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  1. "Champions" of Scotland 🤣 Awful start to 2020, but this past couple of days has been grand! 🍻
  2. I'll take that. Quick glance at their league table looks promising too.
  3. Lennon stuffed himself into a suit. Must be a big day. All I ask SG, is you have a go. Absolutely nothing to be fearful or respectful of with that celtic lineup. Has to be the day for Morelos too!!
  4. Because folks who want to see two guys beat lumps out of each other rather than a boxing match demand it. It's obvious to everyone that Ruiz has the stronger chin. Utterly stupid for Joshua to seek a brawl just to satisfy those looking for one instead of boxing smart. He's won back his belts and now can move onto bigger fights all the while protecting himself. It'll be the same story with Wilder should they finally fight.
  5. Ideal world we start the strongest XI every game, but hopefully will be a long season and should be winning home games regardless. Defoe + Stewart still pack plenty of punch but more firepower on the bench if needed. Morelos vs a tired defence
  6. Lads delivered in style. Back to welcoming the chase.
  7. Rangers to win by 5 or more is in, but I still need Tav to make up for the other night and ping two in himself or SG out! 😂
  8. Can we just kick off now? Minutes are dragging.
  9. Would that SG had thought to do the same when they were at Ibrox, instead of giving them respect they haven't earned.
  10. Team talk well and truly sorted for today. Start fast, do not let up and we're top by 5pm. Come on Rangers!
  11. Beginning of the inevitable Lennon meltdown? Would be nice of them to give us a wee boost/feel good factor after Thursday!
  12. Shaky start into scrappy game into 3 good chances and now I'm being picky about being 1-0 up away from home in Europe. Morelos just keeps on producing!
  13. What page did they print the apology on? Not just saying it because it's us, but any time a paper has to print a retraction/apology, it should be front and centre. "We apologise unreservedly" on page 34, in a tiny paragraph.
  14. Their bitterness towards us is such that they'll outright cheer celtic and view that as success by proxy. Any glory they can achieve these days will be limited to one off victories against us. Their next one is looking far off - there was a chasm between us today.
  15. "Police were called to reports of a three-car road traffic collision along Balshagray Avenue at 6.05pm. Officers remain on the scene. There are no injuries"
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