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  1. Coupla new songs

    Tooralooraloorraroo, who the fuckin hell are you, we're the boys in royal blue get out ya fenian bastards repeat till hoarse
  2. Morecambe for the game tonight?

    not far only an inch on the map
  3. Martyn Waghorn - abuse

    Don't mind some forum abuse for players But fuck that at the match hardly inspires a man.. He's shite but he plays for us. #getbehindtheteamyacunts
  4. Classy from the club...

    Wish your gran well mate hope she's out soon . She will be over the moon with that response..and there is no way she is missing out on that offer from the club..
  5. Signed top for charity auction & just giving link.

    Hi Mate would have loved the top but its too rich for me. However I have just donated on the justgiving page. All the best..I'm sure it will be a great day for all.
  6. Signed top for charity auction & just giving link.

    good job mate is there a link to the auction or is it on RM only
  7. Will we put on a better performance tomorrow?

    I thought they were a stuffy team not the total shite I expected well organised in defence. I think we will see a much improved performance from the lads.. They need to come out ...3- 0 Rangers..pop..
  8. Pulled up for the paper throwing!

    This is what uefa want from the fans
  9. Get Well Soon Johnny Hubbard

    Legend....get well soon wee man we are all thinking of you speedy recovery.
  10. Myles Beermans bird

    Oh did you read it....
  11. Premier Sports

    Hi Mate google premier sports tv and its the LB1 subscription form with promo code RANGERSWEB £9.99
  12. Myles Beermans bird

  13. Is this to whom you refer
  14. As said you need to give 5 days notice to cancel ...customer services number is 08716639000. But its probably £5 a minute.