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  1. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    Yep had the username for quite a few years now. I've been ripped off lol
  2. ***Live Football Thread***

    so we can watch the game as i dont have sky or setanta.
  3. ***Live Football Thread***

    anyone give me a link for the scotland game? muchly appreciated if you can as i cant get out to the pub tonight
  4. **Official Euro 2008 Thread**

    strange to say it but the way holland are playing the now reminds me of when arsenal won the league a couple of years back, they turn a defending situation into an attacking one so quickly,their pace is blinding and they know that they have the players to finish once they are 3 on 3 at the back. they have the best midfield i would say in this tournament so far, and they have been way out in front of the other teams, yeh portugal have played well but they havent played & beaten italy/france. and they all seem to want to play for each other, which is very unusual for holland as they usualy fall apart, but now they want to congratulate each other, their not moaning, nothing. and schneiders goal was awesome, ive watched every game so far, tonights was the best and the 4th goal for holland was goal of the tournament. :D
  5. Welcome Zenit fans to Rangersmedia !

    really? surely the airlines in russia would put on more flights for travelling fans? whats the issue for tickets in russia, did it go to season ticket holders aswell or did use just have a public sale? whats the normal attendance at a league match in russia sorry for my ignorance dont no a lot about russian football
  6. Welcome Zenit fans to Rangersmedia !

    adroit any tickets is it true that zenit are to hand back 6000 tickets? i would have thought use would have had a large travelling support.
  7. ***The Official Wrestling Discussion Thread***

    wot happened in the floyd mayweather fight?? how did he win?
  8. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    brilliant post :pipehorse:
  9. * The Generic Laugh at celtc Thread *

    the tickets were tonight for celtic park adults price £15. £15 per adult would also get you 1 child in for free aswell. obviously times are hard over at that shitehole they call celtic park
  10. greek music is fuckin terrible ... but some of the chants in the 1st half wer scary
  11. no subs at halftime same line up according to DD
  12. the 1 guy i dont think is good enough is broadfoot, hes been caught out to many times, an looks nervous. still could do us a turn, but imo memoris of hutton are to raw. btw boyd just won ANOTHER header.
  13. mcgregor solid with the cross there, none of this pishy punching the ball to the edge of the box.
  14. do we have a midfield playing?