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  1. Working tomorrow. I only booked the day off following the taigs game as I thought that was the weekend it would happen. Plenty of tarriers to wind up though.
  2. Goldson for me. Barely put a foot wrong all season. Can't argue with Tav or McGregor either tbh
  3. Surprised he's not doing his interviews from a walk in freezer at this point
  4. Aye, I hate when foreign players need time to settle in as well.
  5. Said we'd never win anything with Tav in the team. Said Davis would be a waste of a signing. Probably 2 of my worst. There's been a few belters on here over the last few seasons though. Folk claiming Halliday was better than Barisic and it seemed like half the forum wanted Cummings in the team ahead of Morelos at one point as well
  6. Roofe's by far the best we've scored. Probably a contender for the Puskas Award. In the league, Jack's volley wins it for me.
  7. How many birthday parties does Arfield need ffs
  8. Depends which way you look at it. If you want someone to believe you're rumour then you're not going to go with the obvious names either.
  9. Because he's shite or because of other reasons?
  10. Naw we don't. It's going to be our first title in a decade so I'll be enjoying every moment of it right up until I see Tavernier holding the trophy above his head, then I'll continue to enjoy it for a while after that. I'll be savouring every bit of this, if others want to waste the experience by moaning about them getting decisions in their race for 2nd place then that's up to them but IMHO that's utterly deranged behaviour.
  11. Embarrassing mate. The "title race" has been finished for over a month now and there's still folk panicking and screaming conspiracy whenever they scrape a win. The sort of shit we should be laughing at them for doing.
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