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  1. reminded me of school days with inside left, outside left, inside right, outside right.....games were always 6-5, 5-4, ... but then again....our keepers were crap!!
  2. feel another battle of Britain in last 16 (little letters...not caps)
  3. when the post count goes up by 75 posts in 20 seconds you just know we've bagged another.....brilliant move and goal
  4. Time to start *** The Official NO PARTY AT PATTERSON'S Thread ***
  5. my hands a re hurting from clapping that one,,,well in wee man....now learn ur lesson
  6. sure I read the Israeli is quite a hot-head and likely to react to any sporting niggles
  7. Where's all the stuff that was over the seats? Or was it advertising thats not allowed?
  8. A return of £9 or less on a £55 item is woeful business..................... can I just say I dont believe that~?
  9. McGregor would be my runner up to Tav. Think it sometimes gives a mixed message if a keeper gets PoTY or MotM... usually means a team was under the cosh and the keeper has played a blinder...... rarely given for 1 or 2 saves in 90mins
  10. Great video Jules.... what was the Borna / keeper thing all about? I missed that on the night (prob cos I was dancing when the pen went in)
  11. not even listening to it.....but these posts are making me smile at the tarriers hurting
  12. now we boss 2nd half and get the draw/win finish them at Ibrox
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