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  1. Rfc1872

    St Johnstone v Rangers

    Looking for one
  2. Rfc1872

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Glasgow airport did have a bar open for us at 3am however, just not on the flight 🙂
  3. Rfc1872

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Day trip to maribor didnt if i remember correctly but we did leave at like half 2 in the morning.
  4. Rfc1872

    Rapid Vienna Day Trip

    Day trip schedule: check in 03:45 depart glasgow 06:00 arrive vienna 09:35 depart vienna 22:55 arrive glasgow 00:40
  5. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    Not sure if you just cant read or not but no one has said hes shite or a bad player, we are talking about his discipline, maybe just read the posts in here again mate.
  6. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    Aye your right then, just tell him to carry on what hes doing.
  7. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    Well the boy needs a good shake because their is 50,000 people raging with his pish attitude.
  8. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    Even if we won after he got sent off, i would still be moaning about his discipline. The point is, this guy is a fucking clown and needs sat down and told to grow up and stop his shite, he let the team , manager and fans down tonight. Im not saying he cost us the game , i think everyone did and also not blaming the ref for this game, we played shite.
  9. Rfc1872

    Coulibaly and Ejaria

    Fuckig wrotten, i wish i could of went on the park and gave the pair of them a fucking shake, they need to wakeup, passing balls out the park and falling over themselves, drives you nuts.
  10. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    He is a liability, good player but every fucking game near enough he is being booked. Needs fined a weeks wage.
  11. Rfc1872

    Morelos discipline

    Someone needs to drill into this boys head that he needs to fucking man up and sort himself out. When they went down to 10 men he surely must think to himself, this is my time to get a goal, im a striker, i need to stay on the park, fucking arsehole tonight for getting sent off. As much as i like the guy and take nothing away from how good he is and his work effort etc etc. He has too be one of the worst ever disciplined players to wear our shirt, not a team player, just cares about himself, someone needs to have a fucking word, if he stops his shite he will be a cracking player. However as a whole, the majority if not all of the team were a disgrace aswell as the tactics from gerrard, changed it up terribly , thats probably the worst performance under him so far. Lafferty is shite, coulibally’s shite, ejaria is shite, flanagan shite.
  12. Rfc1872

    Hibs v Rangers

    Can maybe swap a dundee ticket for this
  13. Never a red, youse are all old moaning armchair fans, just enjoy the result.
  14. Rfc1872

    Pitch invader

    Looking at a €10,000 fine for this.
  15. Rfc1872

    Tonight's Broomloan Display

    Fair play to the union bears again, spend thousands of pounds near enough every week to enhance the match day experiance. The effort that goes into displays i dont think any person on here will understand untill you get involved.