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  1. Shutup, your blaming ub aswell then , you dont have a clue pal. Everyone is too blame not one single section.
  2. I was in warsaw and im not even joking, our end was shite because you couldnt hear yourself speak, lucky if one or two songs took off, shocking. Dont know what this racist behaviour is about.
  3. Fucking out of order blaming all of this on bf1, scandalous, ub need to take action, fuck the board, everyone is to blame not bf1, out of order. Iv been to 90% of away games in europe over the years and i will be at our next , home end or not, i will be their.
  4. https://Rangers.co.uk/news/headlines/europa-league-date-confirmed/
  5. Shambles trying to book this, prices are a joke. ended up paying Β£400 their for flights. too much hassle all the mad routes from England and shite flight times etc staying in puerto banus Monday morning -prestwick to malaga Wednesday morning- malaga to glasgow.
  6. RangersFcSlo: Just to keep supporters up to date: The club will have to wait until UEFA confirm our fixture before we announce it and unfortunately I do not expect the club to hear confirmation until tomorrow.
  7. Heard the daily record are saying now it might be thursday. Best waiting untill tonight when Rangers confirm.
  8. Slo is still saying to hold off even thought its on uefa website and daily record, sitting here ready to bookπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
  9. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚oh well, time to book up for Gibraltar now perhaps. Just registered for ticket through travel club, very doubt they will run a flight to Gibraltar if they win?
  10. Booked flights and hotel in kosovo but would much rather a trip to Gibraltar anyway, less hassle, fly straight to malaga from glasgow.
  11. Can’t happen, i for one got my ticket through atleast 4 hands so would just end up fked up, keep the money and spend it on the club.
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