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  1. I'd be surprised if Balogun's injured. He was getting roasted on Thursday and Stevie G took him off, simples.
  2. Said he was a nasty piece of work, words to that effect. Rangers pulled him up for it and he had to apologise.
  3. Patterson was outstanding on Thursday. Big Balogun looked like a centre back playing right back, to quote Ally.
  4. Hagi off Arfield on. Alfie doesn’t look too happy think injured.
  5. To err is human, to forgive is Angelic and much more profitable
  6. With Hagi, Aribo and Kent in same team we're not solid enough. I also thought Hagi was pish on Sunday even though he scored. I'd play Arfield instead.
  7. Not so. Covid manifests itself some days after. I believe Ryan Christie had 3 negative tests and still had to self-isolate. Lennon (poor soul that he is) also had several negative tests and still had to self-isolate.
  8. Good points. Who is to say they weren't near a positive case though. The players get tested often enough but their girlfriends/partners don't. Who do girlfriends/partners come in contact with and have they been tested since charged. Why do the players need to self-isolate if they are negative.
  9. If these muppets had gone into training, would the whole squad have to have isolated for two weeks, would we be out of Europe, would we have lost 55, given our lead unlikely, but Europe potentially, and a lot of monies.
  10. Great piece by Christopher Jack. https://www.heraldscotland.com/sport/19111258.title-55-Rangers-will-simply-best-steven-gerrards-side-become-immortalised-ibrox/
  11. Be brilliant to send Sutton a big fuck you.
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