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  1. https://www.strongmanarchives.com/viewContest.php?id=825 Gets updated after each round on second last round the now due to finish in 15 then final round starts at 11pm our time
  2. http://twitter.com/SportingLifeFC/status/1368605472509616130?s=1001
  3. Aribo and balogun started for Nigeria v Serria Leone, 1 nill up 4 mins in not found a stream yet
  4. The Hanmer Rangers 3 St Johnston 1 Didnt know it was him till tonight and can't grumble what a player
  5. Never heard of that inkniw we had a basketball team late 80's bought over a team but only for a season or two
  6. Amazon Prime have Remastered the 2003 - 2011 masters tournament finals. We're in most of them should be some good viewing
  7. Can't understand why you would want to join your rivals forum after an embarrassing defeat I wasn't even near our forum for weeks after progres
  8. Joined on Wednesday no surprise
  9. Don't think any other team in the world would have a thread like this it's just photos ffs
  10. Usually have the bus keeping me right no happening anytime soon though 😂
  11. Hectic day at work has went to my head take bad with 2 home games in a row bed for me when I get home
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