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  1. Well done lads, won despite Clancy and co desperate to get Hibs one more chance there.
  2. He played well and scored a cracking goal against Ross County. Prior to that match we hadn’t been playing our best so I’m not sure I agree with your point.
  3. Looks weirdly like James Corden.
  4. He seems sound. Got him to do a birthday video for my pal last week, and he was very happy with it.
  5. I don’t know if it will be Benitez but I do think they’ll try and pull a big name manager out of the bag rather than a Steve Clarke or a Jack Ross. They need to for the sake of season tickets and fan buy-in. As others have mentioned it may seem an expensive option, but if it means getting a tune out of their squad then it might be actually cost effective simply because they will actually be trained properly, improving results without the need for wholesale changes. They saw how Rodgers transformed them - so unless they are totally fucked financially (or if Desmond doesn’t fancy bankr
  6. I was going to post that the Daily Mail is lapping it up too, but someone beat me to it above. Wouldn't surprise me if they did go for him - an obvious appointment in that he is a big name manager plus he would potentially be a big challenge to Gerrard given their history. It’ll be interesting to see. It might of course just be they swallowed the letter posted above!
  7. I don’t think any off the squad will have to! They’ll have drinks for life wherever they go
  8. Only if she is in the habit of leaving false teeth up her arse. (sorry Becky, I think you are lovely doll 😜
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