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  1. Bellingham disallowed goal last week is one of the worst decisions ever. Tonight a penalty given that according to the official rules is not a penalty.
  2. I wanted City to go through anyway. City vs Madrid final please.
  3. Cant agree with this at all. As @McEwan's Lager said two howling ref calls the difference.
  4. Hope City pump PSG but Mbappe is the type of player City struggle with most.
  5. Of course it did, rules state 100% that is not a penalty. Even Peter Walton said so.
  6. Once again Guardiola could be the master of his own downfall. Walker and false nine is idiotic.
  7. 'Assault' is one of the most hilarious things I've ever read. UEFA are a bunch of cunts.
  8. No Jelly and Ice cream anymore ya bunch of stinking smelly bastards. Get it right up you.
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