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  1. You cannot possibly be serious?
  2. Do you want the full stadium closed?
  3. If we were to get put out next week and they progressed, I would be pissed at the time, but next day I know we'd be 100% focused on the league, and they would have the task of playing more games, and potentially having to travel all over Europe before key games. Obviously, we would all rather go as far as we can in every competition, but if going out of Europe now means lifting the title in May, then I'm all for it.
  4. If they can sort out the queues from this new system maybe we'll get all of the fans into the ground for kick off, and not have fans waiting until 20 minutes into the match to get through the turnstiles. Get fans in, and not pissed off waiting outside, and Ibrox will be bouncing.
  5. Expecting a very difficult game, score an away goal, and we should hopefully be ok.
  6. Fully agree, it's been our shortcomings recently that have been the problem, hopefully see a better side this year. That said, can't face the prospect of it going to next season, pressure is unprecedented on both sides, hope to fuck it doesn't get there. Anyway, aye, beat Hibs first.
  7. The closer they get to 9 the greater the pressure, if we're breathing down their neck I genuinely don't think they'll handle it well, especially with their current manager.
  8. Will take a 1-0 just now, winning is all that matters right now. Matching them on points until the old firm is more important than goal difference at this stage. Take one game at a time, get the 3 points tomorrow. Convinced if we match them for points they will start to bottle it before we do. Winning and ending Scott Allan's season are all we should be interested in tomorrow, never forget what that cunt attempted against Rossiter.
  9. Meant to be going on Wednesday, was a gift from my mum, as others said, wasn't too sure, but quite intrigued now!
  10. Glentoran, Porto, Linfield, Arsenal, Burnley, Marseille, Newcastle, Berwick, Manchester United, Progres, Shkupi, Osijek, Maribor, UFA, Rapid Vienna, Spartak Moscow, Villarreal, Oxford, Wigan, Bury, Helsinki, St Josephs Probably have more tbh.
  11. Katic anytime, Rangers 7-0 . I am stupidly confident for tonight.
  12. From the list of seeded teams, I'd want to avoid PSV, Frankfurt, Feyenoord, and Wolves, fancy us over 2 legs against any of the rest.
  13. As much as I like our dressing rooms, they were in need of an upgrade. Done the tour in the late 90s, 00s and then again in 2013 and they were exactly the same each time, I understand preserving tradition, but think this is long overdue.
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