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  1. “It’s not as if they were doing a conga in the dressing room, dancing to Baccara" YouCut_20210118_161900915.mp4
  2. Are we actually suggesting he's deliberately gave a free kick away knowing Turnbull would put it away? Surely no.
  3. Oh aye of course. They were colluding with the tarriers earlier to get this game postponed for them as well according to this thread. Mental.
  4. Folk talking about Hibs as if them being shite is a surprise. 3 straight defeats coming into this game without scoring a single goal. They aren't "not trying" they're just shite.
  5. Also didn't realise until I heard it on the radio there, St Mirren and Killie apparently got their punishments because they declared that they couldn't fulfil fixtures. Celtic are pushing to get their game on.
  6. Killie and St Mirren are appealing though are they not? Celtic have probably just guaranteed they win those appeals now as there's no way they'll be forced to forfeit any games.
  7. Same could be said about every club though.
  8. Would Allan even be in their playing squad? Don't think he's kicked a ball since August. Could still be passed on to him in training I suppose if there was a knock on effect from this.
  9. The way they helped them by refusing to reschedule this game in the first place and then went public to complain about it being moved anyway?
  10. If they lose tonight then they can kiss 10 in a row Dubai imo
  11. Probably but I don't think they'd have a leg to stand on with it, especially with the supposed new strain now as well.
  12. Don't think there's anything to prove you can't catch it more than once. I'm sure Dybala had 3 or 4 positive tests.
  13. If you've been in close proximity of someone within 48 hours of them testing positive then you have to isolate for 10 days, whether you test negative or not. That's supposed to be the guidelines.
  14. He's been poor today. As long as we win I'll forgive him though.
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