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  1. So relieved he doesn’t still play for us otherwise that tweet would defo get picked up by media/taigs
  2. He hasn’t been good for a couple seasons I believe
  3. What are you talking about? Tavernier is at his peak right now, whereas van Dijk was signed with the view of him having massive potential, that’s the difference
  4. Patterson looks 11 compared to Bellingham in build and he’s 2 years older than Bellingham
  5. He started UCL knockout games for Dortmund, he’s good enough to start
  6. Jude Bellingham is ridiculous, 17 years old ffs
  7. van Dijk was 23 when he left celtic, tav is 30. There’s a difference.
  8. Fletcher was effective because of the system he played in, it’s a different situation. Listen, Tavernier doesn’t get anywhere near this England squad, Aaron Wan-Bissaka doesn’t even get a look in. I’m sure Tav would tell you himself, he isn’t as good as these England RBs
  9. Fletcher was shit for anyone not called Manchester United. Barry all day.
  10. I know enough to know that Tavernier isn’t as good as Walker and Trippier, or Wan-Bissaka who didn’t even make the 33 man squad.
  11. How? One plays for us and the other two play regularly for the champions of England the champions of Spain, both teams are miles and miles ahead of us. Tavernier wouldnt do well for Man City or Atletico.
  12. You actually know nothing about football if you think Tavernier is better than Walker and Trippier.
  13. Pal if Guardiola, Pochettino, Simeone think Trippier and Walker are good, then they’re good.
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