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  1. Don't see much hope in the fourballs either. Too many off form
  2. Turnberry ailsa old layout (not played the new layout yet) Rosemount Blairgowrie Southern Dunes florida Find this one really hard to answer tbh lots of great courses in Scotland alone Dirleton, Ladybank, lanark, Glasgow gailes, the list goes on
  3. It does not play like a links
  4. Millennium is good prefer laguna as a layout. Enjoy
  5. Playing my brother's memorial tourney this weekend at Dalmahoy East course both days
  6. The guy kicking up fuck being a wanker then
  7. 'It'... Charming. Anyway was trying to be positive and fucked it. Ho hum life goes on.
  8. Cant help but laugh, sheep worrying bastards
  9. With the endinburgers dropping points today, good chance to stamp our authority. None if this negative thread pish, let's go
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