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  1. any chance you can be right in the betting thread?
  2. the difference now is that we can game-manage better then before. I'm not as nervous at 1-0 as I used to be. This is a business-like performance........ i like
  3. thank f**k yo heard that....thought it was just me.....boy...the red wine is strong tonight
  4. do we have a keeper called McLaughlan...??? or is Stubbs a wee bit confused?
  5. teams in Europe are not your hammer-throwers or kick-em-in-the-air mob..... we need patience... it will happen...and we control the game from there. not the best first half hour....but...have some faith.
  6. another business-like performance tonight. 3 points...next game.
  7. Simply......... I was there
  8. Brace for Defoe...and Kent to get on the scoresheet too
  9. Bet365 not even offering Defoe up as a goal-scorer option
  10. good for him....i was on traveller..but my other one for a double was a close 9th
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