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  1. hope we dont make 14 changes at H/T.....enjoying this as a game
  2. could be a plan for him and Patterson in the team
  3. Good to see they have moved the numbers up
  4. It is a pain tho......a defender is gonna cripple a forward making a tackle that didnt need to be made cos the lino didnt raise his flag when he should have
  5. hoping for an extra time win for England......and boy will win £180 on a free £10 bet
  6. overall, I'd have to agree with you but there were one or two early games I didnt think he had the impact he should have had....but fair play to the guy, he's probably one of the best on the park
  7. I'm big enuff to admit that I asked during the Denmark game, "What does Luke Shaw actually bring to this team?".......... why I'm not a manager probably.....
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