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  1. We are good at defending 1 goal leads in Europe though remember
  2. There’s not another round of qualifying after this is there? Surely not
  3. Of course winning this is great for the club financially and all that, but the most important reason to win is so we can get into those turkish bastards who keep harassing the club twitter account
  4. There is zero chance fans are getting back in grounds in the UK this season
  5. Ojo vs Feyenoord maybe? Not sure it could be classed as a screamer
  6. When was the last time we scored a genuine screamer
  7. What you do mean finally hit form? 6 wins, 2 draws in the league. 7 clean sheets in a row, we are in form.
  8. Lol at all this negativity before we’ve even kicked off. Fuck up.
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