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  1. Quite funny the Edinburgh player kicked the ball out of play thinking a train horn was the half time hooter as they do in the southern hemisphere, glasgow got a penalty from from line out which they scored.
  2. Cant promise I will be on much but thanks
  3. Well thank goodness Sellik have stopped the huddle, not that they decided anything but it is currently not within the rules they had no choice. Anything to yet again say they are at the forefront of best practise for covid
  4. That is quality from Boydy. Must admit, like Neil McCann he comes across intelligently and always analyses the game well. The fact he likes rubbing their noses in it, well that is just a magnificent bonus for us all. I will get banned from using this emoji very soon
  5. Don't believe n&v will happen, however Mr Sporting Integrity will try anything to get a second chance at 9.5 in a row. Of that I am certain. I would not trust that slit eyed weasel as far as I could throw him. I think over a few weeks pressure will be applied behind the scenes, then it will die away.
  6. Regardless of financial troubles, morally they are repugnant and should be shut down. Leave St Patrick's BC to develop players with only historical association to the molesters and enablers.
  7. I am sure when all this split started we were assured the fixtures were based on previous years top six, the main basis being us and them having 19 home, 19 away with balance on matches against each of the top six, assuming they stay the same, home and away. How the fuck has this random fixture list managed to have us away from home twice against last years top 6 twice n sellil at home twice before the split. If those rules were apparently set in stone?
  8. I dont think that is a fouls though, Alfies v Killie was chopped of for less
  9. What about the first goal, they only showed one in line replay from what i could see but Nisbet appears to run from an offside position to knock it on?
  10. The thing is none of us are asking for favours, dubious decisions going our way, we want the big decisions to be correct. Even though we did not play well yesterday, we can't play well every match, if the officials do their job we win. End of story. Why should we be forced to have to score three goals away from home v Hibs to get three points? Different story if they caused us no end of problems, they didn't really. As far as the repeated fouling is concerned, no way does a Rangers player get away with that.
  11. I only saw a clip of the first goal but the player knocking on the cross field pass looked to come from an offside position as well, was it? Only seen it once.
  12. Just seen their first, never a free kick
  13. Would not be that if it was us, boots would be flying in
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