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  1. I take the point the boy made on Lundstram, who I thought looked pretty average (pish) until the past two weeks. However Bancuna looks pretty dire to me.
  2. I think Roofe is looking pretty sharp, we look a better team when he's on now. I'd also have taken Morelos off, put Sakala on and left Bancuna on the bench, he looks pish.
  3. Thought Lundstram was outstanding yesterday
  4. Thought Tav and Davis tried like fuck to be fair. And Bassey even though he wasn’t much of a cb
  5. I’d be tempted to bring Patterson on. I know the defence is barebones though.
  6. Wee Joe speaks well. He's becoming one of the main men now.
  7. Some of these players going through the motions. Midfield was turgid. We had no pace in the front three either. Tav is well short of match fitness for me, he looks fucked.
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