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  1. What that the injury that fucked him?
  2. I believe the strip release date is now in doubt as there is a world shortage of the number 5.
  3. Looks can be deceiving 😉 I’d certainly like to bore her insanely.
  4. Really sloppy. Aribo gave us the goal but hadn’t done much aside. I’d take him off and out Hagi on. Might also take Roofe off and put Wright on.
  5. OMG - I can’t believe that. Stupid ducking defender playing that back pass in the first place.
  6. Arsenal hit the post again. This is written for Slavia to go through. The English pundits seem to think it is a formality.
  7. The Slavia keeper has PTSD - Willian hit the post with a free kick and the keeper visibly flinched away from a potential rebound.
  8. I can’t believe refs are still buying their histrionics. Their player runs into an Gooner and falls down and gets a foul.
  9. Stevie will be in the phone to him later. 😜 I’m still hacked off that those red cards cost us the possibility of putting this lot out.
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