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  1. I think it sounds like every broadcaster around Europe was the same. Hope he recovers well now he is stable.
  2. Thank god he is awake. That was utterly horrible.
  3. According to FF the blue £55 Glasgow top has been replaced by a Green Dublin one. Here is a link for those who don’t want to go to the filth site. https://www.adidas.co.uk/city-pack-glasgow-jersey/GC8573.html
  4. They may be low but they’ve still made sales and Ajer is all but away so they’ll have a decent amount of money arriving (can’t say the same about their season ticket sales though!). We ourselves need to make some sales to keep us steady, something we have yet to do.
  5. Zlamal can suck my balls. Says the claim of racism was to cover up our poor play, and that Roofe intended to do the keeper. Kudela got the minimum punishment you gimp. No doubt mistranslated 🤣 ————- Bobby Zlamal reveals Hearts players 'explosive' rows over Rangers racism incident The Hearts goalkeeper admits things got heated during debates over what happened at Ibrox in March. Bobby Zlamal has revealed he clashed with Hearts team-mates over the racist abuse of Glen Kamara from Ondrej Kudela. The Hearts goalkeeper admits there was some 'explosive' debates o
  6. Yeah, talk about leaping before looking. Just an indication of the mindset of Scotland right now. I’m so glad I left years ago. Now all I need to do is fine a software job in the antipodes or the states and I’ll have escaped entirely!
  7. Ok, next time we win a title and some mindless neds once again sully Rangers reputation I’ll overlook it completely because I’m hundreds of miles away. Anyway, I’m not trying to derail this thread. Just making a point that I’m embarrassed by this behaviour and it does the team a disservice.
  8. I just woke up to see the scenes where items are being thrown at the police etc. Utterly embarrassing and even being reported down here in London. We were wrongly castigated for George Square a few months ago where some benches were broken (then fixed). This time we have no excuse. Appalling that some of us feel they can behave in that manner.
  9. I’d be surprised if we don’t look at Hedges in the future.
  10. Sorry, but Simpson is a bag of nerves at times
  11. I was going to post the same. Time to get the finger out.
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