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  1. I agree to an extent. We looked more dangerous when Hagi came on IMO. That was partly down to the other personnel at the time And how we fitted together.
  2. Stewart on BBC Sportscene - Both Rangers penalties should not have been given, Motherwell penalty should have been given. Talking about how “a lot of people are annoyed by these decisions....” FFS our first penalties in Scotland for how long?
  3. I think I heard some drums and singing that were not part of the ‘soundtrack’ so I assume some of our fans congregated outside unfortunately.
  4. Helander's shirt was being pulled in the box at the time of the second penalty award. Hope the Motherwell director mentions that in a tweet.
  5. I love the fact their keeper tried to stay in the middle of his goal for the second pen (no doubt after watching Tav take the one against Willem II where he put it down the middle) then tried to jump belatedly. Just made him look like he was tied to the centre of the goals with an elastic rope!
  6. Sky sports said Motherwell should have got one penalty, but the other was a clear dive and the player was lucky not to be booked. They also said both our penalties were correct. Someone should send that guy the video.
  7. I disagree in a way. Although I am very happy with the result, I still think there is a complete lack of killer instinct in this team. It took until Itten came on for us to get any more goals. Really, we should have been looking at a cricket score here. It may seem like a pointless moan, but I think it either points to the way we are told to play or a mental thing. Sorry to be a real moaner!
  8. Fairly comfortable half, but I want to see us score more from open play. Get another 2 or three, one for Alfie, one for Cedric and I'll be happy.
  9. It is but this next match against Gala could be the difference in getting a decent midfielder in or not.
  10. True but folk were saying how poor Hagi was on Thursday. He’d also be clattered by Motherwell with impunity. If we were any real distance in front I’d have considered putting Kent on the bench as we really need him for Gala.
  11. Bevis Mugabi! What a name. Still, could have been worse, could have been Butthead Mugabi I suppose.
  12. Gerrard gets criticised for not rotating or changing things. He rotates and changes things, he gets criticised.
  13. I’m convinced that if the Gerrard haters get their way and he goes we will end up with someone who *might* win the league but will get punted out of Europe regularly. We have to be careful what we wish for. Hopefully we win a trophy soon and the pressure will begin to ease.
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