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  1. https://www.sportoptions.com/soccer/ day trip £375 overnight £449 Booked on to the day trip, cant grumble at £375 considering Day trips have cost us £599 etc to warsaw and maribor👍🏻
  2. We all went independent to ufa👍🏻
  3. Dont think Rangers have done one since vienna last year👍🏻
  4. I know sport options flew straight to rotterdam and stayed overnight aswell as the team flight.
  5. Honestly didn't think they did...apologies then, what was that a day trip?
  6. Definitely! Done sport options to porto their and they are a million times better ran than the official travel club and a fair price.
  7. Rangers didn't run a flight through the travel club for feyenoord mate.
  8. Sport options you mean, Rangers didnt do one mate👍🏻
  9. Wont be an official flight, they still dont have a travel partner, then again they might get one by then but doubt it 👍🏻
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