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  1. Anyone know where the best place would be to park for this one?
  2. Looking for 3 for County away on Sunday 27th August.
  3. Nah mate, I did it last week but it was before Morelos had signed. Completed a season the other day and everyone was after Pena, he's class in the game.
  4. Just wondering if anybody knows what time the turnstiles are officially closed? Have a game at 1 and was hoping to get to Ibrox straight after, but after the midweek fiasco I thought id best check to avoid disappointment. Any help lads?
  5. Looking for 2 for Friday. Cheers
  6. what was the song guys were singing about him yesterday? Went along the lines of, Weve got, Joe Garner Probably all of it there but there seemed to be more lyrics to it?
  7. Long shot but looking for 3 tickets for Firhill tomorrow.
  8. CM72

    FIFA 17 Ratings

    Packed Griezmann this morning, sold for 237k. Thats pretty much sorted out my Prem team, added Mustafi, Koscielny, Alderweireld, Vardy, Kane, Rashford and Alli with a tidy wee amount sitting in the bank. Packs are a load of bullshit though, thats one player from about 20 odd packs thats even been of note.
  9. Old mans 50th coming up so were looking into getting a game for us all to go to to celebrate with him. Didnt realise how many different options there were. Just looking for some advice from guys who have experienced it, which suite was the most enjoyable/best atmosphere? Best value for money? Any help would be great, Cheers
  10. Rangers Youth Development Company This was posted on the RangersTV channel this morning, and what a cracking wee vid it is. What a breathe of fresh air they have been this season. The little things make a huge difference, eg the 360 camera as the players walk out the tunnel, the GoPro footage from the goals is always a nice watch afterwards to capture players reactions, as well as the pre-match interviews with Warburton. Definetly brings the fans closer to the action. A step in the right direction.
  11. Looking for 2 or 3 tickets to this game, if anyone can help.
  12. The Sun are reporting itll be on the Sunday with a lunchtime kick off (live on Sky)
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