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  1. Mate your team sneaked a 1-0 tonight. Calm down.
  2. Oh my 😆😆😆😆😆
  3. You that old man whos TV fucked up a whole village's internet?
  4. Gutting you need to buy a new TV after throwing your remote at it in a rage when we scored.
  5. Too bad two Belgium sides won in ET at home.
  6. Kent has equalled his assist tally of 4 from last season already! Long may it continue.
  7. @a_staunch_prod wont be viewing. 🙄
  8. I assume so mate. I cant see the SPFL postponing ours and the scum games to help out Scotland.
  9. I would probably toss a coin mate. 😅 I know McLaughlin got blamed for the goal at the weekend, extremely harsh, IMO.
  10. His reply tonight is pretty decent tbf.
  11. Willl settle for a late winner like vs Legia last year mate.
  12. Be interesting to see who starts on Sunday.
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