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  1. Agree with everything you're saying tbh except the "body check" it was a nothing incident for me. Especially in comparison to some of the other stuff we seen yesterday i.e. the stamp on Kent and the elbow on Hagi.
  2. Harsh. Goldson gave away possession and then Tav let Boyle get the better of him twice to get the cross in. Helander shouldn't be losing out there but he should never have had a cross to defend in the first place.
  3. Arfield was ready to celebrate the first one going in so wasn't fully prepared for the 2nd chance imo. Still 2 great saves though.
  4. I find it incredible that people actually believe shit like this.
  5. Both he and Tavernier apparently refused to shake his hand at the end of the game. I'd have laughed in their faces too. And before anyone defends them, if it was Lennon and Brown refusing to shake hands with an opposition player after dropping points we'd be fucking howling at them.
  6. Played 11. 3 wins, 2 draws, 6 defeats.
  7. You're confused. I'm not defending Gerrard, just pointing out that GVB replacing him is an awful suggestion.
  8. I missed a league cup when I said he's done fuckall since. If you want to count the Johan Cruyff shield as a credible honour then batter in. He's done fuckall since leaving them and is currently flopping massively in the footballing hotbed that is China. If he wasn't an ex-player then this thread wouldn't even exist.
  9. He won the Dutch Cup and their version of the community shield. You've convinced me. Get him in.
  10. Twente weren't favourites either when McLaren won it so the point stands. He won one league title and has done fuckall since but aye let's hire him because we drew with Hibs.
  11. The dutch league Steve McLaren would be a cheaper option if that's the benchmark.
  12. We should break the bank for the manager of a team sitting 7th in the Chinese Super League?
  13. Gerrard and Boyd think it's red for Hanlon on Hagi. Walker, unsurprisingly says it's not a red. Ally McCoist, again, unsurprisingly sides with the tarrier and says it's not red. Fuck me.
  14. According to Andy Walker it's absolutely impossible to see that's offside with the naked eye. You need VAR for that. I'm not even joking, he actually said that.
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