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  1. Robson was a cracking footballer, never scared to go in and be prepared to get hurt. Kept popping his shoulder and would still dig. Did the dirty and the classy work. Magnificent. Not magnificent as our own Magnificent Bastard though.
  2. My golf weekend for my brothers memorial tournament at Dalmahoy cancelled. Latest restrictions mean they are refusing parties of more than 6. Took some effort to at least get a course to take us for only 18 holes now Mar Hall tomorrow.
  3. Condolences @16BlueSherbert90, 93 is a good innings, same illness took my gran, she was 93 as well. That was a few years ago now
  4. It is a brilliant run and I am assuming you play good football, not like the shite served up by most Scottish teams
  5. Have to ask, how the feck do you guys get sheriff or dundalk and we get Galatasaray? Cracking result for you guys though
  6. Because we don't get away with a hard midfielder. We need a midfield goal threat, an Albertz type. Our long range shooting is pish to non-existent. Happy to agree to disagree on the hard man one. Don't get me wrong nothing better than someone able to leave their mark, just I don't believe it is worth our time just now.
  7. We are not being run over, we are dominating possession.
  8. Maybe you should words of one syllable might make your posts more understandable. I have fuck all clue what you are getting at.
  9. Sorry our players always get noticed and / or compliance officered. There is no chance 'streetwise' is allowed to happen if you play for Rangers. The press are all over it to ensure we get hauled up. Honestly I think some fans live in a different world where we are allowed to give back what we get.
  10. I dont think that is a fouls though, Alfies v Killie was chopped of for less
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