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  1. That's the difference between him and Morelos. He's at least sneaky about it Absolutely fuckall in it though.
  2. Aye, I don't think that's the same thing mate.
  3. Don't think there's any rule against it tbf.
  4. Maybe. Maybe not. I don't really care either way.
  5. Thought he was garbage. More interested in trying to get involved in tit for tat nonsense with them than actually playing his role and he seemed to be constantly out of position because of that.
  6. Goldson is a bigger threat at the opposite end but purely from a defensive point of view he isn't on Helander's level imo.
  7. Said this when I seen the team announcement as well. Strongest bench I've seen from us in a long time. Genuine quality in just about every department.
  8. The stuff about missing players was just a ready made excuse for when it went tits up for them today. They still had a strong squad to choose from and still had multi million pound players sitting on their bench as well but have the likes of Sutton peddling the myth of it being a reserve side they put out against us. The only player in their squad today who wouldn't usually have got involved today imo was the boy they played at the back and he probably had a better game than Duffy so it's not as if he weakened them.
  9. Let's not be silly here, it was a slap. If Brown decides to make more of that and the officials act on it then the whole dynamic of the game could have changed there. Of course Brown/Duffy would try and wind him up. If he's stupid enough to do shit like that then he makes himself an easy target as someone you can get a reaction from and possibly get him out of the game as you've alluded to yourself in this post.
  10. Nah, no having it. The "if that was Morelos he would be off" narrative is ridiculous now. He literally slapped one of them on the back of the nut today and got away with it.
  11. I don't think he did tbh. Falsely held in such high regard because he made eye contact with Scott Brown before a game once. Aside from that semi final and a league game under Gerrard where he was exceptional, he was just as prone to rolling over and having his belly tickled in games against them as any other member of the squad.
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