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  1. Naw we don't. It's going to be our first title in a decade so I'll be enjoying every moment of it right up until I see Tavernier holding the trophy above his head, then I'll continue to enjoy it for a while after that. I'll be savouring every bit of this, if others want to waste the experience by moaning about them getting decisions in their race for 2nd place then that's up to them but IMHO that's utterly deranged behaviour.
  2. Embarrassing mate. The "title race" has been finished for over a month now and there's still folk panicking and screaming conspiracy whenever they scrape a win. The sort of shit we should be laughing at them for doing.
  3. We're 18 points clear, 4 games away from winning the title and there's still people on here watching their games and complaining about officials
  4. Aye. I only use livescores because they usually take ages to declare full time on the games. I keeps my coupons running a few minutes longer and I thrive on the false hope it gives me.
  5. Looks like it's taken from livescores who rarely put up the right formation tbh.
  6. If that AVB translation is accurate then, and I can't believe I'm about to say this, I actually feel a bit sorry for Ntcham Imagine having to turn up to training after that. Brutal!
  7. I think it's real. If you search the profile there's a few other Irish players on his friend list. If it was high profile players then you could argue it's probably all fake profiles adding each other but I struggle to believe there's anyone out there pretending to be David Meyler or Niall McGinn.
  8. Been reading this and twitter all day and I've somehow ended up ordering smoke grenades, union jack hats and fucking bunting off amazon
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