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  1. Baffling. what happened to the old adage “the best referees are ones you don’t know exist”
  2. We won’t be allowed to spoil 10 sadly. Imo
  3. Would be brutal to lose barisic after the form he’s hit
  4. Aye a get your thinking, would be a major statement and boot up the arse for McGregor to be at his best, just don’t see it though mate
  5. Not a chance McLaughlin plays in front of greegs away to the sheep mate
  6. Blunder with the last part if they are rotating at half time, unless it kills the game. decent bet
  7. Aye a don’t want him near the team. Could be useful when we’re 2 up and wanting to kill a games tempo but he’s not a player you’d start if it’s a game that needs won from the off. squad player now
  8. Franky looking back to see where the 3rd place horse is when he is 2 lengths behind the leader is fucking brilliant btw
  9. Can chose the winning margin mate which is the exact same
  10. Amount of times the keeper doesn’t even bother diving is incredible, they don’t even silly themselves as it’s pointless 😂
  11. Tree thirty. And that is £3.30 for clarification. Could throw in a roll up if pushed
  12. Doubt the 2 mentioned will be playing against us next season, especially the former. im positive as fuck with the signing, look how much Goldson improved next to helander because of his experience, this has the possibility of the same situation, maybe even more. CB is a position where experience can outweigh ability at times
  13. Could be shrewd as fuck this signing btw
  14. Obviously won’t happen but imagine we got someone that could challenge alfredo for the striker position.
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