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  1. Usyk is a better boxer than Fury by a distance imo but Fury still beats him by doing exactly what he did to Wilder last night and leaning on him for the entire fight and sapping his energy.
  2. Fury beats all the current heavyweight. Only one with a chance is Usyk. Wilder v AJ is pretty much decided by whoever lands the first clean punch. Both have knockout power and dodgy chins.
  3. I'm sure his coach said last night they made him turn pro a year or 2 early because the pandemic shit would have left him inactive for too long. He definitely doesn't look ready, I've not been impressed by him at all.
  4. Don't think his coach is the problem at all. He should probably patch all the hangers on he's got in his "entourage" before ditching his coach.
  5. Think Usyk caught him with a couple of shots early on that maybe made him a bit hesitant as well. A lot gets made about Usyk supposedly not having the power but he had Bellew out cold and rocked Joshua a good few times last night too. Thought it was telling that Joshua let Usyk command centre of the ring right from the start too. The only time I can ever really remember him doing that was the first Ruiz fight which he also comfortably lost as well. Strange approach from him.
  6. He came out in the 6th round a bit more aggressive looking to drop Usyk. I always think once it goes into the latter stages of a fight Joshua starts to look frustrated and out of ideas. When the knockout doesn't come he doesn't know what to do.
  7. Fury would school him as will Usyk in the rematch but if there's one thing Joshua doesn't need it's a pay day
  8. Rematch will go the same way. Usyk is levels above AJ and could have ended that fight last night if he wanted to but was happy to outbox him over 12 rounds instead. Not buying the rushed to hospital excuse from Hearn either. AJ fucking off to his dressing room after the scores were read out was classless as fuck.
  9. Feel for him if this is true but the reality is he's a bang average player with cult hero status. Seems to have improved tenfold in the eyes of some of our support in the time he's been out injured though.
  10. Opinions like this is why I stopped coming on here as much. Fuck me.
  11. Let's not pretend Gerrard is going to change a thing. Not long term anyway. We'll see the team shuffled for Friday then normal service will resume after that.
  12. Know a few guys that didn't get in until well into the 2nd half because of smart card issues. Was in the club deck and there was at least 5 situations around me where people turned up with QR codes only to find their seats were already taken as well. Embarrassing.
  13. No notice that once it falls off anyway
  14. It's that Castore mob mate they're a shambles.
  15. We'll try and move on some of our fringe players, I don't see us letting any regular starters go unless we either get a huge offer for them or they actively push for a move.
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