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  1. As much as I like our dressing rooms, they were in need of an upgrade. Done the tour in the late 90s, 00s and then again in 2013 and they were exactly the same each time, I understand preserving tradition, but think this is long overdue.
  2. There's the images of the detail on the home shirt. Big fan of this already.
  3. Really really like the home shirt, seen a couple more pictures on twitter and the detail looks outstanding. As for the away and third, not a big fan of either red or black shirts for us usually, unless the red is red/white stripes, red and navy or red and black, think it would look a lot better with white shorts. Black will probably grow on me, but think we could've been doing with a white or light coloured away shirt. Overall once again very happy with what Hummel have produced, like I said, I think the home shirt will be one of the best we've had for a number of years.
  4. Can understand their frustrations, also seen a few guys on Facebook that sit in BF3 and would not be willing to give up their seats for them, can understand that as well. No idea where they could move to, as it would involve shifting a lot of fans from seats they may have had for years. As others have said, would be interested in seeing the clubs reason for their decision.
  5. As others have said, I'd love the believe that this is the year, but I think it's came just too late in the season. Dropping points against hearts and us winning may give our players the belief they need, and have then doubting their new manager, but we still need favours and to take points when they don't. This is football, and anything can happen, take it game at a time and see where we are at the split.
  6. As long as we win and they drop points then I'll take that. 6 points is a lot more doable than 8, with 2 old firms to come, every game must win.
  7. At least 5 please. don't forget we run the game up here.
  8. 3 points, 5 goals again please Rangers.
  9. Depending on how results go tomorrow night, this could be the start of a very interesting month in deciding where the league title goes. The prospect of them going into a must win old firm with a manager untested in the fixture that hates sectarianism is just a thing of beauty. Only wish it was at Ibrox.
  10. Them along with the guy a few rows in front who absolutely despises Morelos mean I'm never short for a laugh.
  11. Well according to the 2 guys behind me if any decisions go against us on Wednesday we should take the players off the pitch and withdraw from the competition. The sponsor's will demand we are reinstated so based on that I think we're sorted. Fucking hate the pair of them.
  12. Surprised it took this long. He's gone now, draw a line under it and move on.
  13. Sid2103


    I absolutely fucking love this. 10/10
  14. If we got 5 charges for our statement about the ref I can only assume they will get at the very least the exact same. This goes a lot further than bringing the game into disrepute mind, would like to see them and their fans punished accordingly.
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