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  1. I reckon Stavros could be back home in time for the Aussie summer
  2. Saw maya Jama n never made it to the tissue box
  3. I have ping s55, been updating wedges and about to reshaft my driver and 5 metal so iron are a bit out of my reach at the moment. Full bag of pings though and 425s get a brilliant write up
  4. Aye but that was okay because according to our then manager, we won more corners. Sums up Scotland imo. I hate to say I am ambivalent when it comes to Scotland nowadays but this Scotland team especially is too full of underperforming sellik players. Christie, McGregor and Taylor have all been pish this season but jackey mcjakeyface keeps picking his favourites instead of in form players.
  5. True, but not ra schthmellic way, they would draw a lot of matches which means we win the league at a canter again
  6. You get a choice in the pga tour, test every day, twice and as long as you stay negative, all good
  7. Such a shame for Rahm, playing out of his skin, destroying a tough course and a high class field, tests positive for covid.
  8. Slavia were a technically very good side, not sharp enough for Arsenal who made them chase but against us we could not win the ball off them, mainly due to them squealing like Ned Beattie in Deliverance any time some one went near them. They saw we liked to press, fell over and both refs fell for it hook line and sinker. We weren't playing well at the time either. Given a fair wind we would beat them, however we don't have a great record v Czech teams. Amazing how we come up against teams from certain countries and generally do very well, others not so much. I get so confident playi
  9. Praying for a Louis win, will be a nice little earner
  10. Photoshop a Palestinian flag in, he will be the most popular man with the media Thats how it works, right?
  11. Proper punishment, will never catch on
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