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  1. Yep had the username for quite a few years now. I've been ripped off lol
  2. sum1 forward it onto me div
  3. SSN: "sas papac ruled out" "ferguson back in training, but not available this weekend" "mcmanus out of game with knee injury, celtic also without scott brown" thats all thats coming up the now mate.
  4. ive got the one from real madrid at hampden a few years back still in its original wrapping. i doubt its worth much but i never wanted to open it just
  5. ha i said that on page 1 if mculloch is fit it will be him. we all know it. smith plays him every time he is fit, then roughly around the 60-70th minute he will start hobbling an get taken off and probably bring on christian daily. its so infuriating.
  6. games over now. ill be happy at 4-0
  7. hemdani .... stranger things have happened
  8. alstone ill agree with you on that, many a time have i turned up at ibrox with `no chance` of getting a ticket to have gotten one everytime, dont get me wrong sometimes you can be sat next to some nutters an sometimes half-wits who duno what there saying but its all good banter an you get to see the game. go down an see what happens, if you get one good on ye, if you get two your doing amazing
  9. IF he was to go to tottenham an IF he was to play well we`d have posts on here 4 months later on saying bring him back - again, what have we done letting him go. theres no way i could see him getting anywhere near the hull side never mind tottenham.
  10. mculloch will get picked before all youth. have we not realised this in this year an last? mculloch = awful in most games an still gets picked fleck/aaron = play well show positive signs of improving - get benched or dropped
  11. so we can watch the game as i dont have sky or setanta.
  12. anyone give me a link for the scotland game? muchly appreciated if you can as i cant get out to the pub tonight
  13. has details been released about this yet and when the possible sale of tickets to public are available?
  15. and its not a brand new car as far as im aware.