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  1. ?????? Well a year of that other year and a half is this season and he’s been good and so has everyone else so he hasnt had to carry the team. The only time hes been shit was the months post winter break pre covid when everyone was shit.
  2. Morelos has shown up in big europa league games and also carried us for a season and a half so cant really compare
  3. Feels weird as fuck going into a league game as champions and not really being nervous or anything
  4. Doubt it, fuck you raging over a belt for🤣
  5. Trophy Room isnt just for trophys, theres also a Bike in there so this is acceptable imo and idgaf about wrestling
  6. Just a bit shit of a thread aint it? When you boil it down im just asking if anyone has any pics from 99/00 trophy day.
  7. Need Morelos to be like this on trophy day
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