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  1. I think it would've looked much better without the white around the collar and the red on the shoulders/down the sides. Maybe even if the sponsor was the same colour of red sponsor and badge as the black and red training stuff we have? Or just keep it white, don't mind the gold as a one off for the home, but on the away and supposedly the third as well, pass. The official pictures look much better than the leaks though, but I won't be buying it, it's practically last season's away and third kits mashed together. Amazed that the training stuff can be as nice as it is and the kit just such a let down. Bring back Hummel.
  2. Went over this afternoon, less than a minute wait to get in, loads and loads of the shirt and training gear in stock but absolutely nothing for kids younger than 5-6 years old, same in Buchanan Street store - where there was no wait to get in - which is very disappointing considering the jersey was only released yesterday, but what can you do.
  3. Excellent, gonna jump over today and pick one up. Will go with 2-3 years, and it should hopefully fit him the now, if not it'll last the full season hopefully🤣
  4. Still plenty of the infant kits left mate? Might just get the wee man the bigger size rather than waiting on the baby kits coming on sale.
  5. Aye I saw that online, wasn't sure about in store
  6. Thinking about heading over to Ibrox myself today to see if they have any of the baby kits, had them online this morning for all of about 1 minute and they were removed, so not sure if they are on sale or not. Wee man has never had a new Rangers kit and it's starting to annoy me, canny believe we never had any last year. Hoping for better this season at some point! Any idea what like the queues are now?
  7. Think it's a great idea and will be taking the wee man to it. Great excuse to wear the special champions 55 jersey 🤣🇬🇧
  8. I’d love to win it at their dump just for shits and giggles, but there’s no way they don’t drop points this weekend. I eagerly anticipate out guard of honour.
  9. Would like to see Katic come back in, and imagine he'll start Defoe. Can't see him making too many more changes to be honest, maybe a few in the midfield, think the changes will come at Livingston in the cup.
  10. You cannot possibly be serious?
  11. Do you want the full stadium closed?
  12. If we were to get put out next week and they progressed, I would be pissed at the time, but next day I know we'd be 100% focused on the league, and they would have the task of playing more games, and potentially having to travel all over Europe before key games. Obviously, we would all rather go as far as we can in every competition, but if going out of Europe now means lifting the title in May, then I'm all for it.
  13. If they can sort out the queues from this new system maybe we'll get all of the fans into the ground for kick off, and not have fans waiting until 20 minutes into the match to get through the turnstiles. Get fans in, and not pissed off waiting outside, and Ibrox will be bouncing.
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