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  1. The funny thing is had Barcelona won last night they would have been 3 points away from top stop. The league is wide open and a better manager might get them competing for the league even if their current state. Were unlucky against Real at the weekend, that sitter from Dest!
  2. Completely inaccurate. We won 9/11 of the opening league games in Gerrard's second season and went on to win 8 of the next 9(one draw) 17 wins out of 20 league games and only dropped 7 points. We have dropped 9 after 11. Nowhere near the standard of Gerrard's second season. This season we are more caparable to Pedro's league season, only 3 points better off.
  3. Only due to the fixtures. The real hard games away come now.
  4. For some reason I'm confident we will win all the homes games mate. Only St Johnstone game worries me. Probably win all the away wins and struggle at home now!
  5. Back to straight 4-3-3. Roofe next to Morelos is not working.
  6. Motherwell A County H Livi A Hibs A Dundee H Hearts A ST Johnstone H DU H St Mirren H Aberdeen A Scum A Our next 11 fixtures. On current form I'm dreading those away matches.
  7. Whether some want to admit it, last season looks like an anomaly. To put some perspective into our start to the season. After 11 league games under Pedro we had 21 points. We are only 3 points better off. 5 less goals scored. Unacceptable.
  8. Barisic not playing and here you are still slagging him. You're absolutely pathetic.
  9. Not won there in 8 years IIRC, strange comments about Hibs lying down tbh.
  10. Might be a back 5 btw, Brown went in there at the weekend apparently.
  11. Think it was 6-0. Sickening they still have never been stripped of that CL.
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