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  1. Yogi giving Beaton a doing there. Always like Hughes, speaks his mind.
  2. As far as fans away from the stadium you are right, sometimes though, there is no grey area here, they are racist. It is not an an argument about perception or changing history to suit an agenda, it is blatantly racist and Uefa should be stamping on it.
  3. We need patience here, this guy should be facing a lengthy ban we all know that, minimum 10 games. Unfortunately in football, retaliation is seen as sometimes worse than the provoking offence, not that I am saying there is any chance of it being worse here, I can see a 3 match ban for Kamara if he is found guilty. Slavia should be heavily fined for their behaviour and that of their fans since this all happened. If I were the football authorities, I would be banning this covering the mouth pish. Seems only to be a fairly recent thing. Players should have nothing to hide, I would ban i
  4. Exactly where I was mate, very emotional wummin on the bus was inconsolable
  5. Was nearly greeting at the sight of Ray leaving the pitch that day. Was greeting like a baby when I heard the story of the homeless man with Ray when I heard it at Christmas
  6. Love Vegas, stayed in the Encore at The Wynn last time I was there
  7. Was a good match, what a finish from DJ last three holes halve the match
  8. Looks close to tears at the end there tbh
  9. Read the first three posts and thought GOAT was having a thread to himself
  10. Yup, but we need to sort out that line out
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