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  1. Can’t believe he’s gonna be considered a great when it’s all said and done due to his trophy wins when we were in lower leagues and when we were awful when we come back up. Absolute nothing player.
  2. Honestly I can’t believe we done it. They’re hurting right now and I fucking love it.
  3. Itten doesn’t have the bottle or strength to win anything in the air against spfl defenders but I hope I get proven wrong
  4. I’d bring Hagi on tbh, think he’ll be right up for it
  5. Just need to write that first half off and be grateful it’s still 0-0
  6. Wouldn’t mind if the game just ended now. Would honestly take a draw after that first half.
  7. Appealing for high boot when Davis’ foot didn’t even reach the guys thigh 🤣
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