffle Quiz - 2 semi-finals and the final Our very own (much missed) Carson's Army is one of the semi-finalists It's free entry (unlike some forum's functions) and kids are welcome
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