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  1. All of this means nothing if we drop points next weekend. Let’s enjoy today then get back to business tomorrow
  2. Delighted with the win and the way results have gone for us, but by god I did not enjoy that second half. I expected us to kick on from the first half but we just frittered the half away which I find very worrying. Hopefully just a one-off after Thursday. On to the next match.
  3. Delighted to be 2-0 up, but it has been all fore-play and no penetration since. We really could be 4 or 5 up if we tried.
  4. If she says “screw the nut” or “put it into the box” you are going to pop like a rocket.
  5. Hopefully Defoe can get an early goal. Big call as he hasn’t had much game time.
  6. I posted the same in the match thread - shouting into Roofe’s face was very concerning. Hopefully all ok. I guess we’ll find out in the next 2 weeks.
  7. I really wish there had been a camera on our bench. I can only imagine the looks on Gerrard and Gary Mac’s faces as it unfolded.
  8. I’m not meaning to pick you out, but I went back to look at the thread’s reaction to the goal and found your comment posted before the goal (obviously). I bet you are glad they did think it was a good idea
  9. I think it is partly confidence, but I also think he has been asked to change the way he plays - he doesn't shoot on sight as much as he used to, preferring to try and lay it off. He was flying when he was the focal point (except after Christmases) but now he isn't quite so important. Having said all that, the chances he missed last night were good chances.
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