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  1. Exact same for me. I've checked my renewal confirmation via email and it's definitely listed there. Must just be an online issue
  2. I could do with an iPhone cough if you know of one? I've used pak India hd before but it looks like bt has been removed.
  3. I've got a spare that you can have mate. Pm me your address and I'll send it on.
  4. Actually ignore me as I'm pished. G Rae was defo captain briefly during PLG management. Nothing to do with boozegate
  5. Sorry, meant to add: was it not Gavin Rae that got the armband after ferguson, or am I thinking PLG time?
  6. Cool, he specifically mentioned £10M in the bank didn't he? Sorry, wasn't at the meeting. Just picked up bits and pieces on here
  7. Something just crossed my mind, when Stockbridge is talking about funds left, and if the Ahmed claim was kicked off as far back as the 22nd, would Stockbridge be talking about cash left minus this potential liability?
  8. DavidLamond - 2 scarfs
  9. Personally id like to see the keeper look for a defender every single time. I reckon defenders currently expect the ball to be launched and don't look for the space to make themselves available. Fair enough changing the tactic immediately might result in mistakes to begin with, but with enough variation (dummy runs and throwing the ball to a deep midfielder rtc) it can surely work?
  10. There should be a ramsden cup tie on the 9th, and it's an international weekend I think. It might be Scotland v serbia
  11. Forgive me for jumping the gun here, but if everything goes perfectly that means the cooling off period ends on the 12th of July? Happy Days!
  12. Ha ha, rep on first post. My second one better be a good un...
  13. Was that a freudian slip ED?