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  1. I agree....but he's well thought of....has a lot of stands named after him
  2. Normal service resumed. At least by going behind I got better odds for the win
  3. quite simply, I hope all our Bears and Bearettes have a very nice night.......roll on to Sunday.
  4. correct...... I always remember Schmeichel saying that his first job is to stop a goal being scored....if that meant hoofing out, so be it. Sure, we all want GKs to be starting attacks from the back....but I'll never complain about a keeper kicking it to row Z anyway...we're in front...lets be happy
  5. wasn't great yesterday at all...yes, we should have buried a lot more chances and everyone would be happy. Greegsy has won us far more points that he has cost us and i bet there's no-one more gutted than him at his error. Just hope we can start to crack on...we know other teams have lost the fear of coming to coming to Ibrox....and we need to get that back. going to be a long week waiting for St Mirren to come around.
  6. That's one Medium top ordered. okay, it's for my son....I'm a fat b*****d, would never get in a medium.
  7. I'm a fan. It's a strip worthy of the Gallant Pioneers, complete with off-set buttons. Video not bad either. Well done Rangers.
  8. Good to see we are holding our own against a nation with fewer people than you get at Ibrox on a Saturday afternoon. Progress.
  9. got to admit, that was a great game to watch
  10. pssst........January isn't in December pedantic Loyal
  11. Whilst I agree that 'Boo' in itself is not racist, you have to look at the behaviour (whatever it is) and ask if it is happening because of someones skin colour, ethnicity etc. Let me give you 2 examples. 1 ) There is one black family living in the street. Every time I go past their garden I spit in it. Nobody else's, only theirs. Now spitting, per se, is not racist. But someone, rightly, can come to the conclusion that my behaviour is racist. 2) I hold my nose every time I pass a black person on the street. I don't do it with anyone else. Racist behaviour? I say yes.
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