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  1. Rangers through and through I remember Sandy scoring from the halfway line then collapsed with concussion at Ibrox I think v Murderwell in the 70's..What a player what a man. True blue legend ...never forgotten.
  2. the phantom
  3. Think this tweet says a lot.. Time to grow up & address the Child Abuse Scandal Debate around Scottish football has always been woefully immature due to the fact every issue is viewed through the prism of Old Firm rivalry. Thankfully football is just a game and the vast majority of the issues we indulge in daft point-scoring debates over are hilarious trivialities from masonic referees to conspiracy theories about football clubs being dead. That's all fine and if we're honest it is at times a welcome escape from the actual football which has declined in quality for years. What isn't fine is to adopt the same us v them view when it comes to debating the protection of our children and the best way to get justice for large number of people who appear to have been victims of child abuse at football clubs. To be absolutely clear: If you are a Rangers fan chanting "paedo's" at Celtic fans you are part of the problem. If you are a Celtic fan demanding people don't debate the issue as it's a bizarre conspiracy to distract from the pantomime of the Whyte trial you are part of the problem. If you are a journalist like Graham Spiers who's only contribution to the debate is to luidicrously point-score about the fact some people are point-scoring then you are part of the problem. If you are a supposed "new media" site like the Scottish Football Monitor claiming to highlight issues of governance in our game whilst ignoring the biggest issue of governance our game has ever faced you are part of the problem. I appreciate this is a difficult issue to discuss particularly given there are court cases upcoming for several of the alleged perpetrators but that should not be an excuse for us to bury our head in the sands. I also accept I'm a fucking idiot on twitter who is much better suited to driving debate on the aforementioned trivialities of our game than a serious issue like this so I implore those with larger platforms to tackle the issues below: Mandatory Reporting This is the mealy-mouthed SFA regulation on this issue currently: It is everyone's responsibility to report any concerns about abuse and the responsibility of the Social Work Department and the Police to conduct, where appropriate, a joint investigation. The role of the Social Work Department is to carry out a risk assessment and it is for the Police to determine whether a criminal offence has occurred. This is unacceptable, if a club has concerns about someone they should face serious sanctions if they don't report to the authorities & to the SFA who can review the individual's licence & prevent them working elsewhere. This is common sense & needs implementing now so it's not acceptable to accept the SFA line of "och we'll sort it out in a few months once we get round to doing our wee Review". As it stands today Scottish football club could sack a paedophile, report them to the police but during an investigation which could last several months that paedophile could go and abuse kids at another club. Compensation Funds for Victims This is not covered in the remit of the SFA's review which is focused on "learning the lessons". My view is that every club should be forced to set up a fund to compensate any child who suffered abuse under their care. This should be done voluntarily without those victims having to force them through the courts and if club's don't put appropriate arrangements in place the SFA should simply deprive them of a licence. Rangers and Celtic fans should be pressuring their own clubs and demanding they lead by example on this issue. As a Rangers fan if children in our care were found to be abused I simply will not accept "oh that was the Oldco's problem and I'm certain Celtic fans would find "ah we set the boys club up as a separate entity so it was just an affiliated feeder club" similarly unacceptable. How Do We Stop This Happening Again? This is the big question and many will correctly point out that the SFA Review is set up to answer that very question. This doesn't mean we should sit silently and idly by waiting for that to happen. We should be having an adult conversation about the minimum expectations of the SFA's Review so that when it is announced we can decide whether to accept their findings or challenge and pressure them to go further. This issue isn't going to go away, it's time for Scotland's media and those passionate about our game to grow up and discuss it properly.
  4. Hi mate I only joined a couple of days ago and thought the same... The obsession knows no bounds.. Its the way they do it man infiltrate destroy and deflect ..utter scum. It will soon be they will be mods on here and ban all the bears so they can infect new members.. They are omnipresent . Everything they touch is destroyed they are scum They hate Rangers move than they love their own club. Disgusting inbred pikey smelly cheating hating diseased cunts. definition of diseased synonyms:unhealthy, ill, sick, unwell, ailing, infirm, sickly, unsound, unwholesome, infected, septic, contaminated, blighted, rotten, bad, abnormal; says it all really
  5. and what did you not like Bates and Beerman looking good andy Wanker being a dick or the fact we were shite and that was them at their best. but thanks for the input
  6. As much as we were piss poor today ..the young lads are showing well.That bodes well for next season. .Waggy as much as I like him he needs to be dropped imediately as does Halliday just not good enough on this stage. Joey for me still has a chance to impress no service nothing for him to work with at all today. If some of the players want to stay here they better get the finger out now. Some need to gtf some still can play a part.. As for Ahndy Wankers cocksocket commentary was as bad as BT's utter biased cunt when one of the mhanks nearly got booked said he was lucky as he would have missed the final .......fuckin 60 mins in.. Today was a depressing sight..but as some have said that was them at their best we were shite but with a wee bit of luck could have taken something from that even if it was'nt deserved. WATP
  7. Thanks mate appreciate that... unfortunately I'm not able to go due to some health shit I've been having.. But I'll be watching us pump the mhankies. 3-1 I'm going for.. I'll be back soon but its prob gonna be next season now..
  8. 20 notes on the win 7/1 mon the teddies
  9. Hi Bears new member alert.. Good to be here.. WATP