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  1. Fod was terrible today, one lucky save made him look good. Awful for their goal and flapped a few times whilst trying to "command his box". Give Alnwick a chance,that's my thoughts anyway.
  2. Fuck off
  3. Their clubs timmy not there!
  4. Ok Declan.
  5. He seemed more comfortable in the closing stages just sticking it in row z and seemed to be enjoying himself.
  6. Looking at his ball in for Hill's goal would love to see him take some free kicks.
  7. First game,new manager,great result,happy days!
  8. I would like to see the lad in a non warburton team,he must have something we haven't seen
  9. After recent showings they're begging for a boot in the baws!
  10. Think he may be growing in to the job,really hope he keeps progressing as it can only lift the players as well as seems to be what's happening
  11. Give it to Kenny Miller the only one who seems to give a shit.
  12. Posing sums him up
  13. Hill makes either one better, floated balls to nowhere seems to be his trademark pass
  14. Can't defend,can't pass,thinks he's David Luiz,feckin robber,what happened to him?
  15. seriously?