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  1. What is funny is all these dafties that think they have a hard run of matches, they don't fucking mention we have to do the same thing twice before the split. This years league fixtures are defo fixed to give the poops maximum opportunity to win the league. When this split was devised the fixtures were based on previous years top 6, with us n the mhanks playing 19 home and same away. The other basis was to balance the fixtures in terms of difficulty... Anyone see something obvious with this years?
  2. So much choice, I know some down there have waiting lists etc. Had any thoughts on preferred course?
  3. Irvine Bogside is another good track
  4. Apologies if posted elsewhere but I am sure he said he preferred CH
  5. I know but I like that whole lipstick stuff and any body paint type 'artwork'
  6. Watched The Theory of Everything last night, really enjoyed it. Can't really go Redmane, not sure why, but he is a good actor and not typecast
  7. Of course, still better than being automatically docked points and fucked on goal difference. Not playing the game makes a farce of the league. Can you imagine being awarded 5 games 3-0 due to an outbreak and winning the league. Would happen to those jammy fucks across the city.
  8. The only teams that should be punished are those where rules have been broken,eg Sellik n the sheep. if it requires 6 games in 6 days for those within the rules so be it. Farcical these rules have now been drawn up and not at start of season.
  9. Regardless of financial troubles, morally they are repugnant and should be shut down. Leave St Patrick's BC to develop players with only historical association to the molesters and enablers.
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