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  1. Imagine wearing next to nothing and practically getting you baps out on a bed in your Twitter picture. Really making positive strides this one. 😂
  2. I’m certain the Dundee player just ran into the goalies legs. He could easily have cleared the legs but chose to run into them to try and win the penalty. He would probably have scored if he hadn’t played for the penalty, so cheers pal.
  3. Delighted with the points, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t concerned about the way we were playing.
  4. Were Tav and Goldson on the piss together last night? Both are shocking today
  5. Sakala tried to pass to Roofe who was clearly 6 feet offside.
  6. This is utterly atrocious. Hanging on against Dundee with 30 mins to go.
  7. 2 shots on target compared to their 4. The main stat is goals obviously, but we need to up our game second half unless we fancy this ending a draw.
  8. Their manager let one off, but managed to get away with it. 😜 IMG_1433.MOV
  9. Alfie seems keen to be a defender for the other team these days 🤣
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