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  1. Aye seems a bit weird tbh but if he can carry it off till the second half then bring either or both on that could be formidable. hopefully no right enough a stuck Man U in ma coupon a just couldn’t turn down the 4/1 😂
  2. Shagging her would be like punching smoke
  3. Adama traore would be a cracking wee running back imo
  4. Could someone do the seltic team so we can compare figures
  5. Got to go down as barisics fault in all honesty
  6. Wonder if some mad bastard ever got him on their top lol
  7. im assuming he means blinking bairns as in a gay Australian way of saying fucking
  8. Wouldn’t have been my first choice to let go this window imo
  9. Heard that, rule 42 or something. Only way the club see out of it is playing the game on the Wednesday a day before we play braga.
  10. Scunnered myself on the slots at the weekend pished, lost about 200 n I’ve done well not doing that for a long time so shutting down the possibility of doing it again drunk. Start the year off with a positive decision a suppose!
  11. Get a right winger aribo and Arfield drop to midfield and it becomes our strongest area of the park. RW and a third striker is all we need imo
  12. Don’t look at the Barca score mate just go to bed lol
  13. No point having a right winger with tav in the team in my eyes, left footed Inside forward for the right, a think Gerrard thought ojo was that player but he’s been pish. We need a cheap ass Salah from someone lol
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