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  1. Can’t happen, i for one got my ticket through atleast 4 hands so would just end up fked up, keep the money and spend it on the club.
  2. If it was only the area at corner flag, they should of cut it out and put down a metre of new turf, idiots, would of been fresh and warm... 🎣
  3. Was on the bus and we were just about too leave, shambles leaving it this late!
  4. Exactly, iv not said my opinion is the final say, can admin delete this guy? He is a roaster.
  5. Agree to an extent that the march did cause it, hearts away last week, Their was a massive cue about a mile long to get into the ground, no barging because people arrived in dribs and drabs. Bringing that many people to the ground at one time is just a accident waiting to happen, including the hundreds with fakes and no tickets atall.
  6. True, i think this will be my last posts on here, i don’t know anyone on the forum, but it is full of absolute bangers of the highest order who just seem to give you pelters as soon as you say something they dont agree with. Edit: Aswell as the childish shite above, people making lies up, saying im comparing him to the worlds best ever players, just ruins threads and makes the majority of fans not use message boards as it is well known to be full of morons.
  7. How? The guy watched it on tv? And didnt see how middleton played ?
  8. Hahahahahha messi, ronaldo, anyone else youse want to make lies about? I havent even compared him to anyone, roasters man hahahahhaa.
  9. Im not like that atall, if you knew me..., just saying from the way prso posted he clearly didnt go to the game, and my guess was correct. Youse are honestly at it, if youse think he played good lastnight. We aren’t here to slate the boy, simply just having a discussion on a forum to say he didn’t have a good game. So , i just dont agree with your opinion, now have a good weekend and hopefully youse manage to make the game against hamilton 👍🏻
  10. So your opinion is invalid, your shouting pish about the game you weren’t at, his movement which you wouldnt of seen on your tv screen was attrocious. He wasn’t giving people a option, he kept losing the ball, too easy for players to read his game, hopefully he improves, was a shame lastnight for him.
  11. Listen, i think people really gave a good effort lastnight, this thread is regarding middleton, i cant be arsed speaking too part timers. Grow up
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